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Bobby Swagg

 Washington, D. C., Washington, D.C., USA
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Music that uplifts and inspires, excites and delights. Creative lyrics and the perfect grooves. Music that says i have been given a Heaven sent gift,hat you the people have allowed me to share with you, and will uphold it to a level that always reflects the best interest of Hip Hop. Its pure FIRE!!



  For Bobby Swagg, music has always been more than just lyrics intertwined with a beat. It was stories of unsung heroes like in 2pacs Dear Mama and pleas for better days taken from Change the World by Bone Thugs NHarmony . For him, it also represented a release from feelings he bottled deep inside,feelings that he knew yearned to be free.
  He soon realized his calling by putting pen to paper. Soon words that once lined the glossy pages of black and white composition books accompanied the stressed and unstressed beats of rhythm; and at the age of 8 the lyricist, Bobby Swagg, was born.
  His ability to dissect songs continued to aid him as his music progressed. His theory on music from back in the day was that there was always an underlying meaning in every song, and if you slowed the beat down just enough to listen to and focus on the words, every track had a message. The beat was  complementary, but the words were the heart.
  Through hard-work and perseverance, Bobby Swagg began to see the fruits of his labor recognized in numerous ways. He has been ranked #1 in Rap and HipHop in the Washington, DC area on MySpace, and has done a number of performances and radio interviews throughout the area as well.
  The defining moment came with the release of his first official mixtape The Launch in late 2011. His versatility and methodical approach has led him to write and co-produce head bangers like Lose it and modern-day ballads coupled with an old school feel, like Love Letter. He is currently gearing up to release the music video for his first single, Cold in 2013. His longevity is the result of his determination and his love of the art form that is music.

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Written By: Bobby Swagg,Robert Warren Jr, Robert Warren Jr

Hook (2x)

I holla bang
I knock nigga out the frame
Talking bout hall of fame it a shame
Wen I spit they holla
Bang (4)x
they holla bang (4x)


I heard That u was the shit
You bout to have u a fit
I'm sniping niggas wit darts
And Toppin the charts
Some would say Swagg is fuckin hit boy
(you aint get em yet)
ok I got em tho
6 to ur motherfuckin wig
Den put another 6 to ur motherfuckin bottom lobe
I got em joe
I'm ridin fast
These nigga too cheap
to pay for gas
They don't have that fuel they need
the fuel they need to complete to be the baddest
I'm bad
Bad like mike jack
Nigga got a nice car I might Jack
I spit a nice rhyme they might jack
And both got motherfuckin low jack
If I go to jail
I'm rasing hell
Betta hope we don't have to share a fuckin cell
Better hope that they have u runnin fuckin mail
Cause I really don't like no fuckin males
I slaughter flows
Ya momma knows
I carter hoes
U got a hoe
I don't barter hoe
U gotta go
Mya hoe
I fire hoes
U get it
Fire hoes
Young drag got bag no buying those
You Need to hit that switch
Nigga dont be a bitch
Man U couldn't beat my bottom hoe
Wat I do to tracks u can't do that
Your crew u know I run thru that
You can copy me but don't do that
I voodoo niggas like whoooo dat
Saint nation
I show pacience
Then kill patient on vacation
Heart pacing
I run races
across states without palpitation
Ha response to this would be waistin
My nigga don't change the station
You told me to step my game I'm Toppin my name nigga
You knew wat u would be facing

My Life Freestyle

Written By: BobbySwagg,Robert Warren Jr

U wanna know my life
Im Loving and givin but they
Treat me trife
Sayin they got me but they'll give me knife
Straight to the back and I won't make the night
It don't seem right
they want me to make cake but they take from me
Come to the show for jay but they late for me
I ain't Ask for shit
Just be grateful see
Don't make it fake
You got hate for me just
Roll wit it
Let it be known
Come to me like a man we can both be grown
Ima man of my word
I'm admitting wrongs
I trust too fast
I should be my own
Focusing on my health
and steady building my wealth
Instead of investing in you
Not giving one fuck bout my self
I been rapping ten years
Blood, sweat, tears
I swear to god I put my all In this
And I don't do it for the fame
I ain't wreck my brain
To get no ottoman
I want substance man
That why it took so long
DBlack ain't rush this man
I'm dispelling all my lust
Next chick I trust
That chick gone love this man
That's why I go so hard
This football nigga
I'm all in 4th and 10
And I'm so focused on the game
they can force me to forfeit
I'm still still gonna fuckin win
Y'all wanna see my fuckin end
Tune in CNN
I win

