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Bobbie Peru


Bobbie Peru are a musical entity who dwell in the locality of Manchester. The, as yet unsigned, British-based American band consists of Bert Genovese: Vocals/Guitar, Chris Insley: Guitars (both of ADOM), Dingo: Bass (previously of Frank Black and PJ Harvey) and David Evason on Drums

Bobbie Peru formed in January 2006 in Manchester. The lead singer relocated to the UK from the States to pursue a musical career. Progressing from his earlier solo acoustic soundscapes, Robert Genovese (Lead Vocal/Guitar) gathered a collection of local musical talents (Ding (PJ Harvey/Frank Black) - Bass, Chris Insley - Guitar, Davis Evason - Drums) to form Bobbie Peru, and began to blow minds. They cook up a particularly demented stew with their ever-changing musical palette, which is an unpredictable mix of stabbing guitars, social commentary and a rhythm section coming through like a freight train. The result: some of the most dynamic, catchy and distinctive compositions which will infiltrate your mind and encompass your soul. Live they are a witches brew of destabilized rock and roll, randomness, style and raw energy, that will leave you breathless and begging for more. Their forthcoming album release following the Single ‘1971’ is sure to be a multidimensional experience of the power of positive noise, which is not to be missed.... The band can best be described as an eclectic mix of Post Punk, New Wave, and Independently produced indie rock. Their style encompasses, lazily, anything and everything, suggesting an appeal to many dimensions of the masses.

They are unlike anything you have heard before creating an atmosphere which will stir a whirlwind of emotions. Their distinction stems from the wide range of influences and their unique approach to lyric writing and song construction, along with a burning desire to spread the word of bobbie peru...


Bobbie Peru - Full length 12 track debut album
Bobbie Peru 5 song EP
Bobbie Peru 1971 Single
nu-groove: Miami Radio Station Airplay
xFM Airplay in Manchester (Clint Boon), Fresh Dynamics, Key 103FM Airplay, Suck My Sound, Revolution Radio in Oldham.

Set List

Sleepwar, 1971, Luke Wake Up, Lost Make Up, Broken Bones, Bon Bon Rue, BF Skinner, Narcissus, Carbon Dated, Bricks
45 mins
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