Bobby Moore

Bobby Moore

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His music is sincere and realistic, He's not making music for success. He just loves making music. It's also his therapy. And He hopes it can be someone elses therapy.


His music is honest. And driven off of emotion, He believes in 'Living For The Moment Even If It Only Lasts For A Second'. And I Believe this sets Bobby apart from other artist or bands. He's a young man who has a love for all music, but found his nitch with a particular genre. Now you may be wondering why the name Bobby Moore, named after the famed soccer player and the American soul group, Bobby Moore And The Rhythm Aces. But that is not the case. The name comes from his beloved uncle Bobby Moore who also was an artist, who lost the battle to cancer in 1994. So in 2009 his nephew is keeping his name alive with the respect of good music.


2. Get Ya Weight Up
3. Whatever Happens Happens
SINGLES streaming and on selected radio/online airplay,
1. Hustlin' Grindin'
2. I Got Style
3. Take You Home

Set List

Song listing:
1. Hustling Grinding
2. I Got Style
3. If Your Getting Money
4. Can't Be Committed
5. Take You Home
Bobby's sets can range anywhere from 10 to 15 mins.
And this artist has no COVER, this artist just wants his music HEARD and RESPECTED.