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Letter to my mom and dad

Written By: Bobbi Kelley

On the day I was born
You both showed your love
Always by my side
Through the good
Never missed a step
Even when it was bad

We grew up country
City life wasn’t cool
Running and playing
We even skipped some school
We had it made
You both did it all
A kid’s life made in the shade

When I hear the first bird
Or the crack of a bat
I get a tear in my eye
Just remembering all that

That first leaf of fall
Or some new fallen snow
A tear fell on my cheek
Because I wonder,
Why was it that you had to go?

Dad decided it was his time
Then you mom, you decided to follow
Time was so short, now days are so long
I must tell you both it so hard to swallow

I’ve started a new family
Believe me when I say
You’d both love them too
They help me to deal
With this heartache
That comes from missing you

Please watch over my family
As you sit up in heaven
Knowing you’re busy
Reuniting with old friends
Just remember it’s still really hard
For our hearts to mend

A day won’t go by
When I won’t sit and think
About all things you did and why
Wondering what should I do?
Would you be pleased?
Did I do ok?

I am missing you like only your daughter could
I am loving you like only your daughter should
I am smiling for you like only your daughter would
I’m making you proud as you both knew that I would