Tell Me

Written By: BobbySwagg,Robert Warren Jr, Robert Warren Jr

Verse 1

Face to Face
We In the same place
I race
just to grab ur waist
Like I'm pressed
Feelin ur Frame
Thought of exchanging names
As Soon as you said Elaine
Girl I forgot mine
I'm B Cavalli the don
To Nothin to brag
That body suit embodies ur body
U got ur Swagg on
everybody know that U'd even look good wit rags on
Hold up
turn around, u left a tag on
See how I got u
Other women are not u
Other women want feelings but
Ain't no feelings with out u
Other women want sinnin
But ain't no swimming with out u
I got mean back stroke
And a good sense of humor I tell mean black jokes
Lets go get chicken and waffles
Crapes and fermented grapes
And go stare at Eiffel
Wait it's the first date so I know I can pipe u right

Verse 2

Take two
Was sorta like take 1
Except for the introduction and we still have fun
We Takin trips in lac
Suttle sips from the yac
We Going for sea food but I'm allergic to that
Im tryin this smoked salmon If i get sick will u take me in
I tell u in my heart is where u stick that eppy pen
U said I'm stupid
I'm goofy girl I just do it just to flatter thee
But promise
to paddle me if I do it
There's no one like you
Other women they spite u
Other women want me
but I want no one if its not u
Other women they try me
I rather just be a statue
Stand still
Be your man for real
Wat u need
I'll provide
I'll promise lets make a deal
there's only deal breaker
For better or for worse
Only Meal maker
Until you and I become us

Dr. Spazz

Written By: BobbySwagg,Robert Warren Jr


Things just ain't the same
I'm tired of all these lame mutherfuckers throwin dirt on my name
Ima man
We throwin hands or we lettin em bang
My Nigga I'm not new this game
I ain't a rookie
If I was I'm Robert Griffin the Third
Flipping the bird
Shit better than herb
I Turn a spliff into words
They said Swagg nigga
Ya flow is supurbo
I said thanks
I once was a Little solider
Worked hard just to gain rank
This is years in the makin
My city gettin shitty wit rappin
We need a new captain
This Shits for the taking aye look
Wen i come blazing look for a safe haven and book
Your bitch ain't amazing
My chick name Meagan she good
I get involved I told you dawg wen the tool spit
You will x'ed for infinity ain't no tube
Have you Tryna learn your alphabets the emergency
Room while u in ICU surrounded by these Ivy Leagues
Tryna find some blood and morphine for your IV tubes
I'm sicker than st Jude and I'm fuckin mean
Who you know flow colder than this
I'm potent like piff
The prophet man my bars are like bliss
My flow is my signature nigga like jada's a kiss
One of my top 5 I'm tryna be one of his 10
Show him I'm down to rhyme and ride and be one of his men
disciple to the game nigga
The vicodin bars'll get fame for me
And then Im recycling cars
A party a day
I'll Body a jay
Get high and rowdy like Roddie
And take bitches from trey


Written By: BobbySwagg,Robert Warren Jr

Verse 1

Louie V on my back
Nation cap on my hat
Stating facts
been spending racks
Your chick left and never came back
Tribute to my old name
Y'all niggas ain't got game
I spit Cain
Can't do shit wit Swagg
Can't put out my old flame
OD in these tracks
OG's give me dap
Droppin bombs
My code of arms
I'm potent don
I spit four alarms
Barry bonds
I Knock em long
She love the charm
We in The barn
She in a thong
We smoking strong
I'm cute and short
but she Nia Long
I'm Bringing her back
Breaking her back
Baby be up in the lac
She feel on my sack
I crack
Sip on my yak
Then i go open my pack
That gold dont wrap my whole dick
Go and ask my old bitch
My motion flood oceans
No potions
Or emotions
Im Cold

I'm cold (4x)
I'm Bringing her back
Breaking her back
Baby be up in the lac
She feel on my sack
I crack
Sip on that yak
then i go open my pack
That gold ain't wrapping my whole Dick
Go and ask my old bitch
My motion flood oceans
No potions
Or emotions
Im cold

Verse 2
It ain't hard to see
Or no oddessy
I'm tryna beat her
whole click
Part of me wanna Molly see
cause her body be like
oh shit
Honestly we hit a pound of weed
U ain't smoke wit me and not
owe shit
Shorty said I want it all in me on the count of three I'm like
Now u know ur chick go
I decide to flip flow
I assault her from head to toe in the bed and go and get ghost
Everybody in the party know
That lil bobby gonna get hoes
Everybody in the lobby know she gettin fucked at my show
She throwin it back
Up in that cat
Nigga know how to react
She tell me I'm Wack
I slap her
takin it back
I dont get down like that
That gold dont wrap my whole dick
Go and ask my old bitch
My motion flood oceans
No potions
Or emotions
Im cold

