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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | MAJOR

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | MAJOR
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"Board of Whores will have your speakers putting out"

Board of Whores formed nearly two years ago when guitarist and programmer Willis Corley united with lead vocalist and percussionist Eddie Edwards at East Atlanta Recording Studios. Produced by Corley and Sean McPherson, the Atlanta duo's first full-length self-titled release brilliantly showcases a mash up of punk rock and 80's drum machines. The electro punk music that shouts from the speakers is quintessential for a dive bar and best heard at high volumes.

Eddie Edwards' vocals provide a dramatic, often over-the-top sarcastic yet gothic flare that plays in harmony with the up-tempo, programmed drums. Both Edwards and Corley handle song writing duties and provide some entertaining lyrics. The catchy lead single 'Fashion 666' is a prime example with Edwards declaring, "I'm addicted to dope. I'm a victim of now...I believe in fashion, so I am going to heaven."

The 10-track album is evenly paced and none of its tracks wear out their welcome. But the true gem of the project lies in the final track, the aptly titled 'Zoloft.' A slow building and powerful ballad, this Pink Floyd-esque composition shows the duos' range and promising potential for the future. Other standout tracks include: 'Mesopotamia,' 'God Likes Girls,' 'Jesus H. Christ,' and 'Bombs Away.'

4/5 stars


"Electronic Punk Rock Band Board Of Whores Cranks It Up With Their Sophomore Album"

Edgy. Creative. Unconventional. Groundbreaking.

Such are the words you can describe the band Board Of Whores’ electronic punk rock sound. The Atlanta-based rockers were formed in 2010 by producer-musician Willis Corley. His intention was to record a four-track with a 12-string acoustic. Why? In an attempt to break the common stale environments dictating artist creation. Yes, Board Of Whores think out of the box, musically. Just what we need from an electronic punk rock outfit. - Music Industry News Network

"Meet Board of Whores"

Don’t get iffy with their name even if they are somewhat whores, especially when it comes to putting their music out there. What’s their brand of music? Electronic punk rock.

It’s been done before. Artists such as Franz Ferdinand and Bloc Party do electronic punk rock so well, it’s become the norm. But BOARD OF WHORES is no one-trick pony of a band. The Atlanta-based rockers are on the fringe of what’s extraordinary and it all comes out crazy-good.

Consider BOARD OF WHORES founder Willis Corley. In 2010, he recorded a to record a four-track with a 12-string acoustic — what’s his logic? It was an attempt to break the common stale environments dictating artist creation. And such an attempt was not futile.

Later, Corley will meet and become band mates with Eddie Edwards who now fronts BOARD OF WHORES with his magnetic presence. They collaborated on their freshman recording titled ‘Mesopotamia EP’. With it, they melded stalwart rockers Iggy Pop, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and T Rex with the new wave gothic sounds of Joy Division, Sisters of Mercy, Love and Rockets, and even psychedelia from Ziggy Stardust. Imagine putting that in a blender — what an ecstatic music cocktail it is!

In 2011, BOARD OF WHORES performed at SXSW 2011 Music Conference and there, their high-octave performances gave them good music credence.

Expect the unexpected from Board Of Whores. Download their self-titled sophomore album at iTunes, distributed by JMD Records and INgrooves, a partner of Universal Music Group.

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"Board of Whores – Self-titled Album"

Sometimes the best music is the kind made goofing around, when the artist isn’t taking life so seriously. That’s exactly what happened for Board of Whores’ self-titled debut album.
In 2010, Willis Corley began a project to create an EP that broke the boundaries of what was expected musically. Shortly after, he joined forces with the band’s front man Eddie Edwards and the two found a whole new world of creativity to explore. The end result was an electronic rock/punk sound that catches you from the very beginning.

After recording a small EP that contained four songs, the band began playing live shows. In the beginning of 2011, the Board of Whores attended the SXSW music conference. It was there that they grabbed the attention of JMD Distribution/INgrooves/Universal Music Group.

It’s hard to say this album fits into any neat little boxes. It’s sarcastic with lyrics that mock, what seem to be, life’s funny stereotypes. It’s a fun late night party and you just can’t get enough. Get ready for a long night of incredible fun, the kind that produces voicemails that don’t make sense and pictures you can’t explain.

The vocals catch you right off the bat with harmonies that showcases the character in Eddie’s voice. Throughout the album, the upbeat tempo keeps you going, like the sugar rush of an energy drink. Guitar sections are fun and funky. Nothing was left on the table at the end of these recordings. Of course, all this works in a weird, unique way.

Most of the tracks are short, fast-paced, and in your face. “Fashion 666”, the opening song, seems to poke fun at how people worship fashion. After one or two listens, you’ll be singing along. “God Likes Girls” has vocals that sound of ominous chanting and give an “all-mighty” power feel.

Hands down the best track though has to be the very catch “Bombs Away.” It starts off kicking from the beginning. It’s in your face rock with some fun guitar sounds. Tap your feet and sing along though, cause it’s last call for this all night bender.

The final track, “Zoloft,” is mellow and eerily beautiful. The opening line states “Scrape you off the wall…” and maybe that’s just what Board of Whores is doing. The song is hypnotic and soothing. It’s just what you need to avoid that dramatic hangover when you come down off of an awesome music high.

Overall the album delivers an amazingly fun and energetic sound. What started out as an experiment, ended up breaking boundaries and discovering new opportunities. If music is one of life’s greatest forms of expression, then Board of Whores expressed their bold daring mockery with attitude and rock.

Rating: 4/5
Album Name: Board of Whores
Date Released: January, 2012
Genre: Electronic rock/punk
Location: Atlanta, GA
Band Members: Eddie Edwards and Willis Corley
Record Label: JMD/Universal/INGrooves - Indie Music Reviewer


Mesopotamia EP (2011)
Board of Whores (2012)



Atlanta based electronic punk rock band Board Of Whores was formed in 2010 by producer - musician Willis Corley. The initial arrangements were recorded on a 4-track with a 12-string acoustic in an attempt to break the common stale environments dictating artistic creation. Later that year, a collaboration was assembled with frontman Eddie Edwards to solicit the freshman sessions of the Mesopotamia EP produced at East Atlanta Recording Studios. The group reached about four generations deep in influences from Iggy Pop, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and T Rex with an infused syndicate over a new wave Gothic Appeal such as Joy Division, Sisters Of Mercy as well as Love and Rockets with glam hints of Ziggy Stardust. What came out was an electro equation that is a dark dance beneath a landscape of lush guitar and harmonic vocal lines which provoke a unique sonic element. The band released their self-titled sophomore release Board of Whores via JMD/INgrooves/Universal Music Group in January of 2012. To quote the artists, "Board Of Whores will be a collage of post modern culture composed on a bar nap."