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New York, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | SELF

New York, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2017
Solo Hip Hop




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Famous Nobody

-Verse 1-
Wake Up Get things in Order
Ms. thing i gotta court her
Let her know that i've been fighting for the world to just support us
Let it be known I trade the I for an Us
Love a word seldom ever used by Us
Pardon I for being so fly
Knowing I bridge the gap
U-N-I-T-Y between the oh so hood one
Hood from the start of HIP HOP
Where the first block party ever sparked
Under the cliff is where a nicca from
The Underdog from Under ya'll
I spit it like I lack tongue
Black one Raised in the slums
These days full of fun
Start to fade into one
Obey rather run
Dare I dream its bigger than me and you
The way things seem we'll never escape the truth
Beyond my means I'm going to chase the cool
Uh, bringing it back to you

I want it all
No time to fall
If your with me right now
Get up or get Down

-Verse 2-
My cherie Amor from the underground
Let it be the force of the world trying to slow us down
Let it be those quote un quote phrases
Soon to damn plague us
Hoping this the course god made for us
Uh, pain or pleasure we gon' make it through whatever
Even when it looks grey and forever seems like never
I'll be looking for a way reaching out just to get ya
Hold on to faith my world's under pressure
Hold on to the essence
In no form should you question
If those wrongs be the best of us
Bare arms if they mess with us
The war between us like X and O
Some might know I love and I hate her tho
Ain't Nobody greater tho
Feeling is debatable
Destiny to cater you
Hater proof
Shame if you only knew
The moments true
You Feel it to...
I'll play the fool

I want it all
No time to fall
If your with me right now
Get up or get Down

-Bridge A-
Ya hold your own
Tell the world to bear witness
Speaking kinda big you ain't even Near Finished
Chasing plenty green
Addictions to match a fiend
Got a grasp on them things
In which you've always dreamed of
Ya hear it in his voice the Revival
What really matters most your survival
The boy who cried wolf
Writing his own book
Change is gonna come
The Arrival

-Bridge B-
Will we survive
We try
Love we had
Will it last
Will we survive
We try
Love we had
Will it last

And on the count of three
Everybody Run back to your fantasies...



Currently at a loss for words...

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