Bob and Bill

Bob and Bill



Bob and Bill is Bobby, William and Andy Mosteller, three brothers born and raised in North Carolina. In 2000, Bobby and William started playing with a band (Steller Tree) in the southeast before relocating with the band to Nashville. After several months Bobby and William split from the band and relocated back to North Carolina in 2003. Bobby then moved to west Texas, fell in love with the Texas music scene and began to hone his skills as a songwriter. After two years in Texas, he came back to North Carolina to write songs with his two brothers. Over the past year they have been creating their own sound and striving to make music that will captivate the mind and be relevant to every day people. They currently are involved with the Nashville music scene and have written songs with Damien Horne and many other up and coming artist.

Set List

We play from 30 minutes to 2 hours.