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"Another Shade of Blue(s)"

On Another Shade of Blue(s) Bobby Manriquez takes the listener on a magical musical journey into sounds that are sometimes familiar and at other times are very new exciting explorations of the art. Manriquez provides the vocals and plays most of the instruments on this album himself, and pulling it all together with the quality that this album shows is simply unimaginable, but one spin on the deck will make anyone a believer. On the first track of the album, "The Boogie Man's Comin'," the blast that strikes the listener is the use of blues master's riffs being played with a forceful confidence. "Family Traditions" features a very funky drum beat with some nice accents from the twangy lead electric guitar. The use of effects on the vocal track lends "Family Traditions" a hip-hop groove seldom found linked to the blues genre"Evocation" is a very short piece of work that seems to be calling out to the Guitar God...whoever that could be, perhaps Hendrix, Vaughan or it just may be a display of Bobby Manriquez' talent. "Smokehouse (live)" is where Bobby Manriquez opens his magical bag of lead guitar riffs and gives the listener a small taste of what a "live" show would consist of. Leaning slightly toward the Jimi Hendrix school of psychedelic guitar works, "B2K" uses accents from electric blues licks as the magnetic formula that makes the whole song structure work so well. Bobby Manriquez is an amazing musician that has given all the people that search CD bins in hope of finding some original and vibrant guitar rooted music, proof that some great music is still being made. All should be thankful that this guitarist has graced us with a gem to add to the collection of blues guitar albums that never sit on the shelf long enough to gather dust.

Larry Belanger
- from, 2001

"Another Shade of Blue(s)"

Blues Bites June, 2001

It’s a sure bet you won’t hear anything like BOBBY MANRIQUEZ's Another Shade of Blue(s) this year. Not strictly blues, this is an idiosyncratic masterwork---you never know where he's going, but you're glad to be along for the ride. A tremendous solo guitarist, Manriquez's slurred tremolo-bar excursions track through Jeff Beck territory on the rock-oriented tunes; on blues numbers he's a master of time and intonation. The writing and playing seem completely intuitive; this is not a marketing project. Great songs--- the ominous rumble of "The Boogie Man’s Comin’,” the beautiful balladry of "Another Shade of Blue," the heavy funk of “Devil Heart"---are interspersed with snatches of solos excerpted from live shows. Buoyed by an underlying spirituality that Stevie Ray Vaughn fans will recognize, it hangs together as one of the year’s most interesting records.

- Blues Revue Magazine, 2001

"Prayin' the Blues (blu funk)"

Looking for the ultimate in contemporary blues-influenced music? Check outthe second solo effort by master guitarist and soul-seeker Bobby Manriquez. He¹s been tapped by Wilson Pickett and Nils Lofgren for their bands, and
many of the reasons why are in evidence on Prayin¹ the Blues (blu funk). The disc is exploratory (dig “Black & Blue,” “Henpecked,” or
“FT3") but also touches on tradition, with stone shuffles (“Find That Love”), trip-you-up funk (“Slinky”), and soul-deep ballads (“G-Blue”). Much of the album is Manriquez alone, playing all the instruments, but the contributions of sidemen and guests (Mark Wenner of the Nighthawks, Bob
Margolin, and Mike Stern) up the ante. This one will amaze !... How did he get that tone on the live “Rock Me?”

by Tom Hyslop, BLUES REVUE Magazine JAN, 2005
- Blues Revue Magazine, Jan, 2005

"Prayin' the Blues (blu funk)"

Bobby Manriquez

CD: Prayin The Blues
Label: Self
Rating: *****
Genre: Roots Blues

Well, radio, if you don’t get on this release your station has just missed out. Bobby Manriquez presents some very high energy exciting blues on his new release. This man has it going on in the blues department. There is not a cold song on this CD. Every cut is in your face and hot as can be. This is indescribably cool blues and a bit of Roots Rock that is recorded with a live venue feel to the mix. It sounds as though this band just simply laid down the tracks packed up and went home to momma. (No Problem) This album has a no messing around in the studio sound. What a great album should sum it up.

