bobby kirl

bobby kirl

 Montgomery, Alabama, USA

Bobbys songs are a fantastic blend of soulful songwriting and authentic melody. His raw talent and obvious love for the songwriting craft generate a truly emotional listening experience. A tireless seasoned performer. Book him now!


Bobby's music is sometimes personal, usually reflective, occasionally political though rarely radical, never imitated and always truthful. His musical roots are planted firmly in the singer songwriter genre. Writers like Foggerty and VAn Zant, Vedder and Cobain, Haggard and Nelson have influence him deeply, and his songs are reflective of the type of deep human spirit and intense personal emotion found in the kind of music guys like them produced. Bobby is also a musician with a rare perspective on life, love and the human spirit. He spent 11 years travelling the world with the U.S. Air Force where he learned that compassion and truth are the hallmarks of good people and not just determination and ambition which are so prevelent in the music business today. His songs often reflect his desire to share his passion rather than sell it and he displays that deep need in each and every performance. Playing over 90 shows a year this Singer Songwriter will have you reflecting on your idea of your fellow man and leave you with a desire to give something better to the world in which you live. Simply put; Bobby is in the business of sharing real music with real people and would love to share with you."


The Song I had to Sing

Written By: Bobby Kirl

An empty page on the table
I was thinking I would be able,
to write,
the song I had to sing

So I sat down with my heart
hoping to find a spark,
then I,
ran into an old memory

How could I put down
the way she pulled me all around, on a string,
that line is hard for me
What kind of word would I choose to show a heart so abused,
as mine,
there so hard to find

So in my mind I recalled
all the thoughts and feelings I had involved,
with her,
and they just would't let me be,
cause it wasn't too long ago
that I played her fool don't you know,
look at me,
still playing that fools tune


If I could make 'em work
they might ease the hurt
in me
thats why I'm
writing away her memory

An empty page on the table
I was thinking I would be able,
to write,
the song I had to sing

I'm Tryin

Written By: Bobby Kirl

Lord can you help me I'm losin my mind
i'd got to work but theres none that I find
I'm tryin' oh how I'm tryin'
my baby's are hungry I cant let em down
but theres nothing to eat in this washed up town
i keep trying .... they're cryin'
some slick looks at me and says theres a lazy cuss
man he dont know what its like to be us
so down and called out is there even a chance
that ole boys like me can change this circumstance
I'm tryin'

I'm tryin to keep up with the stock market down
hell I aint ever been to that wall st town
I'm tryin
Id jump in my car but the gas is sky high
no fuel in the tank i cant even get by
I'm tryin' ..... oh man I'm dyin'

tryin to stand up tryin to stay proud
tryin to make sense and turn this all around
tryin to get by and not to give in
tryin to keep faith that its all going to end
i keep tryin...

Easy Me

Written By: Bobby Kirl

we rode out
on a west bound intersate
i was running from them
she was running a little late

we tried to remember
all the things are mammas said
but who really listens
with those big dreams in our heads

ohoh easy is me

life ticked on
i began to live my
its funny how all those dreams
could just up and fade away

the roads i travelled on
didnt seem to hard to me
there was those twists and turns
and the stops i did not see

ohoh easy is me
living wild and free
and doing all i please

yeah i remember
i remember all those days
you know i remember
i remember all my ways

as i got older
i began to understand
what it takes to love someone
what it means to be a man

now im excited
when i see my baby smile
cause it brings back all my dreams
and erases every mile

ohoh easy is me
living wild and free
and doing all i please
ohoh easy easy is me
living wild
being free
all me


Written By: Bobby Kirl

Baby gotta move real slow so we find the right connection
It’s all easy go from here in the right direction
You know as far as I can tell there’s no hurry

We’ve got time…to explain
What it is that makes us feel this way
I swear…there’s no shame
In the way we move when we’re the same

All we need surrounds us
I’m lost in your moments
It’s so easy sometimes to fall…if were willing
We’ve got time
(2nd verse) We’ll take it easy girl you and me got the attraction
And it’s no mystery to my disposition
You know when you smile at me like that there’s no question

We’ve got time…to refrain
From the silly games some people play
I’m changed…by the way
You touched me when we found our day

We’ve got time…sweet time…time…oh time

Get Some Easy

Written By: Bobby Kirl

Get some easy…get some any way you can
Get some lowdown…even from your brother or your friend
Get some holy…when you get right with the man
Get some lazy…take a bite from the feeding hand

I don’t know why I cry…when you do it to someone else
I don’t know why I try…to believe in something else
Get some easy……I wanna cry

Get some crazy…blow em up with another man
Get some big time…take it all with a master plan
Get some sleazy…when you don’t know where its been
Get some right now…when its not you for the final stand

Get some easy, I……….


Bobby Live July 2009

90Fm WWSP University of Wisconsin;
Easy Me, Time, Our LOve Song

Set List

Sets include his many original songs as well as covers ranging from Nickleback to Merle Haggard to Creedence Cleerwater Revival to Otis Redding. Extremely flexible