Boatzz's urbane art-pop has alternately been described as "trippy elevator music," "the Zombies meet Blur," and "Joe Jackson rolling in an Escalade listening to Supergrass and doing some serious party favors." They also bring to mind Super Furry Animals, and the Buzzcocks.


Formed in 2003 in a charming Harlem, NYC apartment, Boatzz is the brainchild of Ambulance LTD wayward son Michael DiLiberto & Solo Flyer singer/guitarist Matt Jauch. On a trip to NYC in 2003, Matt stayed with Michael and after hearing his post-Ambulance LTD songs & watching Bumfights, Matt decided that upon Michael's move back to Cleveland that these songs needed to be brought to life. Thus, Boatzz. The band is rounded out by Solo Flyer drummer Eric Mzik & bass player Dave Gibian. In their time together, Boatzz has been tapped to open for The Killers, Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Stills, Longwave, Secret Machines, The Fever, Rainer Maria, Okgo, Aloha, The High Dials, The Subways and more. The group’s debut long player “Peacock Blood” was released in Oct. 2005 on the band's own imprint Council of Forward Minds Media.

In 2006 Boatzz toured the midwest and east coast of the US and in October of that year did a 2 week tour of The Netherlands. This coincided with the release of the 4-song "Uzi" EP, again released under the Council of Forward Minds Media name.

Currently Boatzz plays regionally in the US and is working on their full length album.

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Mexican Bourgeois

Written By: Michael Di liberto

I am throwing pennies at your window. ‘Cause your home alone. It’s warm inside and it’s delightful…it’s cold out here and it’s frightful. She never knows a night alone, she’s never answering her phone. Her house is large but not a home, her TV’s on but it’s a drone!

So help me get out of here, cause one hand washes the other dear. I’ve got my bags packed and I’m ready to go. Down to the sweet blue shores of Mexico. I’ve just relived Wells Fargo of all their precious cargo. No time to explain I’m standing in the rain and we’ve got
to catch a train.

It just so happens I’m in debt and also owe three months back rent. I’ll grab my laptop, you grab the GPS. You do the driving and I’ll do the rest. It’s been my five year plan since the twelve step program. John Walsh has caught a few but he won’t catch me and he won’t catch you!

I’ve got a mustache that’s glued to my lip, a Smith and Wesson that I shoot from the hip. I’ve got champagne taste and beer budget. That’s why I hatched this plan and ran with it. American outlaws turned to Mexican Bourgeois. Millions of dollars turned to pesos, federales on my payroll.

I am throwing pesos in my fountain, cause I’m oh so tired of countin ’em. It’s warm outside and it’s delightful, it’s cold up north and it’s frightful. We never spend a night alone we’re never answering our phone, our house is large and is our home, Cuban cigars, and French cologne.

I’ve got my bags packed and I’m ready to go. Down to the sweet blue shores of Mexico.

Weapons of Mass Construction

Written By: Michael Di liberto

I wrote this song and it’s slightly deep, it’s just designed to make you think. I wrapped this heady shit all up in a pop song, just so you could sing along. First, politically our foreign policy has got us tangled up in world war three and I love this country to death, just like the soldiers who are dying. They’ve been misguided and misled, overworked and underfed, and on T.V. their grieving mothers are crying, and our president’s still lying………

There’s things worth fighting for and others not quite as much. I always put up my dukes but I never sucker punch. This time we’re gonna use our brain to reach on a higher plain…..I don’t wanna die in vain, our only hope is to try again.

And oh you can’t suppress these weapons of mass construction we are, and I must address that we have just achieved our function. And I must confess that I will personally push the button on the weapons of mass construction, we’re the weapons of mass construction, I’m a weapon of mass construction, we're the weapons of mass construction.

I’m a smart bomb! A motherfucking smartbomb! Oh yes we’re smart bombs, motherfucking smart bombs!!

There are some big decisions somebody’s got to make to continue existence; millions of lives at stake. This time we're gonna use our brains to reach on a higher plain. I don’t wanna die in vain, our only hope is to try again.........

[outro] Second, how 'bout a war on education? And affordable medication. That television’s a strong drug…it’s just a box with a little plug, and on T.V. their grieving mothers are crying….and our president’s still lying!!


Written By: Michael Di liberto

I love my girls not one’s the same. Some are wild and some are tame. Some are blonde and some brunette I can’t forget the random redhead. Girls are raining down in all directions. And I can’t shy away from their affections, though I’ve tried…but trouble follows me around wherever I go. I suppose I play the part I wear the clothes I make my art. Vixens can’t resist a tailored man. Velveteen gloves masking iron hands. Please take my seat I’d rather stand up and exert this new found me. I assure you things have changed I’ve seen the error of my ways. Words in combinations are infinite. Still they can’t convey life without you in
it, oh I’ve tried and trouble……

Time to let the healing begin, shine your vividest colors within. This time I won’t come unwound. There’s nothing like you around. It’s Time to let the healing begin, shine your vividest colors within. This time I won’t let you down. Let’s plant new seeds in the ground it’s….

I fall just short of begging on my knees. You don’t want that nor do I and baby you know that’s not my sty’s. If I die I’ll hover always near you. Waiting patiently for you to cross through, because your psychic. You will feel me, me, me, me, I was so selfish. I’d like to think I’m so big and bad but baby I’m just deeply sad. Love like hers it comes just once a lifetime. I had no perspective when she was mine, all I got going for me is Time.


Written By: Michael Di liberto

I’m not finished yet, in fact I’m only starting. I’ve got some unfinished novels in my mind that I’ll write when I find time to sign them. I’d like to try and make you flock together. I’ll bond you like the birds of feather forever. People say it’s arrogance but their just confusing confidence.

Bohemian Grove

Written By: Michael Di Liberto & Matt Jauch, BMI Ghostship Pub. 2008

They laughed at Operation Northwoods, at the Bilderberg Hotel, as they clanked their champagne glasses, and they toasted third world hell. They put a spell on the masses, M.K. Ultra engineered, we're being steered. Well I don't trust the United Nations, or the Council on Foreign Relations, they want a North American Union, I just want my constitution. The people's will is not their own, they speak through liar's microphones, we're not alone. It's never what you know it's who you know. WEAVING SPIDERS COME NOT HERE, MONTE RIO ONCE A YEAR. CREMATION OF CARE, OH THOSE DAYS AND NIGHTS AT BOHEMIAN GROVE. WE SET AGENDAS AT LAKESIDE, WE SPOKE OF NORAD STANDING DOWN, NAKED AND DRUNK AS FUCK, RUNNING THROUGH THE WOODS OF BOHEMIAN GROVE. Well you were practically born to it, you got sponsored to get through it. You got friends in high places and they want to erase us. We'll never run from your thunder, that your H.A.A.A.R.P. it can rain down, chemtrails abound. Cause they'll meet you at the station, in a chauffered limousine, there's protesters at the front gate, you think it's you they're targeting, cause you got a guilty conscience, from your involvement in the war, let's profit more. It's never what you know, it's who you blow. GOING ON DOWN TO THE BOHEMIAN GROVE.


"Peacock Blood" 12-song CD (Council of Forward Minds Media, 2005)

"Uzi" 4-song EP (Council of Forward Minds Media, 2006)

Set List

Typical set list: 11-13 songs; 40-45 minutes. No covers, all original.