Local with loyal following. Electric and or acoustic at times political,sensual,humorous and easy on the brain. Known for many years as a Gr.Dead cover and original music. Our influences are GR.Dead, Phish,Tom Waits and The Buena Vista Social Club or Latin Jazzy rock jam


Started as acoustic duo in 1995 weve evolved over the years developing a nice following. We played for 7yrs every Fri.Nt as the house band at "Sneakers"in Hollywood (GR Dead Nt and genre)
Now we play twice month booked through August at "Sneakers " and "G's Place"from Jan.27 and so on,alternating between venues on Fridays only.
We ocassionaly play the bandshell on Hollywood beach certian festivals for the city including Mardi Gras, Octoberfest, Love fest, XS and Citylink music
fest. We toured up the east coast in 1997 playing
Fla. Goergia,Virginia, Tennessee, Several N.Y and N.J. gigs and Mass.
We also played the V.I.P. tent for Phill and friends with Bob Weir and opened up for the Love and Spoonfull in South Beach.
Influences are everything we are multicultural and
Relix Mag. minded and it shows in our music.
our style is Rock jammy,jazzy,latin,phunky,country
grass rooted.


We recorded a C.D of original Music and handed out
to listener at gigs and occasionaly sold at certian events. Or song "Downtown Hollywood"was used by the city C.R.A. and used for a commercial advert.
for the city of Hollywood

Set List

We have about 16 original songs and several original insttrumental jams with live transformations. Cover include The Gr.Dead,Beatles
,Tom Waits, Buena Vista Social Club, Barbarito Torres, Phish,Panic. and local Band fiends of ours
their covers (and they cover ours)