Bobby Alan

Bobby Alan

 Foley, Alabama, USA

I've been performing and writing music for quite sometime. My genre is anywhere from rock, to blues to country, depending on the mood and the feel of the song, as it is being written. My songs are mostly based on real life experiences, and I feel the audience can easily identify with my songs.


Writing songs, for me, is a passion. Don Henley, when introducing the tune Heart of the Matter, said “this song took 42 years to write and 5 minutes to sing”. I find this so incredible, for I have found that when you begin writing a song, you are stuck with that emotion and or feeling until the song is finished. Either jubilant, or on the verge of tears, I carry it with me until it’s done. When I get an idea for a song, generally a piece of a chorus or verse, I write it down, and if the song comes, I go with it. If it doesn’t, I put it on a shelve, as it were, until it flows naturally. My trip through life has been very colorful, and most of the material I write, is based upon things I’ve experienced. Witnessing missile shots at dawn, the serenity of a full moon over the Gulf of Mexico, being on the road in a heavy metal rock and roll band, to raising my teenage daughter… life has been very interesting and makes for good lyrics. In the past, I’ve done some recording in a full band setting, though I record one piece (guitar and vocals) presently. My influences, well thats hard to nail down to just a few. The diversity of Led Zepplin, the acoustic work of Eric Clapton, the blues of Ray Charles, and country of Willie Nelson are some of my influences. I grew up and have lived on the gulf coast all my life, so there is a touch of the island sound in there somewhere too!


Princess To Be Queen

Written By: Bobby Alan

On Pensacola Beach on august afternoon
Where the ocean meets the sand
I was sittin playing blues
From the corner of my eye
she came to me like a dream
Standing there in front of me
in a tiny bikini
I pretended not to notice
what had seemingly been sent to me
When I finally got the nerve
I stopped playing and I said
my dear what is your name
and in broken down english she said
My names LaShae Marie
I come down here on holiday
final year of law school and I had to get away
Then she turned and like a child went skipping cross the sand
said aren't you coming, hah
what was I to say
I was lost in a dark brown sugar tan
Through my guitar across my shoulder
looked to the sky and said
I thank you dearest lord for this sweet little angel you've sent
Well the settin of the sun
in paradise is like a dream
suddenly I found myself
down upon one knee
She said Bobby don't go there
I'm not who I may seem
I been promised to be wed
since I was just 13
You see I come from royalty
I'm a princess to be queen
She said before I catch my plane though
There's one thing left to do
That's when she laid a blanket on the sand
I guess the rest is up to you
Well a year or so has past since that august afternoon
One day after a Bama game
Turned on the Headline News
There she was my princess
Or soon to be the queen
Waving royally to the crowd
With a cell phone in her hand
Don't you know mine started ringing Lord I answered and she said
Bobby this life is crazy
My prince is such a drag
Lord I wish I could be there with you
And put my little toes in the sand
Now I know you may be wonderin
If Bobby's story's true
But there's a message hidden in the words
That I want to pass to you
See you will not find your happiness
Chasing monetary dreams
The best things in life are free
I hope your gonna see
They don't come in no diamonds
Nor a brand new Mercedes
Just give me love and inspiration
Thats really all I need
And every now and then my lord
A princess to be queen

Looking For Someone

Written By: Bobby Alan

Heard a man laugh as the line went dead
Somethings come up was all that she said
Left me staring at my phone, shakin my head
Walked on into a cross town bar
Told 'em give me some bourbon
Here's the keys to my car
With a wink and a smile
She said Bob O, I ain't you here in a while
Now as Maria tended bar, she lit my cigarette
She said before you say a word boy let me guess
Bet some pretty thing
Has done messed with your mind
Left you sittin here lonely feeling empty inside
Now am I close?
I said damn girl, well maybe
Talked to a dear friend just the other day
A Tennessee girl living out in L.A.
She said the weather is nice
You should fly out and see me sometime
Now as the conversation goes
We started talking bout love
People we'd met, short comings thereof
She said now thats one thing
Bout this place I'd change
Seems every dudes a surfer
Or he's driving a Jag
All in love with themselves no one else to bad
When I asked her what was it
She was looking for she said
I just looking for someone
Who's been looking for someone
Who's tired of looking around just to find
That same old worrisome thing
Someone who has a dream a bit like mine
Called finding the love of their life
And they been looking for someone
Just like me
Well Maria rang the bell
And hollered out last call
I saw a beautiful lady at the end of the bar
She was staring at her phone
Shaking her head
So I walked on up, said excuse me my dear
I don't think I've ever seen
A pretty girl like you here
Could I ask you your name
She said no thanks, if its all the same
Well as I turned to walk away
I heard I reckon you'll do
If you promise not to call me
In the morning we're through
I'm not the kinda girl who has a 1 night stand
But that boyfriend of mine
Has made me so mad
So what do you say?
Well I'm a dude, just what the heck do you think I'd say
Still I'm looking for Someone....

Can't Hear The Wind

Written By: Bobby Alan

When I was young, not yet thirteen
Couldn't believe what I had seen
An old man sittin by a stream on a stump
Playing an old doebro
In the early morning fog, playing
Well the man looked at me
Kinda like it was a dream
Took a cold beer out of a babbling stream
Lit a cigarette up sat back and smiled
Said son do you know whats coming in time
People gonna want much more than need
Driven in life by a thing called greed
For a little bit of money
They'll sell their soul
Well you can't hear the wind
If there ain't no leaves
Storm cloud comes like never been seen
Cigarette smoke going straight into the sky
Be hot as hell like an Alabama night
Gonna see it coming near
Like a locust in the sky
Taring down trees, paving paradise
People won't find no shade from the sun
Stand around belly aching
Make you want to say duh!
No corn tassels waiting for a breeze
Stone wall beaches blocking waves
I pray the good lord gonna take a me home
Well can't really say
When the city dwellers came
Tore down the shack
That bore the mans name
Put an overpriced Target
Where there used to be a swamp
And the old man vanished
Lord he never was saw
But now and then
When the moon don't shine
Ain't been rain, so there ain't no stream
I hear the old man
On his old dobro
Singing you can't hear the wind...