- Roots Music Review

"Bobby M/ Prayin' the Blues"

Bobby Manriquez, a native of Washington, D.C., plays the Blues -and so much more...
If you're looking to hear some of your daddy's Blues, you might look elsewhere. Although Bobby's music is clearly rooted in the Blues, it's his Blues, his heart and his muse that he follows - and the results are fresh and vital. He coaxes modern yet timeless tones from his guitar, finding notes that seemingly aren't present on other players instruments. Stretching the boundaries of Blues through his
compositions as wrell as his playing, Bobby's music deserves a listen by anyone seeking to expand their musical horizons.

"Prayin' the Blues (blu funk)"

We had to wait a long time for a new record from the man from Washington. The previous record, "Another Shade of Blue(s)," was quick to get to the top of the CONCERTO polls of 2001. Manriquez, multi-instrumenalist, singer and songwriter, has been on stage since the beginning of the 70's and has played lead-guitar for, among others, Wilson Pickett and Nils Lofgren. The new record also carries the subtitle "blu funk," and it shows right away in the first song, "Find that Love,"  melting with funk, blues and rock, without forgetting the roots, and unites in even a higher, spiritual unity. The superb string-work of Manriquez is once again more-than-outstanding, which would include him among the best guitar-players of our time. Apart from that, he also carries the group sound through bass, piano, drums, percussion and his very significant and occassionally speak-song-like, strong voice.

The second track,"Grace," is drifting deep into an electrified delta blues style; "Blues Rockin' " carries its title with strength,and with Nils Lofgren at the organ. "Black and Blue" slides in and out of an emotional field of guitar fusion (including a short performance by Mike Stern)on the guitar.

"My heart to give" sounds as if Muddy Waters were arisen to an industrial time altar and seen there, next to Mark Wenner on the gutzy harp; you actually do find Waters-guitarist Bob Margolin at the slide. "Slinky" follows with more strong funk, and wailing,  Wenner-Harmonica.  Next,  "G-blue" is steaming slowly under the organ of Kurt Gibbons;  it is shaped boldly and shows that it was not easily put to order.

"FT3" and "Unhooked" stand up to the power of the music of Prince. The fact that this highly individualized sound-concept also is working on the stage is proven in the live track, "Rock Me," and in a thirteenth track, "Sweetest Love," Manriquez brilliantly shows his soul-veins. "Prayin' the Blues" is, to understate,  a musical hit for people with open minds and ears!   DiHo-   Dietmar
- Concerto Magazine, Austria

"DC- Great Guitarists"

D.C. is a great guitar town. True, our guitar heroes don’t always get out alive, but Bobby Manriquez (pictured, left) survived and may yet
prosper. Although Roy Buchanan, Danny Gatton, and Nils Lofgren got
more press, Manriquez was there at the beginning as well, flashing his Fender in such seminal ‘60s and ‘70s D.C. groups as the New Breed and Desdemona. He eventually rode his chops past the District line, playing internationally and sharing stages with KISS, Earth, Wind and Fire, Santana, and Fleetwood Mac, and backing the likes of Wilson Pickett.But unlike so many others, Bobby’s story does not end like a VH-1 Behind the Music episode. After taking a break from music, he managed to pick up his ax again, return to the area and his musical roots, and produce a new CD, Another Shade of Blue(s). The album features Manriquez playing guitar, keyboards, synths, bass, drums and percussion – though he did call in a few friends to help out here and there, including former colleague Lofgren (also pictured, not wearing a
Washington City Paper T-shirt). It’s a measure of Manriquez’s status that Lofgren, who is currently doing some guitar slinging on behalf of Bruce Springsteen, is playing keyboards. The disc finds Manriquez in fine voice, a plaintive high-register wail that is a perfect complement to his searing leads. Make the hometown boy welcome at his CD release party at 9 p.m. at the Outta the Way Café, 17503 Redland Road, Derwood. $2.
(301) 963-6895. (Dave Nuttycombe)

Washington City Paper
- Washington City Paper

"Bobby/ Another Shade of Blue(s)"

