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Bobby Nichols

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Still working... still trying. My next goal is to get a song on hold. One step at a time. :)

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Run Beside You

Written By: Bobby Nichols

Run Beside You
Bobby Nichols 2012

I know lately you've been shaken
Planning for tomorrow and missing you're yesterdays
No way to be sure 'bout plans you're makin'
Ain't no guarantees in life 'cept things are gonna change

And when you run, I will run beside you
When you fly, I'll stand by and be your solid ground
You have a safe place to land when you wanna come down
I can't ever walk in you shoes, but I will always run beside you

Most of what you own is stuffed in boxes
Most of what you're needin', you don't have today
There's always time, no matter what the clock says
I'll be with you step by step, but I won't stand in your way


Someone like you is hard to find and harder to loose
You've always been here for me; I'll always be there for you


©Bobby Nichols 2012