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This is official hip-hop with influences from all over the music spectrum. Palatable, faith-driven lyrics make Bobby's music approachable and real, and his live set is unforgettable.


Dear Youth Minister,

For nearly ten years, the youth of my city were my heart's burden. I rose in the morning and retired at night thinking, praying, and strategizing about the most effective ways to win them over, teaching them about their Savior and His desires for their lives. Having been raised in a suburban environment, I fell in love with what I perceived as urban culture at a very young age, and drank up every drop of anything urban I could get my hands on! This was slightly confusing to my family and community, but God brought it all together when He called me to minister to urban teens years later.
As a rap artist, music has always been an "ice breaker" for my ministry. The liberty of giving a teenager a CD with my name on it has been invaluable to me. God used it to open doors I would never have imagined myself walking through, and ultimately I have witnessed countless teens surrender their lives to Christ in the process.
There is power in music. When teens hear their lives described in music, oftentimes in the midst of hopelessness, they realize that they are not alone, and more importantly, that there is an answer to their desperation.
After all of this time in one city, my church has commissioned me to evangelize full-time nationally and internationally in whatever capacity God decides. I recorded my first rap demo song in 1993, and here I am in 2005 with Beatmart Recordings behind me! After many years of maturing, evangelizing, and being pruned back when necessary, God has set a stage for me to reach out utilizing the lessons I've learned as a pastor.
I've had the opportunity to mentor teens with issues I never had to face. AIDS, gangs, drugs, abusive or absent parents, self-mutilation, abortion, and death were all a part of the job, and I'm sure I'm "singing your song." Youth ministers tend to see it all! As a result, teenagers lose their self-esteem and worth, and they become nihilistic and oftentimes turn to the world for some answers. Others have a home life and even affluence that appears solid to the outside world, when in reality what takes place behind closed doors is unthinkable. Teens look for any outlet they can attach themselves to for comfort and security.
Then there's the ones who are "straddling the fence." You've introduced them to Jesus, and they had that definitive moment when the Holy Spirit shook them up! Since that time, though, they've been "touch and go" in regards to their walk with God.
Other teens have a consistent relationship with Jesus and seek to please Him each and every day of their lives, despite the world around them.
My conviction is to make music for all of these individuals because I've had the opportunity to build relationships with youth that fit all of these profiles and more. I want to reach out to those that haven't heard of the hope of Jesus Christ, I want to convict those that are not living for Him but know better, and I want to give solid Christian teens some music to associate with. After all, once we receive Jesus, the fun doesn't stop, it just makes a healthy change!

Government Name is my Beatmart debut. It is a cumulation of years of ministry, and a balance of conviction, truth, and fun music. I hope and pray it serves as a resource to you and your ministry.

Thank you and God bless!


In the world of music where the underground is becoming the mainstream, but the mainstream is often labeled lacking street depth and credibility, it takes a special artist to step up and level the playing field. Someone with the passion, tenacity and originality to pass the test of time.

Now introducing Bobby Bishop, the latest glimmer of hope in the hip-hop community. Residing in Lynn, Massachusetts, Bobby has the lyrical stamina and natural ability that separates him from many in the genre. Bobby¡®s quest in hip-hop has reached back a decade, but the sound of Bobby Bishop is definitely not dated. It is a part of a growth process that brings skill and maturity to the mic. This talent caught the ear of acclaimed producer Todd Collins and his label Beatmart, and Government Name was born.

Bobby started recording rhymes in his college dorm room, seeking the advice of industry mentors and performing with the likes of KJ-52, Sev Statik and Grits. He was second runner-up in 1999's Cru-Vention/BET Soundstage/House of Blues new artist showcase, which allowed him to work with Deftone, a producer who was just starting ReServed Records. Three projects followed ¨C the ReServed Project in 2000, where Bobby's cut featured KJ-52, The Hip-Hop Alternative (Community¡¯s Call) in 2002, and The Community Music EP in 2004. Most notably, ¡°A Song For Amy¡± from the 2002 release received extensive internet/radio exposure, and appeared on the Elementz of Life compilation, released by The American Bible Society. Bobby also began to write for Feed Magazine, and began submitting music to Collins. Two cuts "One Hit Wonder" and"Lunchroom Freestyle" landed on


Amy' Song

Written By: Bobby Bishop

Amy’s Song
Produced by Todd Collins for Beatmart Productions
Written by: B.Bishop, T.Collins
Publishing info: Beatmart Music, Section 8 Music (ASCAP), Fercury Jones Music (ASCAP)

Why do bad things have to happen to good people?/
I wish I could believe humanity wasn’t so see-through/

Verse 1
She said hi my name’s Amy/Amy welcome to our group/listen/thanks/for real/I really didn’t wanna come/it took that extra push from my mom to get me here/anyways/you know my reason is the same/it’s hard to talk about and explain/the day that I was/um/you know/raped/go ahead Amy/we’re listening/we understand/you understand?/you can’t/unless you’ve ever had a man/shove his hands down your pants/with no consent/snuff you in the face/and leave you there bleeding/then/he flees the scene/nobody seen what took place/and you’re left there scared straight/dazed/staring at the ceiling/with these sinister faces/pasted in your memory/can’t even muster up the strength to yell/somebody help me/this feeling of loss of control/’cause they stole/the one thing they know I hold close and defend/and I live as though my life hasn’t changed /and I pretend/but this never-ending question/is just spinning in my head/