"Bobby- you're a gifted,soulful and inspired player."
- CARLOS SANTANA (from personalized album/ "Amigos" tour)

"...when have four guitarists ( Lofgren, Johnson, Derringer and Manriquez) this good been on the same stage on the same evening lately?"
- Dave Marsh, ROLLING STONE Magazine

" idiosyncratic masterwork - you never know where he's going, but you're glad you're along for the ride...A tremendous solo guitarist...he's (Manriquez is) a master of time and intonation...Buoyed by an underlying spirituality that Stevie Ray Vaughn fans will of the year's most interesting records. * Highly Recommended * "
- Jeff Calvin, BLUES REVUE Magazine June, 2001

" Man ! Unbelievable ! You play great...great tone, too. That stuff is SMOKIN"!! Bobby Manriquez plays and sings with a lot of heart and a lot of soul, and that comes through on this CD. Sounds beautiful !"
- Atlantic Records Jazz guitar great MIKE STERN

" It ain't no secret.... Bobby Manriquez is a bad cat ! He's way ahead of the game with all the feel he shows you in his playing...wanna blow your mind? Check out the live track "Smokehouse" on his CD"
- Bringing special honor to this stellar collection of supporters, the "funky-bass" backbone of ( Chaka Khan's) "RUFUS," BOBBY WATSON

"Even over my funky computer speakers, I can tell you sure have a fine, soulful sound, alright !"
- The one and only CHARLIE MUSSELWHITE

"Bobby is one of my favorite guitarists. His soulful, mischievous blues style always makes my heart smile. Check it out. You'll love it! Well done, Bobby !"
- E-Street Band lead guitarist NILS LOFGREN

"That boy can PLAY !!"
- Soul legend WILSON PICKETT

"We LOVE it !!" "The DJ went nuts over all of your stuff."
- Joe Cocker, Rolling Stones, Tina Turner vocalist and Merrimac recording artist KATHI McDONALD

"Manriquez has a winning way with the blues." .. "shimmering guitar work" ... "fluid soloing" ... "stinging tone ... (all) illustrate his versatility and promise."

"The disc finds Manriquez in fine voice, a plaintive high-register wail that is a perfect complement to his searing leads."

"Manriquez shows he's still got a grasp on what's hip..." "Snippets of some searing live playing reveal an intensity and dexterity that rival long-gone axe-grinders Roy Buchanan and Danny Gatton. With chops like his, it's doubtful that Manriquez will be little noticed for long."

"Manriquez helps his own cause by his imaginative soloing.....tastey slide and searing electric guitar breaks"
- Ron Weinstock, THE D.C. BLUES SOCIETY

"I've listened to it ... his playing is as good or better than anything I heard on Potomac Street at this year's Blues Fest."
- Bob Maginnis, editorial page editor, THE HERALD MAIL newspapers

" I was TOTALLY knocked out ... smokin' ! You played your ass off ! It was all fantastic !!
- Eric Clapton, Sly & the Family Stone drummer extraordinaire ANDY NEWMARK

"Bobby Manriquez is an amazing musician....All should be thankful that this guitarist has graced us with a gem to add to the collection of Blues guitar albums that never sit on the shelf long enough to gather dust."
- J. Belanger for ROLLING STONE.COM

"Bobby's always reaching for the next level of inspiration; one of the original new blues-and-funkateers.....OUTSTANDING !!"
- The sought-after singer/songwriter and bassist for artists from (the late) "Temptations" Eddie Kendricks to rocker Nils Lofgren, WORNELL JONES

"I think Bobby Manriquez puts together the best of blues and rock with his own personal style and sound. It's the advanced, maturely-conceived expression from an experienced player.But mainly, I just got into it and enjoyed it deeply."
- Well respected, talented former Muddy Waters guitarist and soulfully endowed blues artist, "Steady-Rollin" BOB MARGOLIN

"That CD is GOOD !!" I love this big, wide-open singing tone Bobby has on the guitar......reminds me of the dance halls in Texas and Oklahoma."
- The late Janis Joplin's guitarist and founding member of "Big Brother and the Holding Company," SAM ANDREW

