Bob America

Bob America


Lightning Hopkins plugged into a television and squeezed out of the birth canal of Apple Computers A 21st Century Doo Wop Post Modern Rock n' Roll Blitzkrieg. John Lennon v. Pink Floyd v. Radiohead and the Who


"Bob, I love you madly." Ted Nugent, outside of Waco, Texas.

Bob is the raw blood of the American Republic and is on a mission from God or something. He likes Mark Twain's "Letters from Planet Earth", John Lennon's "Mother", and the Autobiography of Malcolm X.

A 30 year old middle class kid from Cupertino, Bob has made a career of making odd and fascinating choices from appearing on VH1's Surviving Nugent, to playing golf, to producing the musical performances for the largest anti-war rally in San Francisco history....

America is talking about Bob's debut record and whirlwind 10 city tour across the United States.

"He joins the ranks of other famous performing Bobs: Dylan, Seger, and Darin…performing no-nonsense rock." – San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco, CA

"The album is a perfect representation of the man himself: Engaging, charismatic, dead-serious, and funny as hell."- Daily Democrat, Davis, CA

"Think of Beck, Pink Floyd, and Bob Dylan on one record" – The Onion

Bob is currently holed up in a studio in sunny Oakland, CA. crafting the next blood thirsty, arena rock anthem for peace and an anonymous celebrity. He is threatening to release his long awaited Holiday Opus, "Me and Santa Claus" this November.

To the Moon!

Bob has backing bands both in NY and SF.


Fallout Fallujah

Written By: Bob America

Fallout Fallujah:
Little girl with a blue dress on
Schoolyard kiss in the Desert Sun
Baby’s Smile like a loaded gun
Drops your heart, it takes right off
Oh No!
Fallout Fallujah.

The eyes of the world turn down
Bodies Burn above the Ground
Kid Destiny grown up now
Don’t get shot and let your mother down
Oh No !
Fallout Fallujah…

Soldiers March 2 the beat of a drum
Better take cover from the storm
Oh No!
Who’s 2 Who and Who’s 2 Blame
I feel the cloud coming over me
The fire you burn is the fire your breathe
U Better watch out cause the pain don’t leave
Oh No !
Fallout Fallujah
Fallout Fallujah
Fallout Fallujah

Public Enemy #1
Summer’s Sins make days go long
Walk Down the fear cause love don’t run
In the Heart of this Babylon
In the Heart of this Babylon…..

1st Time

Written By: Bob America

The First Time:

The first time I ever met u
it was love at first sight
And the second time I ever seen u
I tried and I tried
To look u in the eyes
You’re so kind
An Angel in disguise
And I’ll never know how I won your soul
To be by your side…. tonight

And my heartache looks into
The sea of your dreams
And your blue eyes, kiss the moonlit sky
And carry over to me…. Tonight

I was into, you were close to
I feel you, how you want 2
I’ll follow you down to
The second I can love you

When the moment suspends
Our time never ends
And a single breath brings you into me
And me back when…
I can feel your touch
And we fall in love
Before you walk away, into his arms
And you look through me
from the back of the bar
and you see through me
and my bleeding heart.

the last time that I saw you
there was blood in my eyes
cause the second time when
you kissed me
you made me cry.
last night


Bob America, 2007

Set List

Lay Me Down
Fallout Fallujah
Mr. Danger
First Time
Another Nite
American Soul Reprise
there's never gonna be

2 sets 30-70 minutes long