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The best kept secret in music


Smoking and Sultry
The headline says it all for the mood.. smoking and sultry! A very mellow song, the vocals have you drifting away to a hot summer night. The arrangement is well done, and I especially enjoyed the wailing guitar solo. The only constructive comment I can think of is I would love to see the guitar solo done about 3/4's of the way through the song rather than the very end. I get the impression the artist was trying to build to a crescendo in the end, and accomplishes this with the guitar. In my opinion though, the flow would seem alot more cohesive if you brought out the guitar solo earlier. Great stuff in any case! - Garageband.com

Yeah baby, it could be love!
Raw, Rough and bluesy ... great guitar tone. Great feel to the rhythmn, drums do a great job of holding a line on a simple beat while still kinda holding it all back, bass line is a low end groove in itself that seems to hold down the chord structure of the song cus the guitar man is going off in his little own cloud. And that place is an excellant place btw, great talent on the axe - great expression in both first and second parts (if it's 2 players - ditto on the kudos!) The whole feel of the song and the way it moved was interesting and fresh - ie; good arrangement. Fabulous lady singer, lots of gruff tone while maintaining great control and even finding some room to be emotive as well. She has a certain sexual allure that won't escape any straight man!!! Has a bit of an old school blues rock singer feel to her but a little more tonal quality than some of those old time screamers and all out crooners. Great voice, lots of territory to go off in this melody line and she does the job with a masterful grace while showing her power and skill. Backing male vocal was a great spot addition. Pretty good hook also = "could this be love" ... overall, it has a very modern sound to it tho I'm old enough to recognize the roots. Very impressive lineup and very excellant song. Lots of stars ... lots of good. Luck with it then huh! - Garageband.com


SARASOTA -- The term B-movie generally refers to minimally budgeted, cheesy films peopled with no-name actors wallowing in wanton sex and graphic carnage.

Sarasota's B-Movie isn't anything like that. In fact, it's the live music equivalent that is, perhaps, diametrically opposite in its validity and authentically appealing rock reverbs.

One of its own descriptions is "Live music … with real instruments" from its Web site, www.B-MovieBand.com.

Risen from Random Act, B-Movie formed almost four years ago. Guitarist/vocalist Al Owen had connected with English-bred singer Annalise Briton a few years prior at former Sarasota musician John Prestia's old jam night at the Clubhouse Tavern.

"We just hit it off immediately, because we have the same sense of humor," Owen said.

Owen and Briton, along with Random Act drummer Sean O'Brien and bassist Tom Brassard, named themselves Mantra before meeting Bain Beakley to form the present incarnation of B-Movie.

It has written 30 to 40 "funk chick-rock" songs (Owen's phrase), and is recording six of them for an EP at Sarasota's Suite A Studios.

Wishbone Ash founder Martin Turner is co-producing the broadcast-quality demo.

"The whole concept is to get this EP ready, then start going ahead and promoting what we're doing, get some gigs and just start taking over the Southwest of Florida," Owen said, while also mentioning the band's as-yet-unnamed, self-run recording and publishing companies.

"This has been a personal goal for years," he said. "I'm extremely excited about the songs that we're doing, (and) by the direction we're taking."

Although Briton, who's lived in the U.S. for 13 years, describes herself as "the bossy one" and "the band mom," her presence is comfortably commanding; her voice earthy, sexy and accessible -- not harsh in the least. (Perhaps it's the result of newlywed bliss -- she wed O'Brien in January.)

"I really, really believe in it," Owen said of Briton's voice. "I remember one time she sang that song by Alanis Morissette, 'You Oughta Know' -- she was going through an angry period -- and I said, 'You know how you sang that song tonight?' She said, 'Yeah.' I said, 'Sing our stuff like that.'"

"She understood … she got it. She hooked onto our stuff."

Listen to B-Movie songs at Garageband.com (www.garageband.com/help/starcalculate411.html) until its EP is finished and it begins playing the Sarasota area again in June.
- Sarasota Herald Tribune


B-Movie is currently working on an EP with 6 songs in pre-release. Guest musicians are Sandi Greco (drums) and Thorson Moore (lead guitar) on the 2 songs in pre-release, namely Breathe and Question. Production help from Martin Turner (Wishbone Ash) has given this much anticipated project the outside influence that great producers have with their clients.


Feeling a bit camera shy


B-Movie is a band of extraordinary talent that started years back as a cover band around Sarasota Fl area named Random Act. Although originally meant to be an extra income for some band members, there was always a special sense of style to this act. As time passed and members came and went, songwriter Al Owen stopped in for a jam session, cranked out one of his own songs, and the band caught on immediately. Soon after, Al joined the band, and convinced the other members to have some vision about their ability.
Soon Sean, and Annalise started bringing up some ideas they had and the magic happened. Some members left but Adam and Bain, both life-long friends of Sean, joined forces. For a short while the band was called Mantra. This didn’t fit. So one day in those famous “what shall we call the band?” episodes we all came up with B-Movie and it stuck. Now B-Movie they are sticking to their guns with the songs they write doing mainly show type gigs that keep the crowd, and I do mean crowds, jumping. B-Movie is as exciting to see live as it is to hear the pure emotion that pours out of their recordings. Influenced by include, Billy Cobham, Larry Norman, Aimee Mann, Rush, No Doubt, Black Sabbath, Peter Gabriel, The Police, Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana, Allman Bothers, Red Hot Chili Peppers and a myriad of other eclectic artists.