Bobby Bookout

Bobby Bookout

 Austin, Texas, USA

Bobby's love for music is reflected in his songwriting. Open and never limited... A primary footing in a very broad Rock style to a very heavy twist of roots/blues, to a melancholic sometimes country'ish singer/songwriter feel, hints of Latin influence scattered, remaining soulful through all of it.


Bobby Bookout is a singer/songwriter based out of Austin Texas. He grew up in the country outside a small town in South Texas called Carrizo Springs. He served over 10 years in the United States Navy and used his Montgomery GI Bill to obtain a degree in Commercial Music from South Plains College in Levelland Texas. In 2007, upon graduation from SPC, he moved to Austin to begin work on his self titled debut album which was released in June of 2010. Bobby's music is crafted outside 'the box'. As both a singer and songwriter he remains extremely versatile stylistically. From one song to the next; he gracefully crosses the spectrum of genres, weaving them together with his own unique thread of continuity. While this makes it difficult at times to label and market his music, it also gives him the ability to appeal to multiple demographics and he's done just that with this debut.
No corners were cut in it's production. Notable players included: Brannen Temple (Janet Jackson, Chaka Kahn, Gavin DeGraw, Eric Johnson), Chris Maresh (Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt, Michael McDonald), Anthony Farrell (The Greyhounds), Jose Galeano (Grupo Fantasma), Steve Williams (Marcia Ball), etc... It was produced and recorded by Scott Faris (Amusement Park Studio, Lubbock, TX) and Bobby himself, at both Studio 1916 in Kyle, TX and The Amusement Park, and mastered by Scott Hull (Masterdisk, NYC).
Bobby performs in Austin and all over Texas with his band and is currently working on his second album. News, updates, and tour schedules can be found on his website at


Don't Haunt Me

Written By: Bobby Bookout

I’m thinking that maybe I shouldn’t be
It’s 4am and I can’t sleep
Is this common or just common insanity
Why do these memories haunt me

You’re gone and been that way for so long
I thought that by now I’d have moved on
I’m stuck in this place and my mind can’t erase
Your beautiful face so girl go in grace and

Don’t haunt me, Don’t haunt me
Tried so hard to get over you yeah I’ve done my best
So baby girl if you hear me grant me one last request and
Don’t haunt me, Don’t haunt me

Wish I could turn back time, rewind, wake up findin
That I still had you and your love was still mine
I’m driven insane tryin’ to reason with why, it is
This madness is tearin’ every shred of me apart
I’ve tried letting you go, let go of my heart
You’ve turned it against me cause I sleep and I dream

I tremble if I think to deep
On the details of your memory
The sound of your voice or the smell of your hair
I faintly feel like you’re following me everywhere

I wake up at night to the taste of your lips
My mind so diluted that I’ll reach for your hips
Only to find this lonely emptiness
Breathing on my forlorn fingertips


Broken Promises

Written By: Bobby Bookout

We’re just five past hello then you blow it there goes… one more lie
And I fall right in take a swim, pretend… to be blind
But you’re foolin us both you know you won’t… compromise
Well I’ve turned both cheeks, gotta stop repeatin’… redefine

You say that you love me… but you don’t
Never gave us one honest shot… and you won’t
I said I’d forgive you and I’ve tried
Forgetting the wreck… that you left inside…

But I can’t forget…
And forgiveness has yet…
To come to the forefront
Of my thought process cause your

Broken Promises…
Keep on screamin in my head
Empty words said to me never meant anything
They won’t go away
All your broken promises…
Each another toxic thread
Spun in your web of lies keeping me paralyzed
Played and then replayed

-8 Bar Solo-

I’ve got dreams… dreams to remember…
But all those dreams… all those dreams… must be surrendered
A tailspin of denial… A vortex of lies took me down, down, down…
And I don’t know why, I couldn’t just let you drown

Defied fear, showed you all of me
And you exploited and tossed it away all that I let you see
No more… You and Me… No more fantasies…
No more sayin’ em together just to hear the sound of KKB
No us no we… half way Tennessee
There will never be another “maybe just maybe…”

Pre Chorus (Cause I can’t forget…)

