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"The Ohio State University"

The Ohio Union Activity Board at The Ohio State University would like to take a moment and thank you for helping us kick off our series, the Buckeye Comedy Club. You were a big hit with the audience and our volunteers. You were really easy to work with and you helped get our comedy series off to a great start.

We would love to have you back in the following years. Please feel free to forward us any requests for references or personal testimony.
- Jackson Biller, Comedy Chairman, OUAB, The Ohio State University

"The Taiwanese Junior Chamber of Commerce"

The Taiwanese Junior Chamber of Commerce (TJCC) would like to thank you for your generous contribution of time and talent to our Typhoon Relief Comedy Charity Show on Tuesday, September 22, 2009. After our final tally, TJCC is pleased to announce that through ticket sales and cash donations, we raised a total of $4,353 to be donated to the Tzu-Chi Foundation! These funds will go towards rebuilding the effects caused by Typhoon Morakot.
This achievement exceeded our expectations and speaks volumes about the philanthropic nature of the Houston community and its residents. However, without the help of your outstanding performance, we definitely would not have been able to make this event such a huge success.
We hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did. They say that a good laugh is great for your health, and you really brought down the house that night! We look forward to seeing you at your next headliner show!
- The Taiwanese Junior Chamber of Commerce

"Bob Biggerstaff: Enjoy Guys!!"

August 3, 2009

In addition to caddies to lug their golf clubs, boys to hand them their bats and their own cooks, dishwashers and launderers (what females call “wives” and what the swinish guys who still reside in male chauvinist pigsties call “significant bothers”), men now have a personal comedian: Bob Biggerstaff.
Biggerstaff, a bouncer-size but genial comic veteran, playfully ushers listeners into the man cave on Enjoy Guys!!, his new CD from Rooftop Comedy Productions. Along the 42-minute expedition, Biggerstaff detours amusingly into other male domains, including the men’s room, the locker room and even the stock room.
Do not misconstrue: This is not men’s-only material. Judging from audience reaction, women will find the ramble through the male mind enjoyable and maybe even enlightening (especially after discovering that two cell phones may be even better “protection” than two condoms).
But instead of excavating the male psyche with a backhoe, Biggerstaff grazes the surface with a skimmer — though to funny effect. He punctuates his version of The Man Show with plenty of references to sports and junk (the joystick that drives men’s lives, not the old Chinese sailing ship). Comedy need not be profound to be effective, a point Biggerstaff proves entertainingly. - Punchline Magazine John Delery

"It's Just A Joke: Bob Biggerstaff"

It's Just A Joke puts local and touring comedians on the spot and gives them one shot at making us laugh. In this special Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival edition, Houston-based stand-up Bob Biggerstaff—headlining the Saturday-night stand-up showcase at The Hideout Theatre—plays Monday-morning quarterback for the justice system.

The A.V. Club: Do you play a lot of comedy festivals?

Bob Biggerstaff: I've done some of the small ones. I haven't done any of the big ones like Montreal or Aspen.

AVC: Do you like the festival atmosphere?

BB: The thing about a festival is you hope all of the things are relatively close to each other. I don't know exactly where most of the stuff is for this festival, but I know that most of it is downtown. There was a Houston comedy festival a few years ago, and it was at three different clubs, and none of the clubs were close [to one another]. They were all 20 miles away from each other. So having it in that central location is always fun. That's how you get that festival atmosphere.

AVC: Stand-up doesn't have as much of a presence at Out Of Bounds as sketch and improv. Do you feel any pressure to properly represent your form of comedy?

BB: I hadn't thought of it that way. Thanks for bringing that up. [Laughs.] Not really. I know I'm funny, and I know I'll have a good time. The crowds in Austin are always good, so I know the people coming are coming to see a stand-up comedy show, so that'll be interesting. And hopefully, since it's a festival, they'll do some research. A lot of times when people go to the comedy club, they'll just go to the club, and if they don't enjoy what they see, it's like, "Well, it's not my fault. You should've looked and see what kind of jokes I do." It's not my fault you don't like fat guys!

AVC: You talk a lot about sports in your routines, which isn't a subject matter that comes up very often in stand-up. Do you wish more comedians were making jokes about sports?

BB: You talk about what you know. Some guys just make up stuff and say it on stage and that's fine—if it's funny, it's funny. My jokes come from things that happen to me, and things that I'm exposed to, whether it be watching TV and seeing a funny commercial, or watching a game and there's a funny play. Some of my sports jokes are based on current events happening in sports; some are things that have happened to me that are sports-related. If people want to say I'm "the sports comic," I think that'd be fine. We're all trying to find a niche, so if somebody's able to say, "Yeah, that's Bob, he does a lot jokes about sports," that's fine if it separates me from other people. Do I wish other people talked more about sports? I don't care what they're saying as long as it's funny.

AVC: Neither do we. So would you like to say something funny?

BB: Sure—and it's a sports joke! This is the off-season of football, and all the talk in the off-season of professional football was a lot of off-the-field issues. One being this guy Donté Stallworth, who's a wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns—or he was. He got a DUI. He actually killed a guy driving his car. Donté Stallworth was drunk and high, and he hit this guy and killed him, and he got a month in jail. And you know Michael Vick was thinking, "Man, I should have been fighting people."
AVC: Do you think the world is ready to laugh at Michael Vick dog-fighting jokes?

BB: Well, I'm a believer that if you have a well-crafted joke, you can laugh about anything. It's not funny what he did to the dogs, and I'm not even referencing that in my joke. It's a timely issue, but for as long as he's going to be playing football, and he's relevant at all, people are going to be making Michael Vick jokes. - A.V. Club Austin


45 Minutes and a Song
Enjoy Guys



Bob Biggerstaff, most recently seen on NBC's Last Comic Standing and Comedy Central's Live at Gotham has been building a strong fan base all across the country with his self deprecating, sports related style. His newly released CD “enjoy Guys!” (RooftopComedy Productions) has been a top seller on the RooftopComedy website. While playing comedy clubs all across the country and with more TV appearances on the New England Sports Network (NESN) and The Bob and Tom Radio Show, Bob has also branched out to the college market. Bob attended the University of Houston and is a member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity. Having played colleges from College of the Mainland (Tx), to The Ohio State University and many in between Bob looks forward to performing at YOUR school next.