Bobby Strange

Bobby Strange


it's just me, my guitar and my songs. i know there's always someone in the audience who is seeing me for the first time and i want to make a lasting impression. i call my stuff soul folk and i play it hard.... it ain't no peter, paul and mary!


OK, sure. In the past, Bobby has shared the stage with the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Lucinda Williams, Jakob Dylan, Southside Johnny, Gary U.S. Bonds, Richie Havens, Sam and Dave, the Ramones and well...l don't want bore you, but the list could go on for ever. He has even toured as the guitar player with eccentric genius Phil Spector's legendary Crystals. The truth is, though, that Bobby really can't stand name dropping.

And yeah, Bobby has played shows at all the coolest venues such as The Ed Sullivan Theatre and The Bitter End in New York City; The Roxy, The Rainbow Room and The House of Blues on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood; The Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh and Orlando. He's also played many of the grand old theatres across the United Kingdom including the historic Astoria in London's West End, in front of 3,501 adoring Brits. This was the very same stage that Jimi Hendrix set his guitar on fire for the first time 38 years earlier. Again, the truth is, though, Bobby hates to brag.

On the other hand, if Bobby did like to blow his own horn, he might tell you that his songs are frequently used on TV and radio. Recently his "Shut up and Sing" was featured on Laura Ingraham's nationally syndicated radio show reaching millions of listeners on hundreds of stations across the country. And then there's ABC-TV's General Hospital on which you may have heard Bobby's "You Better Think Again" (off his last EP).

But of course, being that Bobby isn't the boastful type, he'll let Pete Feenstra, who just happens to be one of Great Britain's most well-respected music journalists/promoters say a few kind words, "This man has the words to express what thousands feel." Golly -- now ain't that a nice thing to say about a fella!


2006 "half way home" featured the singles "without it within" and "jane" which made rotation on wbjb 90.5 the night. this is the jersey shores coolest station! "you better think again" was heard on abc television soap "general hospital".
2005 "reach deeper" featured the single "shut up and sing" this song was showcased on the nationally syndicated laura ingraham radio show which reaches millions of listeners each week on hundreds of stations across the country.

Set List

a typical songlist for a 40 minute opening set usually consists of about 7 or 8 songs. i'll also take time to talk with the audience as much as they want to. for me it's all about having fun and connecting. i have a master list of about thirty of my own songs that i choose from. i pick the songs that i'll use depending on what i think will work well with the mood of the crowd and venue. as i said before, many times it's the first time folks have ever heard me so i always try to give them something they'll like so they'll remember me and come back!
currently a set might consist of:
"find it yourself", "suki's smile", "sacred ground", "without it within", "my little world", "shut up and sing", "days of faith", "you'd better think again", "war" and a new tune i might have just finishing up the day before or an old song i may have written many years past just for good measure.
sometimes rarely i'll even stick a cover tune in if it's relevent to one of my tunes or something the crowd mi