Bobby lavigne

Bobby lavigne


Original guitar compositions with a very fresh new sound and concept.Tuned to ancient sacred tunning of A-432hz and utilizing beats of 72 and 144 bps to help move the world towards a 432 music revolution.


This is the Long Awaited First chapter of Bobby lavigne`s Debute CD " Project 432". (All tracks were recorded and mixed on Bobby`s cheap ass PC (Acer 1.8 ghz with 256 ram and an M-Audio Delta 2495 sound card ) -.............................................. Its a CD that started out as a search for Self Truth but turned into an object of Peace, Harmony, and Well Being as well as becoming A "Weapon Against Tyranny" Its creation was a result of first investigating the 911 EVENTS which then led to numerous other questions and querries. and..... Well... in the end it was more than evident that ....WE THE PEOPLE.....were getting the SHAFTING OF A LIFETIME. And just one of the ways (and there are so many)that we were getting SCREWED was in our STANDARD CONCERT PITCH A-440. .........THE A-440 SCAM............ The New World Order Has Been Forcing us to listen to all music at a-440 The first international conference to impose A=440, which failed, was organized by Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels in 1939. A second congress in London of the International Standardizing Organization met in October 1953, to again attempt to impose A=440 internationally. This conference passed such a resolution; again No Continental musicians who opposed the rise in pitch were invited, and the resolution was widely ignored. Professor Dussaut of the Paris Conservatory wrote that British instrument makers catering to the U.S. jazz trade, which played at A=440 and above, had demanded the higher pitch, ``and it is shocking to me that our orchestra members and singers should thus be dependent upon jazz players.'' A referendum by Professor Dussaut of 23,000 French musicians voted overwhelmingly for A=432. We Have been DUPED into tuning to A-440 for almost 100 years . Modern Science is proving that certain frequencies and pulses(also frequencies) directly affect the human body on a genetic and cellular level..................... The original Stradivarius violin was designed to be tuned to 432, it is the most precise instrument ever constructed by humans. The Mayans considered it to be the SOUND of CREATION....................... The New Music Revolution Is Here, the symbiosis of the ancient cultures is now beginning to utilise the harmonic secrets of the Sound of Creation, in harmony with the human heart, maximum brain function, the planets heart beat, and the DNA. Using instrumental tuning to 432 hz and rhythm's of 72, 108, and 144 beats per minute, 8 hz and multiples of 8 work in harmony with the alpha brain wave rhythm in which our parallel processors, or brain bi-hemispheres, are synchronised to spin together equally........................... -- the momentum has begun: DJ's, musicians, shaman's, artists, scientists, movie makers, spiritual, hermetic, and cultural leaders are joining together to integrate Intelligent Learning into the Congruence of the Omega Generation 2012. Beginning with Universal Dances in Berlin. Viva LA Revolution!!