Bobbydee and Southern Thunder

Bobbydee and Southern Thunder


Bobby Dee and Southern Thunder" Top quality Traditional Country Band. Includes over 75 years of Professionalisum. Playing everything form Ernest Tubb to todays top Artist.And Includes the Chart topping songs by a Professional Nashville Recording Artist; Bobby Dee.


Southern Thunder,Without a dout is one of the Nations Best Traditional Country Bands,It is Backed By Award winning Vocals Of the 2007 Gold International Artist of the year Award winner,And the 2007 Supreme International Male Vocalest of the year Award winner,Complete with a Band that has a combined experence of over 75 plus years in the music business Professionaly.And XTREME PROMOTIONS U.S.A


Rub it in" Licensed cover,Harry Fox Agency.
Jesus and Mama" Licensed cover,Harry Fox Agency.
Currently ,Rub it in" at # 6,WLRE fm Radio.
Jesus and Mama" currently at # 2 WLRE FM Radio.

Set List

All top Traditional Country Music.
show is 45min -15,45-15, 45-15,45 till close.
Bobby Dee Concerts are 90mim,w/the band opening x3 songs.