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Coatesville, Pennsylvania, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Coatesville, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Hip Hop R&B




"My Music My Life Interview"

September 16, 2012

MY MUSIC MY LIFE INTERVIEW: BONICZ Randolph Maurice Green a.k.a"B.O.N.I.C.Z"generates energy and excitement everywhere he is heard and performs. with his witty rhyme style ,broad subject matter,and unique ability to get your heads knodding,B.O.N.I.C.Z is destined to become a household name in the music world!! Q: First off, tell the people what B.O.N.I.C.Z stands for and the meaning behind the name. Bonicz is an acronym standing for Born,Original,Never,Inferior,Conceptz; Its my name as well as a statement im bringing to this industry,i believe theres alot of talent,but not enough balance in hip hop these days,and as an official TE representative its my duty to fill that void with my endeavors,Hip hop at its bestas african Bambatta stated is a representation of "peace,love,unity&having fun"as well as "edutainment" i wanna bring that flavor back. Q: Where in BONICZ from? I'm from the universe,though i reside in Coatesville ,Pennsylvania, around 30 minutes from Philadelphia Q: You’re a producer, songwriter, engineer, artist, and have your own publishing company. With all these different elements, what’s the 2 year game plan for BONICZ?To keep grinding,My plan is to take the game where hasnt been before whether its artistry,or business along with owning my rights to everything i do,TE is a movement we go by the motto"Its More than just Rappin" iI always stress to my artist to educate themselves to the business aspect of things,the games not based off of talent as much as positioning,in 2 years i plan to be at the top of the game,among the household names you hear today. Q: What are some of your music and business accomplishments?Ive been on the underground circuit for awhile putting Doing shows and putting out bangers locally. Its important to me to plant my feet at home first then expand from there, My grind through the years has earned me love & respect in any cipher, i just recruited the front lne soldiers of the movement" BMC" aka Basement Click these dudes go in foreal,and im happy to announce the official luanch of my publishing company Snar Publishing,,I always say,If your black & white paper aint right the green paper wont be either. Q: If you could change anything about the music business what would that be?I would make it more original,i would estabilish a "no biting" law lol and the penalty for not being original would be a fine or something,or suspension from releasing new material for a period of time like they do in sports,,just a thought Q: What do you feel will be the “Key” to your success in this business Being humble,yet assertive&organized Q: Tell me about your upcoming projects. Be on the lookout for "unemployment" my third solo project,no official date yet but look for that thang to drop by the end of summer,Im just recording alot of new material,me and my squad, and i'm on the BMC mixtape vol1 and Norm Beats "Cant stop My Hustle"mixtape Q: How can people find out more about BONICZ?!/Ran222618 -

"Keep it honest"

" Good somewhat clean and real rap. Not too vulgar, good beat, not too much Bass, smooth, even tempo, Rap for today's society. Can be liked by the old and young alike. I think this will be a hit."

"The lyrics are hard hitting. The beat is complex. the artist has good flow and a authoritative voice. The lyrics are also brave. I like the drum track usage on this track, it gave the song a nice beat. The progression of instrumentation was good, the sound didn't become stagnant. Overall, a good hip hop song with a tight beat and fearless rapper."

"Nice slow intro with a steady beat. Vocals fit well with the song and the lyrics tell a great story, relateable and keeping it real. Instrumentals are basic which is all they should be on this type of song. Chorus is a little repetative but its catchy and addictive, song is spaced out well and sounds great." - Reverb Crowd review

"Sitback Relax Featuring JRon"

"This tune has a voice in the background that sounds very nice. The depth of his tone is really nice. The lead vocal is rapping with good timing "I absolutely LOVE the lyrics! The bass in the background is smooth and go long. He sings amazingly and kinda smooth just to make the long JUST RIGHT. I recommend this to anyone. I would rap to this song. The beat is just amazing, smooth and easy to get."

 "The intro really got my attention. I was interested right away. It was followed by some nice rap with flow. The instrumentals were perfect combination to the lyrics."

" Listening to this song is like going through a blast from the past. The beat is really early 90's or late 80s possibly. The rapping is authentic and its nice to hear hip-hop music like this again."

 "This is a song. I can see this being popular. It is a hip hop song. With a jazz vibe. I personally do not care for it. However, I can see it being popular amongst the youth. Nothing more I can add to this review." - Reverb Crowd Review



Pennsylvania has seen it's share of local rap talent and in true tradition B.O.N.I.C.Z. Is carrying on, , repaving; and not taking time to slow down for anything. Since inception, B.O.N.I.C.Z. Has launched SNAR Publishing and True Elements Ent. These have branched out and taken on new artists from the local scene. Combined into a unit they are breaking paradigms and stereotypes, shifting the consciousness and developing the new sound. 

B.O.N.I.C.Z. the artist, emcee,  writer , producer and engineer that is giving the movement momentum. It is his witty rhyme style, broad subject matter, and deep concepts that is gaining the attention of those in need of musical sustenance. It is not just the beats, and it is not just the rhymes; however, it is the coexistence of both that creates the real life, real emotion in the music

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