Bobby Rush

Bobby Rush


Bobby Rush provides one of the most exciting soul/blues shows anywhere. For more than 50 years, he has wowed audiences all over the world. Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2006 he lives up to the proclamation, there is only one Bobby Rush!


Bobby Rush decided early in his career to create a show that would set him apart from the competition. For more than fifty years his show has been recognized and widely acclaimed as one of the most exciting and unique shows ever. It is a true throwback to the early chitlin circuit style of performances.
Bobby Rush's show is a mix of ballads, bawdy double meaning songs, and classic soul mixed with a comical twist delivered with the authority of someone who was there during the birth of the genre, with those world famous "booty girls" performing feats of amazing physical dexterity to the funky sounds of Bobby's top notch band.


Undercover Lover 2003
Live At Ground Zero 2003
Folk Funk 2004
Night Fishin' 2005
Essential Recordings Vol. 1 2006
Essential Recordings Vol. 2 2006
Raw 2006
Look At What You Gettin' 2008

Set List

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