Pretoria, Gauteng, ZAF

Boargazm is a metal band. Their first album 'The Aporkalypse' tells about the slaughter of mankind by an alien race from the planet Zorg. The second album 'Tribute' is more simplified and groove oriented. They are currently working on their third album.


Boargazm has come a long way, tracing it’s roots to 2004, when Heine van der Walt formed his first band with his brother Chris. They called this band FUCK, and played a blend of smooth groove metal and stoner thrash. The following year they both joined RhütZ and played in both these bands up until 2011.

During that time, they’ve gigged, recorded and toured relentlessly, where they met and recruited Cicero Carstens and Jason Hinch. When both bands grew stagnant, they formed Boargazm, after Heine wrote and recorded most of the album, under the name GoreGazm. They changed the name to Boargazm to avoid confusion with the American death-metal band Gorgasm.

Together, these four musicians have made music together since 2007, gigged hundreds of times, toured thousands of hours and played any and all major festivals across the country and it’s neighboring states. They are all full-time artists, playing in many different acts across many different genres.

In Boargazm, Heine does guitar and vocals, but he also plays piano for Mrs B, CouchPotatoes, as well as a lot of session work for many local artists. Chris plays lead guitar, but is an industry bass player with jazz training, and plays for Gordon’s Suitcase, Raoul and Black Friday, and has done many session gigs for Albert Frost and other local artists. Jason is also jazz trained, and a drumming prodigy, he has played countless session gigs, and plays drums for the popular group KoldProduk. Most notably, Chris and Jason play together for the renowned blues group Black Cat Bones. Cicero, who plays bass, also has a few underground projects like [skptk] and Lobstermen and he also makes his living as a visual artist.

Although everyone plays across the field, they all have a deep-rooted passion for heavy metal. Their full-length debut album, The Aporkalypse, is a science-fiction concept piece. Their second album, Tribute, pays homage to all their previous ventures and experiences. They are currently working on their third album, and performing all across the country. You can follow them on Facebook at as well as stream their albums from Bandcamp at


2011 - The Aporkalypse (LP) - 12 tracks
2012 - Tribute (LP) - 7 tracks

Set List

The Aporkalypse - Live Setlist (+/- 35 mins)

1. Onslaught 01:08
2. Barbatus 03:39
3. Ground Zero 04:40
4. Blood Feast 02:11
5. Power Struggle 01:15
6. The Pig Whisperers 03:06
7. A Great War 02:58
8. Intermission 01:16
9. Tide of Echoes 04:02
10. Manifesto 03:06
11. Lust 03:21
12. The Oracle 02:41

Tribute - Live Setlist (+/- 30 mins)

1. Eat My Piss 04:42
2. Bruce Willis 04:45
3. Muffdriver 02:48
4. Let It Out 02:44
5. He-Man 02:30
6. Spit On You 03:43
7. Gof 05:45

Total +/- 1 hour