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That's What AMericans DO

Written By: Bobby ANd David Binion

I’ve stood upon the place the towers fell, but now are gone
I’ve witnessed as the waters rise to wash away our homes
I’ve been around long enough to see disaster’s hand
Separate the ones we love, leaving scars upon our land
I’ve watched as sons and daughters fight for peace on foreign ground
Believing with conviction, “Under God” resolved to stand
While moms and dads are praying for the Lord to bring them through
Joining hearts and hands cause that’s what we’re supposed to do

That’s what Americans do
Whatever the cost, We’ll recover the lost
I don’t have to know your name to be a brother to you
I just know I have to help, that’s what Americans do.

Through it all I’ve seen unselfish brothers tried and true
As they raise their banner high
Here’s to the Red, White and Blue!!!