Bo Allen

Bo Allen

 Lexington, Kentucky, USA

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Written By: Bo Allen

One more concrete box went up over night another treeline cut down
Seems like they can't build them fast enough and they just keep on turning em out
I'm hanging here in an empty field I'm dust covered and straw wearing thin
starring out over shrinking hills that used to have no end.

There's no seed in the ground dirt on the plow nobody to mend my fence.
The steel yellow machines are creeping up on me the old barn's caving in.
They left me out here alone with a for sale sign nailed to a post.
And there's no more love for the scarekrow

The little ones used to run and hide in my maze of tall corn rows.
The family sang on the front porch swing now all I hear is car horns blow.
Old man John used to smile at me tip his hat for a job well done.
I kept away all the birds of prey but I couldn't stop this one.


I wonder what they'll tell their kids when the last of my kind fall.
And their all living on corner acre lots beside of two story shopping malls.