Bobby Bowen Family Band
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Bobby Bowen Family Band

Greenbrier, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Greenbrier, Tennessee, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Christian Country


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Bobby Bowen Family Band @ First Baptist Church of Lexington

Lexington, South Carolina, United States

Lexington, South Carolina, United States

Bobby Bowen Family Band @ North Columbia Baptist Church

Columbia, Mississippi, United States

Columbia, Mississippi, United States

Bobby Bowen Family Band @ North Columbia Baptist Church

Columbia, Mississippi, United States

Columbia, Mississippi, United States



"Pastor Maury Davis"

For the last 22 years, Bobby Bowen has been a faithful member of Cornerstone Church. Finding his bride in our church and watching his family grow has been one of the great joys of my pastoral ministry.

When I met Bobby, he was traveling with a group known as Mid-South Boys. When they came off the road, he continued to serve the church in many areas. Recently, we have had Bobby bring his music ministry as often as we can get him to Cornerstone Church, and his ministry has been wonderfully received and blessed. I shared with him via email just a few days ago that there is an obvious difference in the anointing that is on his music at this point in his life.

I would highly recommend the anointed ministry of Bobby Bowen for your church, and his family is a wonderful example of godliness.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give me a call at 615.865.6655.

Sincerely in Christ,

Maury Davis
Senior Pastor
Cornerstone Church
Madison, TN

MD:gm - Cornerstone Nashville

"The Gift"

As if his voice, the smoothest in Christian music, wasn’t enough, Bobby triumphs in reaching a congregation/audience with his sincerity of heart for God and people. Ministry is clearly Bobby’s goal and mission and it resounds through every note, lyric and testimony that he shares. Young and old, and even the ‘in between’ will set on the edge of their seats as he ministers to the a multi-generational audience. What a blessing! Musically broad, Bobby can not be labeled one thing or another, He simply has ‘the gift’. I recommend Bobby to minister in any venue without any reservation.

P. Brien Sturgill,

Senior Pastor

Canaanland Church of God

Reno, TX - Pastor Brien Sturgill

"Pastor David Warren"

Our congregation has been blessed many times by their ministry and as soon as I can, will have them back again. I obviously don't travel with them but have had numerous conversations, listened and watched them conduct themselves before and after service, and shared meals with their family. Their children are well mannered in and outside of church and Bobby and Becky are real down to earth God fearing Christians who are not singing for their own glory but for the glory of The Lord. They have never mandated a certain offering and have been more than humble in their presentation of the gospel through their music ministry. Yes, they travel as opposed to music ministers who go to the same church week in and week out and sing or do their best to "work up" a spirit before the pastor is called forward. The glaring differences are that those who are paid do not have travel expenses to meet every week and I've never witnessed or heard of The Bowen Family trying to whip up the congregation.

Many churches invite evangelists in to preach and think nothing of providing hotel rooms, meals, fuel or airplane tickets, and a nice offering. Well, I've heard more gospel and seen more compassion and character in the Bowen family than some evangelists that churches book each year religiously. - Adger, Alabana

"Bro. Phil Sigman, Pastor"

It is my privilege to recommend Bro. Bobby Bowen and his dear family to you and your congregation. God has gifted this entire family with musical talent, but even more is the presence of His Spirit upon their lives and ministry. We laughed, we cried, we rejoiced, and we felt the Lord’s presence deeply in all that was done in the worship service. This is truly a family ministry and it will bless every generation in your congregation. From the oldest (90) to the youngest (7) the unanimous response was, “This was absolutely wonderful. They are truly a blessing and his children are unbelievable!” Bro. Bobby was here on May 1st and our folks are already asking when we can have them back. You will not be disappointed; but greater than that, you will be blessed and thankful you had them come. - Central Baptist Church of Port Arthur, Texas

"Pastor Rick Bowen"

I have known Bobby Bowen all his life since I am his elder cousin, Rick. When we were much younger we use to play together at family reunions and had quite a friendship.

When Bobby was a kid he was always a good singer. However his voice was much higher then. Sometimes when one’s voice changes there is a scary trepidation that grips you saying, “Will I still be able to sing as well?” In Bobby’s case he just kept on going and even developed his voice as well as his ability to play the guitar and bass. He was one of the core members of any singing group he was a part of.

Bobby hasn’t strayed from his Christian upbringing. He developed and maintained a walk with the Lord at a young age. When he married, he chose a wife that was a strong Christian and so it follows that his family is a strong unit and has a POWERFUL testimony!