Let It Reign

Written By: Bobby Alan

Just outside a doorway
Hidden out of view
Slumped beside a stairwell
With her arm tied off and blue
Cloths torn and ragged
Eyes cold and dazed
Her lips began to tremble
With the words she tried to pray
Lord the sun will rise tomorrow
But I will not shine for me
I pray dear Lord, have mercy
Set me free, set me free
Cause my souls lost in the desert
And my body lies in wait
Praying for your mercy
Won't you please, please, please
Let it reign
Looking at my reflection
In her eyes hollow and deep
And awe struck man surprised
Did I make her feel ashame?
Loosening up the cord
She let the river rage with in
Seem to stare right through me
As I heard those words again
Lord the sun will rise tomorrow
But it will not shine for me
Dear Lord have mercy
Set me free, set me free
Cause my souls lost in the desert
And my body lies in wait
Praying for your mercy
Won't you please, please, please
Let it reign
Somewhere in the twilight
All things turned to gray
Leaning back she closed her eyes
And I watched her drift away
Reaching down I brushed the hair
Back from her face so cold
Rain drops gently falling
Well I think she found her soul
But now the sun will shine tomorrow
But it will not shine for me
I pray dear Lord have mercy
Set me free, set me free
Cause my souls lost in the desert
And my body lies in wait
Begging for you mercy
Won't you please, please, please
Let it reign

Tattoos And Roaches

Written By: Bobby Alan

Misty air and salty seas
Flags waving in a southern breeze
Troubled I was fishing
But really justa wasting time
An old man in a new sport coat
Lived on an old sailing boat
Asked me if I'd ever
Ever seen a day so fine
My dog was shaking
Kinda like he was cold
Coward down beside me
Like he had seen a ghost
As I sat and listened
While the man told his story to me
I've always said
That I'm luckier than most
Was fairly young
When I got that boat
There's an ex involved
She wound up with all the rest
But like an oyster gives up a pearl
She gave birth to my little girl
That's the only person
That ever meant a damn to me
He talked of life on the open sea
How the good lord
Had kept his mind at ease
Until this very day
I remember every word he said
I've seen a
Rockets glare at dawns first light
To my own shadow cast
By a Broadway light
Made love to princess
Before she was to be the queen
Alot of things, come and they go
Except for the
Father Son and the Holy Ghost
I find that Tattoos and Roaches
Are the only other permanent things
The sun was setting
As the night grew near
While we sat there
On that wooden pier
He said
You'll see some troubles
But things will always work out fine
Wake in the morning
Thankful for your life
And that the lord
Has gave you one more try
Remember if we fail
That we've found a way
Not to succed
There was a
Flash of light so I wouldn't see
Suddenly there was just the dog and me
The old man had died
But still his words live on
I've seen a
Rockets glare at dawns first light
To my own shadow cast
By a Broadway light
Made love to a princess
Before she was to be the queen
Alot of things come and they go
Except for the
Father Son and the Holy Ghost
I find that tattoos and roaches
Are the only other permanent things
I find that Tattoos and roaches
Are the only other permanent things

Washing Delta Blues Away

Written By: Bobby Alan

Watching it flow
That old muddy river
On a hot Helena night
Me and Leroy
Was a drinking cold beer
Looking towards the other side
I said
Boy you need to take you a ride
Down to Pascagoula way
I got a brother down there
Pay you real good money
Working in the smuggling trade
You cold hit the big time, lord lord
Listen to what I say
You'll be shining like the moon
Above the Mississippi River
Washing delta blues away, hey
Washing delta blues away
Well a couple times
'Tween Memphis and the ocean
He became the smuggling king
Cross the back roads
Of the Mississippi Delta
He was fast as lightning greased
He was living large
With the rich and the famous
I mean everybody knew his name
Fast cars and faster women
I'm saying it was plumb insane
Oh but he was in the big time
Like he'd heard me say
Underneath the moon
Above the Mississippi River
Washing delta blues away
Well the
Story goes that he got to bold
And he was headed for a fall
At the state line
In the early early morning
Had a run in with the law
Like a bird that boy went to singing
He was willing to testify
Well he should have known
That a little time served
Ain't a good trade for your life
I was better to have told a lie
Than the words he'd say
Underneath the moon
Above the Mississippi River
Washing delta blues away
Late one night
The phone went to ringing
Woke me from my sleep
I saw Leroy's number
So I ran next door
Found 'em in some bloody sheets
A little note that said
I hate it little brother
That you had to find your friend this way
But everybody knows
If you ever go down
You don't go naming names
So I loaded up the body
Took him to the muddy water
And there I watched him sink
Underneath the moon
Above the Mississippi River
Washing delta blues away, hey
Washing delta blues away


My first CD, titled "El Sanora Blues" is a 7 song EP and can be listened to online at my myspace page - . My second CD, also a 7 song EP, is titled "Half Of What You See", is currently being recorded. I have a couple of songs from that CD on my myspace page also. Both CD's are an acoustic setting with one vocal. I am also beginning work on what will be a full band CD, to be completed by the end of 2008

Set List

My set list vary in length and material depending on the gig. If it is covers, I try to play something for everyone, from country to rock to blues. My set list for originals is generally one 45 minute set consisting of 12 to 14 songs.