Bobby Cargill

Bobby Cargill

 Weatherford, Texas, USA

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The Texas 'Ordinary Man' Country Singer

The Musical Journey of Bobby G Cargill
Songwriter / Singer / Recording Artist
Written by Mel Shaw for MSMP Publications

Bobby G Cargill is a life long music man. His dream of recording has come true and now he can share the enthusiasm he has for country music with an ever growing audience that is finding, listening to and enjoying his first CD, 'Ordinary Man'.

The twelve song recording is full of well crafted songs he has written himself and indications are he will have a long career ahead of him as a singer/songwriter. The reaction to his music has inspired Bobby to dream again about new recording plans in the future.

He knows so well that the 'dream was a long time coming and in a recent Nashville radio interview, Bobby became reflective about how far he has come with his Country Music Dream and how his Family has played such an important part since the beginning.

As a young boy growing up in Texas he still fondly recalls times when he attended country music concerts with his Mother, Bobbie, and, if he was lucky,on occasion he would wait around after the show to get a chance to meet the stars in person.

Most memorable to Bobby was the time Conway Twitty spent over five minutes talking with him and sharing his thoughts on life and music. This was an inspiration to Bobby and it made him believe in his own talents to have a career in Country Music. This same spirit and view on life continues with Bobby as he now encourages younger musicians in pursuit of their dreams.

At one of the earliest concerts Bobby can recall, it was not a meeting with a star, but more of an interference with a stage show that makes Bobby laugh in telling friends and in radio interviews.

It happened when Bobby was eight years old and was fortunate to be in the first row of an 'Opry' style country music show. Bobby had just finished off a bag of popcorn and was soon to find out that he was going to put a 'pop' into the show.

The theater was packed, and Teddy and Doyle Wilburn were on stage. The Brothers were a very popular duo at the time on Decca Records and headlined shows all over North America. They were also very helpful in the early career of Loretta Lynn. But on this night in Texas, it would be an eight year old Bobby G Cargill who stopped the show.

No, he wasn't entertaining, he was just eating popcorn. As he always did as a kid, he blew air into the bag and without thinking of the show going on, popped it loudly. His Mother quickly banged him on the shoulder to show her displeasure and the Wilburn Brothers, taken aback, interrupted their show and laughed at Bobby's antics.

Later that week, Bobby heard the Wilburns being interviewed on a popular local country station and heard them re-tell the story. Bobby thought..."so this is show business". Well, that was Bobby's first taste of the music 'biz', and he liked it very much.

It was in fact his Mother, Bobbie, who really influenced Bobby G with her own talents. She had performed in Texas and although would not go on to have any records of her own, as a young girl at thirteen years of age, she did grace a stage in Texas, singing a song with the legendary Hall of Fame performer, Bob Wills.

Bob Wills is a member of the County Music Hall of Fame and has influenced generations with his sound of Western Swing music. Bob was known on occasion to have local singers get up and sing at his popular dances. On one night for Bobbie Cargill, Bob helped a young girl's dream become a reality by letting her get up and sing at one of his popular dances in Texas.

Thinking back on those times gone by in his Mother's music career, it still means a lot to Bobby and he has incorporated "The San Antonio Rose" in his set as a tribute to one of Country Music's greats.

Bobby likes to tell people he meets about the gracious generosity of the Texas legend, Bob Wills, and the story about his Mother singing with the Country Music Hall of Fame artist.

Bobby is also proud that the G stands for "Gene" as Bobby's father, Charles, and his mother, Bobbie, named him after one of America's great western stars, Gene Autry. He came to know of the impact Gene Autry has had on millions of Americans for over fifty years with his box office western movies and many hit records.

Keeping music front and center in his plans, Bobby's teen years were filled with playing the guitar and thinking about performing on stage. it wasn't long before it all became a reality and the stage and live audiences in Texas would fill Bobby's hours with performing and learning the life of a country music singer on the road. Over time, his 'honest' ordinary man nature and his preforming talent became known throughout many areas of Texas.

He would find that the occasional one nighters turned into many weekend gigs and as Bobby's name got around, the dates became four nighters, then regular engagements of five and six nights a week on th


Cd "Ordinary Man"

Set List


Guitars & Cadillacs
Nothing's Changed
Please, Please Baby
It Won't Hurt
Ocean Front Property
Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind
The Chair
Right or Wrong (Swing)
Something Special
All My Exes
Summertime (blues)
Wonderful Tonight (blues-Eric Clapton)
Shoe Shine Man (rockabilly)
San Antonio Rose (swing)
Your Mine (Richie Vallens)
She's Got You
From a Jack to a Queen
I'll Leave this World Loving You
That's What I Say (Ray Charles)
I Can't Help Myself
We Can't Go On
The Room at the Top of the Stairs
Two of a Kind
Bury the Hatchet
The Dance
The Thunder Rolls
Missing You
I Make this Bar My Home (swing)
I'm Drunk Again
Bandy the Rodeo Clown
Old Flame
Feels So Right
Old Country
All My Old Flames
Wild Horses
Release Me
My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You
Crazy Arms
Stranger Things
Today I Started Loving You Again
Silver Wings
Big City
The Bottle Let Me Down
Swinging Doors