Bobby Soloman Smith

Bobby Soloman Smith

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Male Pop and Contemporay Artist from Houston Texas. Taking the world by storm with his amazing vocals and smooth and hip hop lyrics. Bobby has been featured on VH1 with Destiny's Child and has toured the country.


This music world is about to get a music legend. Bobby Smith is a 24 year oldComtemporay R&B/Pop Funk Star who reins from Houston Texas. He is the former lead vocals for now defunct group E'ccentric.

Bobby grew up in Houston performing all over town for talents shows and contest winning most of them. After many years of performing for contests, friends and neighbors, Bobby decided to pursue singing as a professional career. In early Feb 2000 a friend suggested heanswer an advert in the local paper for a personal management company that were looking for male singers for a pop-group.

For 2 years Bobby was head vocals for the now Defunct Male pop group "E"CCENTRIC". E'ccentric performed all over the country grabbing fans not only in the US but as far away as Europe. However, due to creative differences and Bobby deciding the whole "BOY BAND" things was NOT his "bag" He decided to take a chance and take the whole by storm as a solo artist. Happy with his manager Diana Liner of Liner Entertainment Group (LEG) he decided to stay with her, and from advice to her from colleagues about BOBBY and problems with otherband members, she dropped E'ccentric from their contracts and took BOBBY as a solo artist.

"In a world of "American Idols" it's nice to see an artist that has a talent, of combination of songwriting and vocals, Bobby gives his all and connects with the crowd with every song" M. Clark--The Houston Chronicle

Now don't think for a minute just because Bobby did the whole "Boy Band" thing, that this kid has no talent. Bobby's vocals and songs have meaning and many people can relate to his music. This e'ccentric(no-pun intended) singer wants to expand his music to include not only pop, but funk, blues, hip-hop.

Since his solo career, he has performed all over the country at various festivals, and other family events. Bobby's voice has been compared to , Etta James, and Luther Vandross, with a dash of Brian Mcknight. His voice is a powerful R&B, Blues, funkwith a dash of rock edgesound. He has been featured on VH1.. His music is a mixture of R&B jams like "GOTTA MOVE ON", and" IN MY EYES"to up-beatR&B funkstunes like "TARGET", pop songs like"SLOW AND STEADY"to Acoustic ballads like "ALONE" and "BEATING OF MY BROKEN HEART". If anyone would describe this incredible talent, it's safe to say he is across between PINK and MADONNA(a male version that is). He is the new face of pop. He has a great voice with a hint of bad boy style. Oh yeah did we mention the club dance music, cant leave that out. .He is also looking to remix some of his songs to rock the clubs all over the world.

"He is no stranger to the stage, once he opens his month, your frozen to his incredible hypnotic vocals" c. smith --Pasadena Citizen

Even though his original music is making it's way to fans all over the world, this incredible talent has people taken notice of his amazing re-make of classic "ETTA JAMES" song "AT LAST" He's being called by various media interviews as "A GRAMMY WINNER WAITING IN THE WINGS" and " A LEGEND WAITING TO HAPPEN".


Currently has a EPs titled "A new Beginning" with the single "MORE THAN THAT" Featuring Rap artist "Paul Wall"

Set List

Set all original except one:

1 . Slow and Steady
2. I got it
3. Messed Around
4. Gotta Move on
5. Never let your love go by
6. In my eyes
7. Stickin with you
8. At Last
9. More Than That