Bobby St. Vincent

Bobby St. Vincent


It's the idea we've had to put out an amazing album with limitless variety. It's the idea to play every show with heart while maintaining professionalism. It's just an idea, but I think you'll like it. Embrace it.


Bobby St. Vincent has a feel good variation of music that is very uncommon. The talent of lead guitarist John Schminke is not hard to recognize as you watch him play. The addictive flavor of Bobby St. Vincent has been spreading throughout the Phoenix area as well as St. Vincent's home town of Cleveland. With their new release, "16 Beers to Bedtime", Bobby St. Vincent anticipates their business (Acoustic Juice Inc.) to succeed while aggressively attacking their shows and using merchandise as a primary marketing tool. This can be said about any band. However, Bobby St. Vincent's sound will entice the listener to feel the emotion of each song. There are many different moods and flavors one can derive from their record. But it's the clarity and overall quality that sets this record apart.


All the Same

Written By: Bobby St. Vincent

It's about time we steal the show
Push it back like 25 rows
Don't even you can slow it down now,
the love is all around but I bet you already know

So good it's all the same
Another Friday night another dollar paid
You know we're quick and nimble
The sweet life really ain't that simple

It's all the same, I'll say it again
Why you try to take a piss in the wind
But we are strong, we been down too long
This life we're gonna take it over

You don't wanna walk in these shoes
I Gotta shake these west coast blues
Movin on but I'm movin faster
Wave as I pass ya, what have I got to lose

Look left, look right, look left again
I'ma knockin it down why don't ya let me in
You know we're quick and nimble
The sweet life really ain't that simple


Cause it's so good
And if ya can ya should
Pack your bags
And leave it all on stage cause we're livin in Hollwood
You know talk is cheap
And if you want it you gotta believe
But if you wanna talk shit you better goddamn get it right


16 Beers to Bedtime, 2008

Set List

There is no typical setlist. All are different but equally planned out and revised several times. The capability to adapt is any band's strongest attribute. We have several covers, and we enjoy the classic hour and a half set even though the 5 song open mic is just as good.

Here's what we got comin up in Santa Monica, shhh don't tell anyone.

20 Miles (teaser) / Two Times
Big Country
Wouldn't That Be Nice
All the Same
Hey Love
Johnny Boy
Bone Thugs / Watchtower
Sweet Love Attack
Feel Good Music