Bobby Kane

Bobby Kane


We are the originators of Alternative Soul with the heart of an angel, the guitar of the devil and a voice that covers everything in between. Rock+Jazz+Blues+R&B+Soul


We range from mellow and melodic to furious and un-tamable, our styles trample the guidelines of modern rock and then transcends them all. With a unique vocal style and an ear for warm sensual chord structures we open up the doors of rock music to let the air.

We like to combine modern rock style with classic rock feel and vice versa. We add elements of many beautiful musical styles to create a sound that is quite unique.

Our major influences are Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, Deep Purple, Guns n Roses (old & new) Dave Matthews, Herb Alpert, George Benson, Michael Jackson, Live, Led Zeppelin, Alice in Chains, Aerosmith, Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, Louis Jordon, Erskine Hawkins, Metallica and a lot more.


"Last Call" is our single on iTunes.
There are versions "Worthy", "Letter to Momma" and "Say You Love Me" streaming on our website and MySpace. These are songs from our upcoming CD "ICARUS". These are the un-mastered versions.

Set List

Set lists vary greatly.