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"Cath Aubergine Review of Roadhouse 4th May Gig"

Cath Aubergine Review of Roadhouse 4th May Gig
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Bobbie Peru have always been a strange one. For a start, look at them. Singer Bert like some demented scientist in his yellow shirt and fashion-defying tie; bassist Ding with his black Mohican and towering don't-mess presence. Their music has always had the power to lull you into a false sense of security before going off somewhere unexpected. And tonight there are a few new songs in the set, marking a diversion from their trademark dark-hearted Mancunia into somewhere between Devo and The Fall, all abrasive guitars and fevered ranting. And a megaphone. Even old favourites such as the powerful single "1971" seem harder, faster, angrier, with Bert looking like he could lose it any minute; we've seen it happen before, but tonight he's content just to march around on the monitors staring people straight in the face and shouting.

- Cath Aubergine -

"Bobbie Peru EP"

There is a soundtrack for everything. Somewhere someone is writing songs for a day you will have in the future. If one of these such days turns out to be an indulgently lonely and overcast day, a day when going outside feels like too much of an effort and it would seem better to stay inside left to your own devious devices, then Bobbie Peru will be the music for that day.

Bobbie Peru is not a person, per se, but a songwriter accompanied by friends and counterparts. The side project of Manchester denizen Robert Genovese (of Adom fame), the band can best be described as an eclectic mix of "lazy-core", wry humor, and independently-produced indie rock. The collection of songs on the short EP feels like a secret you're lucky enough to overhear, and that should be kept accordingly.

The EP is comprised of surprisingly engrossing songs that consist of layers of catchy acoustic hooks, supported by a steady frame of light drums and bass, and draped with the heavy fabric of Bert Genovese's voice. A deceptive setup, sure, considering how harmless it may seem in words and description, but that voice is the decisive factor here. Though the songs move along as charming mid-tempo pieces, the setting is a haze of paradoxically anxious lethargy thanks to his enjoyably lazy voice. The vocals have such an honest sense of delivery and musical exploration, in fact, that the tone of the EP seems to suggest a dark and ominous feel as the songs navigate through eccentric and unpredictable waters. It's still somehow very easy to get comfortable with these songs, though. For instance, a listener can enjoy the irregular groove of "Toxic Shock" only to discover later that the dark, playful melody has ingrained itself into his/her cortex. "Mirage or Mirror" has an instant familiarity to it, not because it's something you've heard before, but because after 10 seconds, it's already a part of you. In their own inexplicable way, the songs have a knack for finding a listener's soft spot.

There's also some equally eccentric humor, as the music doesn't take itself too seriously and alienate its listeners (see song titles). The focus remains on the easygoing tone of the songs that are tainted with unforeseeable twists and turns that only Bobbie Peru could create. It's difficult to compare the songs to other artists since some of those aforementioned turns make the music so distinct in any crowd. The sometimes quirky, sometimes devious sound of this band also gets better with each listen, as eventually the multiple facets of the songs seem to surface more and more.

So, unsuspecting readers, prepare yourselves for this short but satisfying listen. If it's any indication of what's to come from the band, Bobbie Peru will certainly be a band worth watching.

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"Bobbie Peru - 5 song EP Review"

Bobbie Peru are a group with a varied sound, although they're clearly at their most relaxed and best when they are being dark, brooding and slightly scary.

The band are a Stockport-based side project of American Bert Genovese (great vocalist, great name) and comprise of a group far more experienced than your average student garage band.

In a sense, the band feel like they've been pulled out of the mid-eighties, dumped in a strange world, and carried on regardless, hammering out songs like the New Wave never got old. Even better, its a variety pack, with every track taking a twist and with a new variation on the theme every time.

Opening track Wilt wouldn't sound out of place on a Queens of the Stone Age album, mostly due to an intro any modern rock group would be proud of, and shifts in pace multiple times before closing down satisfyingly.

Carefully played piano contrast with heavy guitars and pleading vocals in The Equation. It almost feels like a concession to the modern British music scene and definately sounds more like something you'd catch being played down at Brudenell than the rest of the album. That's not a bad thing, but from the rest of their tracks, you expect more.

I'm a fair bit of a new-wave fanboy at heart, and when I hear something as good as Metallic Scars, a jerky punk-blues number that pulls you in every direction at once, I melt on the inside. Having been mentally prepared for a heavy number by the intro, the vocals and piano-playing make it soar far beyond that.

It does go slightly wrong at the end with the late introduction of the musical equivalent of a cut and shut in the form of a sharp shift in style just before the third minute. While that plain doesn't work, the overall track is still one of my favourite pieces of music since the start of the year.

I'm happy to have finally found an independent band that sounds like an eighties revivalist should. This is most apparent on Sleepwar and Narcissus, with the band coming across as a particularly downbeat version of Echo and the Bunnymen. Mr Genovese manages to sounds like the exact vocal clone of Ian Mccullock and pulls off the style just as well.

The songs seem to improve with every listen and if you can see past the emo, self-loathing emo-style lyrics, they really are worth the trouble of tracking down.

Steve Jones

"Bobbie Peru - Bricks"

Bobbie Peru - Bricks
The haunting intro of Bricks leads to a solid rock track, with some interesting twists throughout that demonstrate the musical versitility of the band. Following stints in a variety of previous bands, Bobbie Peru are now based in Manchester and have recently released a self titled EP, which would make a great soundtrack for the warm-up before a good night out. Visit their site for more info and gig dates. -


Bobbie Peru - Full length 12 track debut album
Bobbie Peru 5 song EP
Bobbie Peru 1971 Single
nu-groove: Miami Radio Station Airplay
xFM Airplay in Manchester (Clint Boon), Fresh Dynamics, Key 103FM Airplay, Suck My Sound, Revolution Radio in Oldham.


Feeling a bit camera shy

Bobbie Peru formed in January 2006 in Manchester. The lead singer relocated to the UK from the States to pursue a musical career. Progressing from his earlier solo acoustic soundscapes, Robert Genovese (Lead Vocal/Guitar) gathered a collection of local musical talents (Ding (PJ Harvey/Frank Black) - Bass, Chris Insley - Guitar, Davis Evason - Drums) to form Bobbie Peru, and began to blow minds. They cook up a particularly demented stew with their ever-changing musical palette, which is an unpredictable mix of stabbing guitars, social commentary and a rhythm section coming through like a freight train. The result: some of the most dynamic, catchy and distinctive compositions which will infiltrate your mind and encompass your soul. Live they are a witches brew of destabilized rock and roll, randomness, style and raw energy, that will leave you breathless and begging for more. Their forthcoming album release following the Single ‘1971’ is sure to be a multidimensional experience of the power of positive noise, which is not to be missed.... The band can best be described as an eclectic mix of Post Punk, New Wave, and Independently produced indie rock. Their style encompasses, lazily, anything and everything, suggesting an appeal to many dimensions of the masses.

They are unlike anything you have heard before creating an atmosphere which will stir a whirlwind of emotions. Their distinction stems from the wide range of influences and their unique approach to lyric writing and song construction, along with a burning desire to spread the word of bobbie peru...