Bobby Cadmus Band

Bobby Cadmus Band


Acoustic and electric guitar based rock with strong heartfelt lyrics, like crossing a singer-songwriter with a guitar virtuoso.


The Bobby Cadmus Band actually began not as a band but as a solo artist. Back in the late ‘90s Bobby was frustrated that his performing career had never really taken off as he expected, and felt he could have better success by doing a solo acoustic act. It was at this time, still without a band, that he released the LP “Love Never Dies” in 2001. This was an extension of his live act showcasing more of his songwriting skills than anything else, but in a band format where he played nearly all the instruments. Several months later after many requests from friends and fans, “The Bobby Cadmus Band” was born. This power trio of both acoustic and electric based music began playing bigger stages in Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs. After several years of playing a variety of venues, “The Bobby Cadmus Band” released the EP “Come Dance With Me” in 2005. This was an acoustic album showcasing them as skilled performers of progressive blues and hinted that there was more to the Bobby Cadmus Band then just a singer-songwriter act that the first album demonstrated. Now with the release of “Burning in the Dark”, The Bobby Cadmus Band has gone several steps further showcasing the spectacular live act that this power trio has become known for into a studio LP. Still always the singer-songwriter, Bobby has finally brought the energy of the stage to disc. Whether it’s the almost “off the rails” abandon with his lead guitar work in “Simon Says“, the heartfelt lyrics of the songs “Burning in the Dark“, and “Selena“, or the musical interplay of a seasoned power trio jamming away in the songs “Sleepwalker“, and “GTW“, The Bobby Cadmus Band finally delivers that knockout punch that his listeners have been waiting for.


Burning in the Dark

Written By: Bobby Cadmus

Private James says goodbye,
and kisses his new wed bride.
he leaves behind a tearful wife,
as he's headed to the battled front lines.

She returns, to an empty house all alone,
she lights a fire.

CHORUS: She sleeps alone in a chair all night with the fire burning in the dark.
She sleeps alone in a chair all night with a fire burning in her heart.

A new day dawns she puts the coffee on,
and listens to the morning news.
On her way to work she stops by a church,
goes inside and sits at one of the pews.

She gets on her knees and prays for the day Private James,
comes home alive

Chorus: 3X

Forever Lost

Written By: Bobby Cadmus

Its been a long since I've talked to your face,
but I close my eyes, still you can't be erased,
Did you get my message will you return my calls,
I'm left on my knees and no longer can crawl.

CHORUS: Will are paths again cross
or are you forever lost?

Its been a long time I've heard the laughs that we shared,
or run my fingers through your long brown hair.
I'm lost as a ship battling rough raging seas,
will your stormy weather always be raining on me?



Love Never Dies LP
Come Dance With Me EP
Burning in the Dark LP

Set List

Cover and Original Set List

All Blues
All of the Lonely
Aqua Lung
Autumn Leaves
Bebe 115
Black Magic Women
Black Orpheus
Black Tide 120
Blue Bossa
Blue Trane
Cinanmon Girl
Close 120
Come Dance With Me 95(elec)
Come Dance With Me 106 (acou)
Cousin Mary
Danced Moonlite
Day in Life
Fire & Rain
Forever Lost 104
Fly like an Eagle
Girl 124
GTW 128
Hot 2 Handle
Jumpin Jack Flash
LA Women
Levee Breaks
Little Wing
Love Never Dies
Love (swing) 144
Man Sold World
Mary Had a Lamb
Misery 98
My Romance
No Fair Deal 202
Not Fade Away
Over Hills
Percussion Shuffle
Pin Ball Wizard
Pride & Joy
Radar Love
Ramblin Man
Rhythm King
Searching 110
Simon Says
So Far
So What
Take 5
Tainted 116
Tattooed 112
Tempted 106
Tenor Madness
Thank You
The Seeker
Trapped 103
Under the Bridge
White Room
Went Back Home 97 (elec)
Went Back Home 106 (acou)
Wish U Were H