I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Bobby’s ministry to your church or community. He will come and minister in song in an anointed yet relaxed way that encourages everyone present to simply allow God’s Spirit to minister according to the need and the time. If you want a refreshing spiritual experience have Bobby come as soon as you get the chance. For more information please feel free to call 765-289-1650. - Victory Temple Muncie, Indiana

"Pastor Larry Mayberry"

What a great concert! The people here in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area are still talking about the great vocal talent of Bobby Bowen and that they heard him live.
God has blessed Bobby not only with desire but with the gift and talent to bring peace and enjoyment to the hearts and souls of those who are fortunate to experience his music and song in concert. A great musical witness for our Lord.

What fun! I really enjoyed Bobby's humor and wit. Glad to be able to call him friend and Brother in Christ. I still think that Ricky Skaggs (who is my second favorite vocalist) should get together with Bobby Bowen (my favorite vocalist) and work on a project together. I'd be first in line to buy it.

Thanks again Bobby. May God continue to bless you and your lovely wife and children. I will continue to keep you in prayer before our Great God. - Pennellwood Church Of God Wyoming, Michigan


20 Years Of Christian Country - 2008
Hymns I Grew Up On - 2008
Tracks Left Behind -2009
Latest single release to radio - Finally Home
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How do you write a bio that glorifies God and not man? Answer: you look back at your life with gratitude and with the understanding that God is the one who gives the desires, talents, and successes, making the bio about what God has done in your life and not about yourself alone. That is what I hope to accomplish as I write about Bowen Family Ministries.

God opened the doors for this family ministry in 2007 when both Bobby and Becky fasted. They didn't pray with a family ministry in mind but through the fast and prayer, God moved and at the end of that year Bobby began booking singing dates for himself, returning to the call he believed God placed on his life as a teenager. He'd been serving in music ministry from his early teens singing with his family, through his accomplished and professional years with the various-award-winning and Grammy-nominated group, MidSouth (Boys). In 1997 Midsouth disbanded and Bobby stayed home to serve as sound engineer at his church, Cornerstone Nashville and started a family. 

God's giftings are evident and obvious in our children, Landis, Hope, and Faith. The three of them play and sing together beautifully although they don't always want to. 

Carrying a lot of responsibility on his ever-broadening shoulders and doing a fine job of it is 13-year-old Landis. Not only does Landis do a great job with presenting his songs, handling his guitar, and using his muscles to load/unload musical equipment, but behind the scenes he honors God by helping with his big sister, Grace, lifting her and putting her braces and shoes on frequently. We're especially proud of the way Landis stands for Jesus. 

On the mandolin is our sweet Hope who is a helper and an exhorter. Hope loves people and ministry. She serves others with a thoroughness beyond her 11 years. Her Grandpa Troyer once said of Hope when she was still in diapers, “If Hope will be as sensitive to the Holy Spirit as she is to man, she'll have quite a ministry.â€? 

There is so much that can be said about our little 8-year-old fiddler, Faith. We want all of our children to put ministry before artistry but the fact remains there is something to be said for human charisma. Faith possesses that. Most people are drawn to Faith. Whether it's the blonde hair, the blue eyes, or the comic relief that she is, we're not sure but we're praying hard for her little heart to be sold out to Jesus all the days of her life.

The newest addition to the Bowen Family is Justis Loy...God is faithful and just! From his conception to his timely birth and beyond we have seen the faithful and just hand of God working beyond all that we could ask or even think. (Ask us about the story.) Because Justis was not in our plans but God brought him to us anyway in such a fun and exciting way, we're confident that God has big plans for this little guy! His daddy and older siblings inspire Justis and whenever they practice their instruments, Justis is quick to grab his guitar and "practice" too! If the temperature is just right in the building, he'll even play his guitar on stage. 

The eldest of the Bowen kids, Grace contributes to the family ministry with her beautiful smile and occasional squeal when she hears a favorite song. Her daddy lovingly calls her his biggest fan and a true fan she is. Grace has sat right in front of her daddy for over 750 concerts listening to him with admiration and loyalty. She loves Jesus, her daddy, and music. The quickest way to befriend Grace is to sing to her or feed her some pizza.

Becky has many roles with "Wife of Bobby" being at the top of the list. As wife, she is quick to believe in her husband and support him in the call of God on his life. As mom to the "Bowen Arrows," she prays first for her warrior, Bobby, and then their arrows that are being prepared for the moment when they are pulled from the quiver they've been sheltered in, and are shot straight and true toward the goal, Jesus Christ, and used by God in whatever capacity He's chosen for them. Lastly, Becky enjoys harmonizing with her family and sharing a relatable story on stage if time allows.

Bobby's vision for his family is to serve and minister to other families in the church. He has shared his convictions, beliefs, and desire with his wife and children, that there are so many families in (and out of) the church that are struggling to stay together, get along, love each other, and serve God together. The heart cry of Bowen Family Ministries is to esteem, exhort, and encourage the core of the church...the family. 

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