"I listened to every song on the CD. I loved every one of them !"
- Bluesman Deluxe, JIMMY THACKERY

"...the quality of the material is excellent...Bobby's guitar playing , songwriting and singing is soulful and evocative and comes from the heart"

"If the playing on tracks such as "G-Blue" and "The Boogie Man's Comin'" doesn't RIP your head off, the incendiary instrumental track "Smokehouse" can always do the trick. Manriquez definitely brings an original approach to the blues.....Manriquez is no slouch behind the microphone either....."
- GUITAR NINE RECORDS, "The Undiscovered," Feb./ March 2001

"Bobby Manriquez is a favorite of many musicians across the country. It's no wonder that people like Nils Lofgren speak highly of Manriquez and his prowess as a guitar slinger...a well-done, self-produced effort that deserves listening from anyone who's a fan of Blues laced songwriting." ....."
- MN BLUES on Stage March / 2001

"Tough to say who's going to be the "next big thing," but if I was a riverboat gambler, I'd lay odds on Bobby Manriquez."....listen is what you'll want to do once you hear the first cut from Bobby Manriquez' debut album, "Another Shade of Blue(s)" This CD definitely falls into the category of great...." his chops are at once menacing, soulful, and ferocious. Manriquez' vocal style is reminiscent of the Black Crows' Chris Robinson, and guitar-wise, he is an inheritor, but by no means an immitator, of the Blues-Rock school expounded by Johnny Winter, Robin Trower, and Stevie Ray Vaughn."
G. Juke/ Sept./ 2001

"The effect maturity has had on my music is not unlike its effect on God's gift of physical love in that it provides more ways to contain and savor the raw, indescribable feelings and allow them to linger longer, still flowing passionately with controlled smoothness."

©Copyright 2004

- Various sources

"Bobby/ Prayin' the Blues"

"Looking for the ultimate in contemporary blues-influenced music? Check out the second solo effort by master guitarist and soul-seeker Bobby Manriquez. This one will amaze !! How did he get that tone on the live "Rock Me?" ."
- Tom Hyslop, BLUES REVUE Magazine (Jan., 2005)

"Bobby Manriquez' latest CD, "Prayin' the Blues," is about an artist who has lived what he sings and plays about. The people who came on board to help bring that music to fruition are proof of his heart and soul in making great music. If music is a conversation, then Bobby Manriquez has created a conversation very worthy of sharing. Enjoy it. Share it with others you care about. It all comes from the heart and soul."
- Bill Payne, keyboards- LITTLE FEAT

"The superb string-work of Manriquez is once again more than outstanding, which would include him among the best guitar-players of our time......... "FT3" and "Unhooked" stand up to the power of the music of Prince.........."Prayin' the Blues" is, to understate, a musical hit for people with open minds and ears."
- Dietmar Hoscher- CONCERTO Magazine, Austria

"Another winner (in"Prayin' the Blues,") from one of my favorite guitarists. Great CD! If Jeff Beck and Stevie Ray Vaughn had a baby, he'd be lucky to grow up to play as soulfully as Bobby. His writing, singing and playing has an original voice with old school soul. Well done my friend. ** To everyone: CHECK IT OUT!"
- E-Street Band's NILS LOFGREN

"Dear Bobby-
Thank you for sending your new CD. I listened, and it's REALLY good ! I wish you great success with it." - Musician and creator of the beautifully crafted guitars used by Carlos Santana and many other icons of the guitar world - PAUL REED SMITH

"Searing, Clapton-esque guitars and a potent vocal presence define this barroom blues number (Blues Rockin') from the local blues stalwart Manriquez" - The WASHINGTON POST MP3, *Editor's Picks, 3/2005

"I am about to call this one a soothing ass kicker. I guess I just did........ this bad boy is one among itself" - MN Blues on Stage 9/2005