Verse 2
She said/hi/it’s me/Amy/remember me?/listen/I wanna say I’m sorry for my outburst last week/but I think I’m ready now/to share my story with the group/but please understand/this wasn’t due to anything I pulled/I was dealing with this instance/I was haunted with this fear/clear I wasn’t believing this/and I wasn’t allowing tears/insecurities/are they staring at me/as I pass through school?/can’t stand the odor of a chlorinated pool/’cause that’s when it all flashes back/and I retract to that/night after practice/pulling off my swimming cap/when that backpack/just smashed me in my face/and as I tried to catch myself/all I could see in the place/were bright lights in my eyes/blinding me from the surprise from five guys/from my algebra class/this all happened so fast/why should I try to even cry/to even pray?/I wish that I could end my life/’cause I don’t wanna live today/


Verse 3
She said/listen/I wanna let you know/that I’m doing fine/it’s just I’ve had things on my mind/and I’ve been waiting for the right timing/that question dancing in my mind/I’ve found an answer/and it’s freeing me/I’m breaking loose/no longer bound/you know/the question about good people having bad things happen?/didn’t understand your reply/the first time that I asked it/but now I see the answer/it’s as simple as the question/it’s that god disperses blessings/but man remains man/with a free will/to fill their lives/and stand in God’s plan/or to take circumstances/mold them in their own hands/and deliberately/hurt another person/for the purpose/of perverted self-service/making victims feel worthless/but I’m not/ ‘cause I’m responding to the Son/and once again I’m having fun/no more hesitation/now I’m praising Him/for His love with no conditions/and listening with patience/He entered in my heart/today I made that invitation


Change the Game (feat. KJ-52)

Written By: Bobby Bishop/KJ-52

CHANGE THE GAME (featuring KJ-52)
Produced by: Todd Collins for Beatmart Music
Written by: B.Bishop, T.Collins, J.Sorrentino
Publishing info: Beatmart Music, Section 8 Music (ASCAP), Jones Fercury Music (ASCAP), kjfivetwomusic (SESAC)

Hip-hop don’t inspire no more/busters bust so lackluster/the rap I grew up on was jumping with life/it’s like something up and died /and can’t be revived/thankful God’s got the hot spotlight/bigup to Mase and Kanye/for taking the time/I praise His name on high/yo/the timing’s right for revival/idols need not apply/exit stage right/likely to change/is the climate/can’t life survive new terrain?/we’re taking the game/basic and plain/Beatmart’s staying/face it/get out the way/

Change the game/change the way they see hip-hop/
Change the game/change the way they live hip-hop/

We can change the face of hip-hop/make a change/
1-2-3-4-1-2-3/let me count the ways
We can change the face of hip-hop/make a change/
1-2-3-4-1-2-3/let me count the ways

VERSE 2: KJ-52

Every time I turn the radio on/I reserve the right to edit the content protruding/
Yo/usually the youth are the crew/my conscience couldn’t contribute to ruin/I’m not stupid/able to shelter their ears in my car/they’ve got cable/106&Park’s almost on/they’re gonna swallow the shallowness of rap songs/I’m a role-model/stop squawking you’re not/maybe I’m flexing my freedom of speech/I’m a conservative preacher who believes in teaching/morals aren’t boring/they need to be felt/I’m not on a soapbox/I’m an honest adult/

One Shot pt. 1

Written By: Bobby Bishop

One Shot (part 1)

The sun it shone through the crack in the window shade/I arose to initiate my day/but the moment faded/the realization/today was the day I would flirt with temptation/my arrangement/my agreement/with this Hatian kid named Stephen/we were meeting at three in the evening/on fifteen green street/on the second floor/for sure/we’d see he and his team/and seal the terms of the agreement/I couldn’t really believe it/as I leaned on the door breathing/see/my interior was clean and collected/boy was I a wreck/did I mention/legs no feeling/paraplegic/mind reeling/the key slid in the lock/that seething shock/that haze/that ‘dro/sure steaming up the place/their eyes were glazed/they were dreaming of days/of whipping those Z’s/those Beamers/with blades/I gazed around/pounds of green/trees/bags of weed/bumps of blow/coke/yo/I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing/yo/in slow-mo/he groped my arm/as a token to start/and play my part/and stake my claim/and make my mark/as a devil/peddling in the park/pulled a nine out the droor/said I’d need it to mark my territory/I’d seen heat before/but surely never considered packing a burner/that steel in my hand was real and raw/without thinking I pointed the barrel down/all sound was drowned/as I squeezed a round/and it pounded through the floor/


One Shot (EP)
-2006 Beatmart/Provident-Integrity/Sony BMG

Rapfest Presents
-2006 Rapfest

Government Name
-2005 Beatmart/Provident-Integrity/Sony BMG

The Community Music EP
-2004 Bobby Bishop (Independent)

The Hip-Hop Alternative (Community's Call)
-2002 ReSERVED Records

Pee Wee Callins "Street Soul"
-2005 Beatmart Recordings

Fresh Digress "Fresh Digress"
-2006 Beatmart Recordings

DJ Maj "The Ringleader" Mixtape
-2003 Gotee Records

DJ Maj "Speckled Goats" Mixtape
-2004 Maj

Best of the Submissions
-2004 Beatmart Recordings

Best of the Submissions Vol. 2
-2005 Beatmart Recordings

Sphereofhiphop Mixtape

The ReSERVED Project
-2000 ReSERVED Records

The Blacksoil Project
-2001 Blacksoil Project

Elementz of Life
-2003 American Bible Society

Rapzilla Volume One

Wayzte Management "Junky Material"
-2004 Wayzte Management

Soulfest Compilation 2002 & 2004
-Newsound Concerts

Sphereofhiphop Mixtape 2004

Set List

Bobby Bishop inevitably gets a crowd moving with his high-energy stage presence, and the crowd is convicted by his thought-provoking acapellas. With back-up by Ill-day, M.lot, DJ Shok, and more, this is a memorable experience. Our set is as long or as short as the venue requests!