B-Movie Monster

B-Movie Monster


Listening to B-Movie Monster is like having your whacky places gently rubbed by an inexplicably attractive, sweetly aromatic, squid-like entity that knows what you like and where you like it. A well balanced blend of acoustic loveliness and hard rocking.

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Soma City E.P. Kenmare Live Aid CD. Tracks available at www.myspace.com/bmoviemonsterband. Airplay on El Bruno in Germany

Set List

Originals:I Saw It. The Journey. I'd Like to Push You Down the Stairs. Play. This Girl. Are We Having Fun? Simon Says. I Belive In You. The Last Thing We Need Is Sleep. The Whiskers of Curvy-Tasch. Wrecked. Soma City. Message to the Moon. Dan to the Power. Disconnect. Friends. Scaramanga. What is Normal? Dropsy We typically play a 2 hour set.