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Throwing Ice At the Sun 2006

1205 Records, LLC


Feeling a bit camera shy


Bobby Anderson, aka, Bob Anonymous, was born in Louisville, KY on August 26th, 1981. A gifted youngster in school, he was bound for greatness. Bob always remembers being fascinated with sound, but it was at the young age of 13 that he got his first instrument. Jimi Hendrix captivated his attention, his father noticed, and bought him a guitar. This began his journey into musical experimentation and excellence.

Like most adolescents in the late 80’s, early 90’s, Bob Anonymous heard rap music on the radio and watched videos on MTV. No one artist stood out until the emergence of the Wu-Tang Clan and Bob became fascinated with the styles of RZA. This inspired him to search beyond the mainstream and fall in love with the works of underground artists such as Del and Kool Keith. Later he would land into the fan bases of Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, Motion Man, and basically “anyone who uses themselves as a medium between the audience and pure rhythm.”

A lifetime fan of literature and Shakespeare, Bobby began writing poetry. With time his poems became raps, and then poetic hip-hop. In high school, Bobby linked up with DJ Rinomortis, Rip Van, Drew, Brad Love, & Mike Mayes. Bobby came up with the name “Multiple Personalities” and the group was formed. Bobby first performed on stage in 2001. Bob spent much of the next two years recording and performing with the group. Bob mainly focuses on his solo career now, but still does some shows with Multiple Personalities.

This man is such a multi-faceted musician, saying his musical future “looks bright” is the understatement of the year. Not only an accomplished rapper, he can also play the guitar, drums, piano, and sing. As most know he’s a prolific writer, but not many realize Bob’s talent in producing. Bob makes most of his own beats, but even if he gets beats from another source, he usually handles the mixing and mastering himself. Whereas Run DMC was “rockin’ without a band,” Bob’s a one-man band.

Having eclectic tastes in music, Bob developed a unique style all his own. His laundry list of non-rap musical influences goes from John Coltrane to Kurt Cobain, Miles Davis to Dave Matthews, from Mozart to Joni Mitchell to James Taylor. From Fionna Apple to the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and Jimi Hendrix. Bob Dylan to Bob Marley, to Pearl Jam to Robert Johnson, to Sam Cooke and on and on. Looking at his CD collection, one couldn’t find any rhyme or reason to the names, but you would instantly know Bob has an ear for quality.

When interviewed Bob can be profound:

Is religion important?

It’s the single most destructive force… as well as the most unifying.

Or he can be completely sarcastic:

What is your most prominent memory in life?

Whatever just took place… I forgot.

With a sly grin, Bob Anonymous will tell you his main interests are the same as high school, “botany and anatomy.” Listing his favorite book as “the dictionary,” Bob is never at a loss for words. Claiming if he had to go back to any point in life, it would be birth, to do it all over again. Quick to point out his disdain for the current state of rap music, always imaginative, Bob jokingly claims “Dennis Miller” as his favorite rapper. He has large aspirations, and as he says in song, it may all seem like “throwing ice at the sun,” but he will never give up. His only fear in life: “Not reaching my full potential, there’s not enough time to do all I want to do.” Dynamic, intriguing, once in a blue moon, Bob Anonymous is one of a kind, but like Stevie Wonder sang, he’s just glad to be alive.