Bob B

Bob B

 Falaise, Basse-Normandie, FRA

I love music...MUSIC. All my life I have played and sung in various settings. I have developed a style that suits my loner character. It's a style I call "heartfelt," because that's where it comes from. And all kinds of people like my music because they can talk during my shows without shouting.


I grew up in a musical family and studied different instruments. Guitar became my favorite, since I grew up with the Beatles who were my primary influence. Having played with different bands and different styles of music, I always preferred going my own way, and started writing music at age 13 or 14. Due to financial and family constraints I didn't get into doing electric work to the extent I really wanted to, so I continued to create acoustic songs. And I continue to do so, with a little bit of electronic sound from time to time that I add with the aid of a keyboard. Until more recently, the music I wrote prompted people to nickname me "Bob Croce," and others have likened my music to that of James Taylor.


Hey Old Friend

Written By: Bob Bucher

Hey old friend, how long has it been?
At least a lifetime or two.
Thought about you every now and then
Without a clue
How you kept chasing our dream,
Yeah, you really took off and flew.
Heard you on the radio
And then I knew
You stayed true, true to your heart,
Every step of the way.
You never put your life on hold,
And still going strong today...

Rainy Day Blues

Written By: Bob Bucher

Well it's one of those days that I would never choose
The rain's a-fallin' down and that can mean bad news
But not today, no I don't mind at all, no;
Cause I'll just sit in my room, kickin' out them rainy day blues.

Well tomorrow might bring a sunny day
But then it might rain again just like it's doin' today
But I won't care, no I won't mind at all, no;
Cause I'll just sit in my room, kickin' out them rainy day blues.

Well pretty soon I'm gonna see my love
And it won't matter what it's doin' above
Even if it's rainin', well we won't care;
Because we'll be together, kickin' out them rainy day blues.

Well you know it's funny cause sometimes it don't even rain
But I'll get them rainy day blues now any old way
Because my darlin', she isn't here
And I just spend those days kickin' out them rainy day blues.

40 Years

Written By: Bob Bucher

Well you talk about your troubles, and the real hard times you've had
It seems to me if all that's been you'd be stark raving mad
Well I've read about old Moses and his trip into the mount
All the hard times people tell me 'bout I can't even start to count
But they don't know what they're talking even when they sing the blues
That don't compare to the 40 years I spent without you....


Nothing official yet, as I have just started recording recently and am doing it in my home studio. Just about finished with the first "official" album that will soon be sent to SACEM for final approval.