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The best kept secret in music



"Solid Blues Rock...scorching a vocalist he's...gripping..."

"...One of the best live bands in America."


"Bobby Messano is one of the most energetic,talented and fun guitar players around. An extensive resume',but no ego...he keeps the crowd completely mesmerized throughout his show" (ELLEN FLAHERTY/ P.D. WROV,ROANOKE,VA)

"Inspired,Soulful,REAL,. Bobby Messano Kicks Blues...Bite Your Lip, NBO JAMS!!"


"A mesmerizing display of blues guitar acrobatics. Bobby Messano and his band captures an audience every show!"


"Bobby Messano is a Guitar God. He's also the easiest God I've ever worked with. Bobby's got an open invitation to show up on our show-at any time-any day-as long as he brings his guitar. Our program director is very particular about who plays live in the studio-he's rejected some pretty big names-But if Bobby hasn't paid us a visit in awhile-My boss gets on my back! I'm so happy he moved to Virginia!!...


"...the exquisite "In The Depths of Love" should tell you all you need to know..."


"Bobby Messano has two of the best undiscovered(WELL ALMOST!) hands that have ever caressed a guitar.Those of us who have laid eyes and ears on the talents of he and the New Blues Orchestra have come to believe. You will too.


"...My D**ck was knocked in the dirt."


"Great phones on "In The Depths of Live". These guys are a

treat to watch onstage as well as they are to meet in person.If you think the recorded material is great do yourself a favor and go see 'em live..." (VAN DUSEN/ROCKET 101,ERIE,PA.)

"...this band"Deluxe" should be rocking the radio waves..."


"...Bobby Messano & N.B.O. continue to amaze this columnist"


"You too may be surprised by the wizardry that lurks in bright shadows." (WOODSTOCK TIMES)

"... 90's Blues...Right at home coming out of Texas..." (POUGHKEEPSIE,NY JOURNAL)

Dominion Roads is getting more phones then Van Halen”……..

Ken Carson/WROQ(Greenville,SC)

“Powerful…A Great Radio record for the Breeze!…They’re dancing to it!”

Woody Windham/The Breeze Network

(Wilmington,Myrtle Beach,Charleston,Savannah,Hilton Head,Columbia)

“Every song on Bobby Messano’s “Dominion Roads” CD makes you want to listen to the next one.It’s a winner!!”………………

Brian Illes/WRXL(Richmond,VA)

“A refreshing rock album, one that everybody will love”……

Holly Williams/WKOC(Norfolk,Va)

“…We’re Five Tracks Deep on Dominion Roads…”

Ray Scott/WKRE(Monroe-Charlotte)

“Consecutive #1’s on his top twenty”…

Jimmy Silvia/WNSB(Norfolk,Va)

- Many


Holdin’ Ground Fishhead/City Hall
The Best of Bobby Messano MP3.COM
Dominion Roads Ichiban/EMI
In The Depths Of Live Indie
Messano Relativity/CBS


Feeling a bit camera shy


If you’ve never heard of Bobby Messano, he was born in New Jersey very close to New York City. He grew up in a time when a young guitarist could work hard, learn his craft and maybe become a guitar hero...(or at least play on a record or two) His main influences as a young guitarist were Jeff Beck, BB King, Eric Clapton, Duane Allman and Jimi Hendrix. He also listened to as much Beatles and R&B as he could get his hands on. Bobby played in NJ club bands from the time that he was fourteen years old, and by the mid seventies, he had become rather well known in the North Jersey area. His first big break came when Craig Leon and Seymour Stein of now famous Sire Records tried to sign him to a solo deal.

Being young and maybe a lot scared, he graciously declined the offer and waited to fade into oblivion, despite his yearning to become a famous guitarist. By a strange quirk of fate (or maybe because someone was desperate) he received a call a few months later from John Scher’s office. John was a well known promoter in the NJ/NY metropolitan area. A band that John managed, named Stanky Brown (yes an odd name-BUT A GREAT BAND AND THEY WERE ON THE RADIO!) were in need of a lead guitarist and singer. Bobby auditioned ,got the gig, and went immediately on the road opening for the #1 band of the moment, KANSAS. Bobby stayed with Stanky Brown, recording a single and an album. They toured constantly opening for The Allman Brothers, Outlaws, Boston, Beach Boys Steve name it. After his stint with SB, he then joined the band STARZ, who were already a world famous band. He recorded the now infamous Coliseum Rock with them and continued to tour opening for RUSH, TED NUGENT,STYX and others.

After STARZ breakup, Bobby settled into the session, scene playing on many records including BENNY MARDONES’ “INTO THE NIGHT” His musical resume’ included time with Tycoon, Ellen Foley and Suzanne Fellini. He then joined FRANKE & THE KNOCKOUTS who were just coming off two Top Ten singles. With the KO’s he played headlining shows and opened for Toto,The Beach Boys and many more. Bobby also continued his session work in New York recording with Clarence Clemmons and playing on many of the fledgling MTV jingles and drops including “THE BASEMENT TAPES” theme. In between all of this he took six months to do a European/UK tour with one of his heroes, STEVE WINWOOD. It was an amazing time for the young NJ guitarist. He met many famous musician’s including another hero...ERIC CLAPTON. Over the course of the next five years, Bobby played on dozens of records. Fiona, Joe Lynn Turner, Robey, even David Hasselhoff....he even ghosted on some records that will of course remain nameless. NYC was a great place to be a musician.,

In 1987, Bobby won the coveted spot on LOU GRAMM’S solo tour supporting his hit “MIDNIGHT BLUE”. He toured the States, Puerto Rico and Germany in the summer of ‘87 with Lou and band.

In 1989 Bobby released the self -titled “MESSANO” CD on Relativity/Strategic/CBS Records. The CD garnered amazing reviews (Four KKKK’s in Kerrang) and lots of airplay and to this day it comes up in many Top 50 lists for ‘80’s AOR Classics. In 1990 while on a tour of Germany with Polygram artist ROBIN BECK, he made a decision that he wanted to put a band together doing Blues, Funk and Traditional Blues songs. In 1990 Bobby Messano & NBO was born. Through many personnel and personal changes, Bobby and his crew traveled hundreds of thousands of miles playing over 2500 shows between 1992 and 1999. In 1997 he recorded his second critically acclaimed solo CD...DOMINION ROADS. The CD was released on Ichiban/EMI Records, which went bankrupt shortly after it’s release.

Between 1998 and the present, Bobby moved to Nashville, TN. He has continued to write, produce and play. He has toured with MCA artist Alecia Elliot, Curb Recording artists Steve Holy and Rodney Atkins and Lofton Creek artist Anthony Michael James. Bobby has continued doing acoustic and electric dates solo dates as well. Two of his songs were featured in episodes of the hit CBS show “The District” in November 2002 and on VH1’s Fabulous life of…series. Bobby’s new CD “HOLDIN’ GROUND”, on FishHead Records received a first round Grammy Nomination in November 2003.