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Bobby, and at the same time being a fan of his guitar playing since the 1970's. His latest solo effort is simply wonderful! It's full of infectious grooves, great singing, cool songs, and his guitar playing is still FEROCIOUS ! Go ahead, Bobby !!! " - Roots guitarist extraordinairre and "a stranger to no one" (Gregg Allman, Dr. John, Sea Level) JIMMY NALLS 12/2005

"It doesn’t take long to figure out what" Prayin' the Blues," is all about. It is all about Bobby Manriquez’s guitar riffs, and with good reason. The dude can play. Bobby Manriquez has some serious chops....... Manriquez, like Stevie Ray Vaughn, seamlessly melds elements of blues and rock guitar that gives a gritty feel to his music. " -

"Every cut is in your face and hot as can be.....indescribably cool blues....What a GREAT ALBUM ! should sum it up." - 9/2005

"Bobby Manriquez ! How is it ? My best to you on your new CD "Prayin' the Blues," - VERY Original, GREAT Licks ! I hear Blues, Fusion, Avant-Garde.... all in the same breath ! ( Keep on Keepin On )"
- The "Godfather of Blues Guitar"- BOBBY PARKER

"Bobby's original take on arrangements and his flawless guitar work heighten the listeners' experience..................... "Prayin' the Blues" is one of those CD's you re-visit again and again because each time, you hear something new. It's refreshing in it's originality and bold in it's musicality.Perhaps what makes "Prayin' the Blues" so successful is Bobby's sanguine message of hope and faith that resonates throughout his lyrics and arrangements, as well as his willingness to push the boundaries of traditional blues toward an equally hopeful future...............Buy two copies, you'll want to turn on a friend."

©Copyright 2004

- Various Artists

"Bobby M/ Prayin' the Blues"

Bobby Manriquez
Prayin' the Blues (blu funk)
In the 21st Century, the latest blues releases tend to be more of a history lesson than a progression of the movement. In some circles, the Blues has been relegated to the mantric stage that classical music has suffered from for centuries.

That's why it was such a relief to hear the latest effort from Bobby Manriquez; Prayin' the Blues. Riding high on the accolades of his previous release, Another Shade of Blues, Bobby continues to push the blues envelope in his truly unique way. Once again, his, not so typical, arrangements and his absolute command of the guitar make for a wild ride. Ardent blues purists might scoff (because they always do) but no one can deny that Bobby Manriquez is an artist of limitless talent who's love for a Higher Power has obviously been returned in spades.

Although it's clear Bobby's lyrical message is a spiritual one, the musical side of this release is all business. As in his last effort, Bobby's guitar work is stellar but he also plays many of the other instruments throughout: Even using some sampling here and there. When he does utilize the talents of his guests, he does it with Divine inspiration.

Featuring appearances by musical giants like, Nils Lofgren, Bob Margolin, and Mark Wenner of the NightHawks - among others, Prayin' the Blues has something to offer everyone. From the mostly traditional sound of, 'Find that Love' to the gospel influenced, 'G-Blues' all the way to the experimental, 'FT-3', Bobby's original take on arrangements and his flawless guitar work heighten the listeners experience. His love of funk is evident throughout and listening to the entire cd, one can see the threads that tie blues and funk so closely together. Wenner's harp work on 'My Heart to Give' is spot-on and the result is one of the hardest, gut wrenching blues tunes released this year.

Prayin' the Blues is one of those cd's you re-visit again and again because each time, you hear something new. It's refreshing in it's originality and bold in it's musicality. The cd may not be filled with the obvious progressions and hooks that make up popular blues music but "popular" music has typically had little to do with the advancement of any musical genre.

Perhaps what makes Prayin' the Blues so successful is Bobby's sanguine message of hope and faith that resonates throughout his lyrics and arrangements, as well as his willingness to push the boundaries of traditional blues toward an equally hopeful future.
Buy two copies, you'll want to turn on a friend!



