A Musicians band/ Very young but these guys cross the genres from Rock/Funk/Blues back to Rock with an aggressive sound that is Raw yet shows alot of musical Talent and originality. A Very Good recording band/ a GREAT LIVE band..


Bobbybreakdown was created in 1999 by Middle school buddies Ryan/Drums/ and Matt/Guitars. They started "ALL wound Up" with bassist friend Steve Fylpaa/(Yesterdays Rising) after playing many shows/recording demos, they then changed to-Runey/ala Principal/Fer-Buel day Off.Had to again change because of Rooney.. hence Bobbybreakdown."Salton Sea"movie-- figure it out..
Steve Bassist joins YRising-- Ryans Brother-Johnny was asked to join ...he had skills/ what the hell; so Johnny became new bassist..
Ryan-Drums/ spent a year learning from Travis Barker in his old studio Riverside Cali ala OCDP. Did MTV-Diaries with-him -his 15secs/fame-NOT!
Then Guitarist /Matt's family was moving to Atlanta Ga,.after he graduated High school/ Matt didnt want to leave/ so the Ryan-Johnny family took Matt in so Now they all live together in Murrieta Ca. Ahhhhhhh....

Bobbybreakdown sound?.'
A mix of new and old that are created with a powerful and tight rythm section and great guitar playing. Its alive with aggression but yet maintains its musical flow with dynamics rarely used by young musicians as well as soulful Vocals added on by Matt who can sing straight rock style or scream as he wails on guitar...... The band is set apart because their ability not be afraid of experimenting- Often/ live they will jam for 2-4 minutes not going from song to song,Their Music changes from rock- to off-time then to flowing blues and back again always creating.. on the spur of the moment, THAT in Iteslf sets them apart.
They are like a band from the 70s back with a new alternative rock sound with Modern styles thrown in for good measure-dare I say the New Zep-Clapton/Cream with a touch of RHCP.
Influences?;;,from Mars Volta-
Red HotCP/STP/311/RageAM/Blink/Zep/FFightrs/to Jaco Pastorius/Santana/Coltrane/DeathCab/
ElliotSmith/ BlackEyedPeas..many many more.
When u see them live, you will exeperience a band
not confoming to the norm and musically rockin the house with disregard to fitting a style..Its quite refreshing actually..They have opened for Dishwalla-Dead Poetic-SteelTrain-Jenoah-the Higher
The Format-Sputnuk Munro-the REVOLUTION Smile-
Quitter-just to name a few/


We have 3 songs up on go to
1- are all the Same- Ode to Mars Volta
2-Energy Song- a rocker
3-Get up and Run- a radio freindly rockin tune
Produced by Jeff Abacrombie- Bassist for FUEL

Set List

Depending on crowd mood/ start with Interlude
2-4 Minutes go into..
1-Silly Wet Man
2- get up and Run
3-Crime to.. jam out.. 2-4 minutes..or so..
4-Summertime-Not a cvr..
5-Energy Song
6- Get requests for- Dusty heart- will do it
Depending how much time left--
7-Another Song for you
8- We are all the same
or 3 other endings..
Covers- Zeps Rock n Roll.
SODown- Shimmy