Chorus – (ring like gun shots in my head…)


Written By: Bobby Bookout

Drug out against my will tonight and I I I
Play the part so it seems like I’m alright but I I I’ve
Been so damn sick ever since she said goodbye so I I I
Down a drink, smear the ink, on her memory’s canvas n my mind, oo my mind

And then she caught my eye… Ex-o-tic beau-ty no words could de scribe
Followedherto, the dance, the dance floor, Thway mami mved mved me like nvr bfor
She called out beckoning to me with just her eyes, oh those eyes
We let our bodies converse and then somethin’ inside assured me… that I’d be fine

Is she my remedy
She gives me le-vity
Ooohooo my rem-edy
My remedy

She moved in closer til our bodies were one, hips lockd n a rythm sncronizin’ r lungs
Hands alredy strayin’ and we’d only begun, …Beat …Drops stop n we steppd on the 1
Then all of the sudden, those we were dancin’ among, took their place in a distant
space far away from the plain that we were on
Our realm of reality, sensuous duality, a bestowal of passionate unexpected vitality

Kiss my pain away, nestled in your refuge, how faintly I lay
Aliviame, sweet closure consume me completely I pray
Mi Corazón hervido I’m no longer astray
Adios lonely fate… aaaaaahhh

Cause she’s my remedy
She gives me le-vity
Ooohooo my rem-edy
Yeah she’s my remedy

8 Bar Guitar Solo

Hold me tightly love, And say forever
Promise you’ll never, Forsake or betray
No puedo mas, Besame
You are the angel for which I have prayed
This night is a new day, You’ve shown me a new way
The color of sunlight, Spilt on my gray
My heart is on fire, It’s more than desire
She takes me higher

Cause she’s my remedy
She gives me le-vity
Ooohooo my rem-edy
Yeah she’s my remedy x2… out…
Oh my remedy
I said my remedy…


Written By: Bobby Bookout

Today’s just another day
It’s on my mind again
Will I have the strength it takes to say (drag ‘takes to say’ on upbeats)
Those words when she walks in

It starts round 2am
She’s home and needs her man
This time I can’t be him
Is this where the end begins (*tag)

I don’t wanna walk out that door
But I’m starin’ out my window
Thinkin’ maybe life could mean more somehow
What is it we’re waiting for
Do we jump or brave the wreck we’re headed towards
Surely I could be something more somehow

3 years changes everything (starts and sustains on 5, years is 3 to 2)
180 in 3 years
Can’t change the past or get those back
Must go forward now my dear

She takes me by the hand
Crying, but this was planned
This, my ul-ti-mat-um
This is where the end begins (*tag)

End Chorus:
Time for me to walk out that door
No more starin’ out my window
I’ve gotta know that life can mean more some how
There’s nothing else to wait for
She’s made a choice and now I have to make my own
Time to go and be something more some how

Once a flame and now we’re left without a spark
Thought we’d take it all but the race is won, And WE are stuck in park
I’m so done with livin’ all alone, together in this dark
Can’t see what’s round the bend, but this chapter’s come to end…

Repeat End Chorus


Written By: Bobby Bookout

You say you’ve come to realization
And I could be the one
So where in that lies complication
I never really let go love

It’s true this road we’ve traveled
It’s left scars and that’s too bad
But baby there’s no one out there
Who’s ever touched me like you have

Please meet me in Austin x2

Well you’ve been strong out on that East Coast
And you’ve made yourself a home
But how often is it he’s cold
And makes you feel so all alone

Holdin’ on to someth---ing (punches)
Just tryin’ to make it last
And I’d die to be that someone…
Just to have a chance

Please meet me in Austin x2

Don’t ask me to walk away this time
I’ve been down that road
Should I try, my heart… it will defy
Cause we both know

That deep down inside, you can build your dam so high
But loves gonna break it and flow
It’s not a matter of why, just a question do we try
And I refuse to let go

Please meet me in Austin x4

You say you’ve come to realization
And I could be the one


Bobby's released one album to date. It was released on June 13th 2010 at the Dirty Dog Bar on 6th St. in Austin Texas.
The self titled debut...
Bobby Bookout