Bobby Manriquez has appeared on A&M Records release of "Daddy's Girl", doing the lead solo on the title cut. In 1994 Windsong Records released a "Live at the Test" (Nils Lofgren featuring Bobby in a BBC transmission of "The Old Grey Whistle Test.") It was a live recording of the show.
In 2001, after some touring with soul legend Wilson Pickett both in the states and abroad in the '90's, Bobby penned the widely acclaimed "Another Shade of Blue(s)," his first solo effort. 2005/2006 has born "Prayin' the Blues (blu funk)," Bobby's second, being readied to be shared on a large scale with the blues-rockin', funky blues public.
* reviews of both CDs, including, Blues Revue Mag, and many more, are available on the website sound pages.

LYRICS for "Prayin' the Blues (blu funk)" can be found at:



**Bobby Manriquez was declared the INTERNATIONAL ONLINE MUSIC AWARDS "Best Guitarist/ 2006" this past Christmas. Bobby's two solo CD efforts have merited an appreciable number of rave reviews.

There’s a redemptive quality to Bobby Manriquez’s music, a spirit
compelling listeners to believe that - just like a phoenix rising from the ashes - something good can come out of the madness of life.

Bobby Manriquez, a native Washingtonian guitarist, singer/songwriter, has repeatedly broken through what for most is an impenetrable barrier, rising from local to national and international stages.

In the early 70’s he shared lead guitar duties in a D.C. based band climaxing in the A & M Records release of “Daddy’s Girl” in 1976. During the same period, he was selected to be the lead guitarist for the touring band of Capitol records artist Kathi McDonald, parts vocalist for the likes of the Rolling Stones and Tina Turner. Her just released album, “Insane Asylum”, was manned by guitar greats Neil Schon of Journey and Ronnie Montrose. The new group joined such acts as Rufus, KISS, and Earth, Wind & Fire in entertaining U.S. audiences. Work with the late, great producer David Briggs (Neil Young, Alice Cooper, Nils Lofgren) began for Bobby as Capitol anticipated the release of a second album for Kathi.

The late 70’s brought a very successful affiliation with gifted guitarist/songwriter and current E-Street Band member Nils Lofgren, which saw extensive U.S. and European touring. Milestone performances included Oakland Coliseum’s “Day on the Green”. Sharing the stage with Nils and Bobby were Jeff Beck, Santana (who referred to Bobby as a “gifted, soulful, and inspired player”), Tower of Power and Journey. A hot summer performance in New York’s Central Park with Rick Derringer earned Bobby a place in Rolling Stone Magazine. Long time Rolling Stone head writer Dave Marsh remarked, “When have four guitarists (Nils Lofgren, Bobby Manriquez, Rick Derringer, and Danny Johnson) this good been on the same stage on the same evening lately?” Further positive press included mentions in Billboard Magazine and several large city papers. Also, such T.V. appearances as the London BBC recording of the “Old Grey Whistle Test” would later be released by Lofgren on a 1993 CD titled the same.

What followed was a period of more than a decade of tending to matters of the soul, which led to a departure from the kind of lifestyle that so many fell victim to in the 70’s and 80’s. He stopped playing. He started praying.

In 1994 music again called Bobby to the stage. He signed on as lead guitarist for soul legend Wilson Pickett, who fondly said of Bobby, “That boy can play!!” And play he did. Reviewers again began writing great things about Bobby’s playing, and Bobby began doing some writing of his own.

In July 2000, Bobby released a demo which led to his first solo album, “Another Shade of Blue(s).” Bobby penned and sang the songs, produced the CD, and played most or all of the instruments on every cut. The CD ( 4 stars on All Music Guide) has met with critical acclaim. A syndicated review, appearing on and the All Music Guide stated, “Bobby Manriquez is an amazing musician that has given [music fans] proof that some great music is still being made.”

More importantly, “Another Shade of Blue(s)” brought Bobby Manriquez back home to music, on his own terms, giving his fans something to not only enjoy but also to believe in.

Bobby’s second CD, “Prayin’ the Blues,” was released in 2006. It is a passionate effort studded with an array of nationally recognized artists who converged to contribute. Again, nothing but rave reviews for "prayin' the Blues(blue funk)." Bobby appeared in a feature section of the special holiday edition of Guitar Player Magazine in Nov., 2008!!
* For spiritual insight into Bobby and milestones in his inspirational journey, see:

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