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The Day After Yours

Written By: Bobby Funk

Well you lived in the canyon for twenty long years
And never told no one your name
You sought not the wisdom that slides down your arm
Or hits you with fortune and fame
And you roll down the wind at 104
Taking pleasure in the things that you miss
and you don't know the reason
That Jim said goodbye
And you wait for that very last kiss

Where were you annabelle
When the picture went bad
And they started to yell
Where were you on the charts
When they said that you weren't the one that you are
Where were you on the day after yours

If they say you're a poet
Or say you're the best
At the thing that you wanted to be
But you see through the texture of their carnival smiles
And you take up the plow next to me
And the way that you were
And the way that you are
Is the contrast of the things yet to be
When you breathe in the color of life's pure embrace
Give a bow to those lost in the sea