Hook 2x

ReDedication Intro

Written By: BobbySwagg,Robert Warren Jr


Ground up is symbolic
Talkin bout the struggle I been thru
I'm painting a picture
Send my visions out thru my pencil
I'm swagger divinci
Know these niggas wanting to lynch me
That's not on my team
Not in ur dreams
Nigga you pinch me I'm starting war
Leaving em torn
Making em turn
These dykes loving my dick
So my van gettin burn
Back seat action
Satisfaction making it happen
Her girl wanna co pilot
So they calling me the captain
Aye look
This Mixtape finna be filled
Wit the best flows
And I only made It in like two weeks tho
It sound like a classic to me
On these classic beats
I went disaster sites
And made catastrophes
I Flooded the block
From the bottom to top
They thinkin that I'm Hov son
Or that I'm signed roc
I'm ground entertainment
I'm the weapon they been containing
If unleashed
Then black gon be up for murder arraignments
I'm calling for mass suicides
Of you Wack niggas career
Cause I'm here
And I'm coming to bring genocide
u in denial and u finna hide
Ain't no choosing sides lil nigga
I'm the ride
Why your face so long
Just hop in the six bitch
And put ur seatbelt on
If u drunk u could walk
Nigga Dont talk just pay up tab
I leave u Ice cold
Like I called u a cab
Ima superman nigga
Not allergic to kryptonite
Swagg Bruce Wayne
I spit flame when I grip the mic
These know that a nigga nice
My flow evidence
It's evident that a right
Or prove me wrong nigga
If u confused
Then hear the rest of these songs nicca
Or prove me wrong nigga
If u confused
Then hear the rest of these songs nicca

What We Do Freestyle

Written By: BobbySwagg,Robert Warren Jr

I get money when the sun come up
And fuck bitches when the sun go down
I run thru crews like the sun go round
And we don't even need a Molly
We can party if a blunt go round
They call me the profit I'm changing the game
It won't be remaining the same
I'm bout to put alotta niggaz to shame
Alotta niggas they be rapping the same
And I don't rap for the fame
I spit Cain I supply for the brain
It's easy
I sat on my hands
Awaiting the chance to get in the game
Ands show em my nance
A nigga nice and they can't deny it
I get in the game I'm causing riots
If I don't then my legacy bias
The first pick
My ryhmes sick
Niggas they frown quick when they hear
Wat my mind spit
Pull out they nines quick
But they know we do mob hits
I'm kinda toxic when I be on my Roc shit
I'm bout to hit em wit a Gatling and a 50 cal rattled in one
Better get ur fuckin cattle and run
U make the decision to Sattle
U gon get the fuckin battle u want
Who disputing my expert
Nigga I'm ex cert
I ex urt
And I'm known for that wet work
I'm slightly tarded
Wen niggas talkin bout bargains
If I don't like wat u talkin
Then u can become the target

F*uckWitMeYouKnowIGotIt Freestyle

Written By: BobbySwagg, Robert Warren Jr

Drama city made me a ghost
I followed u fuck niggas
Now I got the knife right below ur throat
And I want u to duck nigga
No conversation on this
Decapitating ur bitch
I'm banging beats from the back
While u just master bating and shit
the industry invoked the thirteenth Amendment
my nigga Im about to repeal Dat
ima master
I need me a slave
u nigga is feeling brave
I'm afraid ima kill dat
I got ur mother fucking momma at the bank
And she talkin to the teller tryna find out where the bills at
If I fuck her in her face
She gon forget about I cause u a fool and put my name where her will at
On the real jack
I be tha nigga I get it
Fly a jet nigga
As high as I get it
You can fly a kite
if I
let it
Tina was wrong
But that's if Ike tell it
You My indoe
Cause crescendos
Niggas be tellin me that I'm gettin too loud
Betta Roll down your muthafuckin windows
Niggas that's in know we bout get down
Ima motherfuckin vet
When it comes to this sex
Bitches know where my lex be
Get em in the back and attacks these rats and they packs
They call me the next skeez
Wen I'm up in these rats
I run In up in they back
My style at the best speed
When I'm in they back they scream like "yes"
They call me the next steed
Fuck the read
Bitch go for the option
Try to follow the rock
I followed the roc for years that's why a lil nigga remaining on top
Wen I'm out wit ur bitch and a couple of beers she be riding on cock
Wanna be the best better beat the best
And I'm
Mohammad Ali and PAC
Wanna beat me get me on rock
I'm never doing cane
Cocaine is a hell of a drug
Nigga wit a mossberg pump
When I make that dump
Betta duck that's one hell of a slug
I'm back wit a hell of a buzz
I'm the best in the city y'all niggas betta stamp dat
I bench 300 and I weigh a buck fifty and show no pity
U niggas betta step back
Swagger the motherfucker don
Tell that other nigga if he want it then its on
We can do tha track or we can do another song
Better have a weapon in ur mother fucking palm
Or u better have a trick up ur sleeve
I make niggas leave, disappear man I'm talking bout missing
And when they gone they don't reappear
I ain't claim to be no magician