Bobbie Mercy Oliver&Jam City Revue

Bobbie Mercy Oliver&Jam City Revue


My Music Has Captivated Audiences Of All Races In Diverse Places. I am gifted with numerous talents; I write my on lyrics, arrange the music, set all my songs, to music and I play multiple instruments on my CD'S in my studeo, (BEO, Inc.)



Bobbie” Mercy ”Oliver was born in 1939 in Atlanta, Texas where he grew up. He is the son of former sharecroppers and born into a family of twelve children to the parentage of Claude and Mary Lee Oliver. He got his music talents from both parents, his father played guitar and entertained his family after a hard day of perhaps picking cotton or just farming in particular. Bobbie’s farther played in the style of the musicians of his time and did little to inspire his son. It took a total stranger’s influence playing the guitar ala Jimmy Reed who is Bobbie’s most influential musician because he could play harmonica, guitar and sing.
Bobbie’s mother had a beautiful singing voice and sent all her children to take piano lessons including Bobbie. Bobbie did not continue his piano lessons because he thought piano playing was for girls.

Bobbie taught himself to play the guitar, a cheap Sears and Roebuck guitar his oldest sister ordered him per his request unknown to his farther until the bill arrived. When he was satisfied with his guitar playing he taught himself how to use the harmonica in his unique manner. Bobbie left home for Chicago, Illinois soon after graduating from high school.

While living in Chicago from 1958 to 1969 he started his own blues band, Oliver’s Trio consisting of his sister Mary on bass guitar, his wife at that time was on drums and Bobbie was on his favorites, guitar and harmonica. He was one of the first if not the only person performing Slim Harpo’s Scratch My Back and he still does Scratch My Back as part of his repertoire along with a lot of, you guessed it, Jimmy Reed, Muddy Waters, Elmore James, Junior Parker, Elvis Presley, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Chuck Berry. He does not exclude his own music from two self-produced CD’S in his home studio, BEO Recording Studio.

Bobbie formed his former band Jam City Revue around the year 1996 with just a drummer, Eddie Robbins and himself. Eddie’s brother Kenny joined them playing Congo's and percussions. Bobbie recruited his sister, Mary, to play bass again and his brother Freddy playing drums. When they decided they no longer wanted to play in a band, Bobbie bought a bass guitar and taught his stepson, Anthony to play and he joined the band, Eddie Robbins was still on drums. Anthony was very young with wife and small children so that didn’t last very long. It was at that time that his nephew, K. T. took an interest in playing the bass, taking lessons from Bobbie. K. T. is very good on bass and at Mom’s encouraging he started to sing, Stormy Monday, Bobby Bland’s version and has since begun to sing other R & B hits.

Bobbie Mercy Oliver and Jam City Revue was house band for The Branch Office Bar & Grill for five months or more in Texarkana, Texas. They were house band for Our Place in Texarkana, Arkansas for three months. The band has played on Beale Street on the patio at Kings Palace and at the famous Wild Bill’s Club in Memphis, Tennessee. The band was Brophy’s favorite band here in Marshall, Texas until they closed a few months ago. The band competed in the Battle of the Bands in Helena, Arkansas last year, 2004, and 2007, for the King Biscuit Blues Festival and played at the famous, Wild Hog Bar & Grill during the King Biscuit with photos of that event on the internet. Bobbie and band opened the first annual T-Bone Walker Blues Fest, June 17, 2006, with such legends as Keb' Mo, Kenneth Wayne Shepherd, Dee Dee Williams. Buddy Flett & the Blue Birds,Gary "Whitey"Johnson"Nicholson and Ms. Betty Lewis. He was featured on the Tyler, Texas Rhythm and Blues Blowout with such great talent as Marvin Sease, and Ms. Betty Lewis. You may go this web page to see photo's of Bobbie in action at the T-Bone Walker Fest, He has appeared on music festivals with many other bands such as the Los Lonely Boys, Riccochet and blues man, Tommy McCoy, Willie Clayton and so forth.
Bobbie Mercy Oliver has self-produced three CD’S, Reviving the Blues in 2003 and Mississippi Mudd in 2004. Both CD’s received air play on various radio stations with Mississippi Mudd getting air play all over the USA such as Radio 107.1 in Orroville, California, who just last Tuesday, (December 13, 2005), called and did a live telephone interview with Bobbie Mercy Oliver while playing two cuts from Mississippi Mudd. He released his third cd, "Simply Bobbie" on May 4, currently working on his Bobbie’s goals are to perform these blues all over the world.

The band today consists of Bobbie” Mercy” Oliver on rhythm guitar, harmonica and vocals, Garry McLean, on bass, vocals and background, , B. T. Carpenter on drums and percussions, Gloria Hall aka Lady - G, female vocalist, Eva Mom Oliver manager/booking /promoter. He (Bobbie) has created a very unique sound that’s rocking the states and has been called HOT and very much in demand throughout the year, his songs have a li


Bobbie has three CD'S completed
1.Reviving The Blues, 2004.
2. Mississippi Mudd, 2005.
3.Simply Bobbie 2006. Simply Bobbie will debut at The Coffee Corner in Linden, Texas, May 4, 2006
My CD, Mississippi Mudd has received air play on numerous radio stations throughout the USA and abroad such as Canada, Australia, and many other countries. WWOZ in New Orleans, KRBS in Oroville California, our own KBWC at Wiley College, Marshall, Texas.
4. Untitled Blues CD. release unknown

Bobbie's music is played on radio stations all around the world such as in Australia, Canada, California, Carolina, New Orleans just to name a few. All nine cuts are being played. ***Simply Bobbie, my new CD was NOMINATED BY THE SHAGBARK BLUES SOCIETY FOR THE BEST SELF PRODUCED BLUES CD FOR 2007. See you all in Memphis on February 1-3.

Set List

Blues---Mojo Hands, Scatch My Back, Raining In My Heart, The Thrill Is Gone, Killing Floor, The Things I Used To Do and a host of others.
45 min sets 15 min breaks
Blues, Jazz, R&B with a hint of Country.Covers and Originals.