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"Dallas Music Guide- Sleepy Atlantis- "Album Review""

Sleepy Atlantis's Everyday Perception is a brilliant collection of somber, well-crafted songs that feel as though you are viewing the world thru a fog-covered window, where only your imagination comes into focus.

Read the whole article at... - Justin Press

"Sleepy Atlantis- Everyday Perception, Review of New, Noteworthy Band"

Sleepy Atlantis - Everyday Perception

Our Rating: 90 out of 100

In his debut album, “Everyday Perception”, singer/songwriter Bobby Zanzucchi demonstrates that he can perform some passionate music, yet be completely cool and collect the entire time he’s doing it. With the versatility in his music Zanzucchi, who plays under the group Sleepy Atlantis, appears to be someone who has absorped many different types of music to get his inspiration for “Everyday Perception.” Because of this versatility it is hard to categorize the album into one group, but if you were looking for it in the store it would probably be under rock (in a Pink Floyd sorta way).

“Everyday Perception” is complied of mainly of serious but at the same time wistful songs. The music flows nicely together and has excellent instrumentation with the piano and strings. The introductions are notable and give identity to each song. Also worth mentioning is Zanzucchi’s high-quality voice, which matches the music very effectively. Too often I have listened to artists pour out their hearts and their lyrics uncanningly remind me of the poems I use to write in the seventh grade. Zanzucchi on the other hand, has complied some very profound and emotional songs like “Love Letters From an Insominac” without being well, to put it simply, cheesy. His music is something you can relate to, not roll your eyes at. I think the best way to put it is, when Zanzucchi sings his heart isn’t on his sleeve spewing off tacky rhymes, rather he bears his soul and lives up to the expectation of what art should be in regards to music.

Sleepy Atlantis is a group that plays well together, these guys just fit. They have been playing together for about a year and have already received great reviews from major magazines the Dallas/Fort Worth area. - Sarah Francis -

"Sleepy Atlantis - Everyday Perception"

One of the most underrated bands to come out of the D/FW music scene have made one of the best records to come out of Texas. Beautifully textured sonic landscapes populated by persons and emotions all too similar to those we call our own. Bobby Zanzucchi and Co. weave together a tapestry of songs about loss, longing, and redemption. Flavored with eastern rhythms and flourishes and some fine string arrangements by Rick Nelson (Polyphonic Spree) solidly rooted in Zanzucchi’s haunting lyrics which, in keeping with the bands moniker, seem to well up from the floor of the ocean deep. A record to be enjoyed alone or with a group of friends, Sleepy Atlantis' prove that there is new ground to be tread in music today. Songs like Everyday Perception reach your ears and provide a soundtrack to the disparate movies we see in our minds. In fact, any of these tracks, steeped in cinematic grandeur as they are, would be a welcome addition to an intrepid filmmakers movie score. Part folk, part pop, with a sound that is all they’re own, it’s sure to inspire fans of Iron & Wine to replace the disc in their players with this homespun masterpiece.

Jason M - SAMPLE Press
- Sample Press - Jason M. 2/12/05

"Hits and Misses - NXNE"

Sleepy Atlantis
El Mocambo Upstairs, June 9

It must have been somewhat disheartening for Sleepy Atlantis’ Bobby Zanzucchi when he gazed out on a practically empty venue after taking to the stage, even more so because he journeyed all the way from Fort Worth Texas to Toronto to perform at NXNE.

It didn’t seem to affect Zanzucchi though; he gave an absolutely mesmerizing performance for the small crowd gathered in the El Mo’s sweltering upstairs. While his introspective brand of pop seats him firmly in the singer/songwriter camp, he brought genuine feeling to each song, holding the audience spellbound for the duration of his set. His passionate vocals were at times reminiscent of Bono’s.

However, he did win a small victory; at the end of the show everyone in the venue snapped up the free copies of his CD that he had set out.

- Andrew Horan

"Fort Worth Weekly- "King of the High C's""

The Kicker came when I sat down to listen to Everyday Perception, the debut full-length by Sleepy Atlantis. Recorded at Dallas Sound Labs with Kimball Davis (who drums in Zanzucchi's favorite band, Regal Dime), the c.d. is highlighted by Zanzucchi's wistful, melancholic voice and Nelson's sterling arrangements for piano, bass, and strings. Zanzucchi's songs on the disc flow seamlessly together while conjuring all manner of assosiations, from classic '60s psych-pop touchstones like Tim Buckley's Goodbye and Hello and Love's Forever Changes to mid-period Pink Floyd to the masterwork of latter-day avatars of anguish like Buckley's son Jeff and the late Elliott Smith. From the swirling Near Eastern spice of "Killing Kind" to the dreamlike, pensive valedictory of "Temperamental Beams," it's a highly accomplished effort. 11/12/03 - Ken Shimamoto


Everyday Perception (LP)



I’m a singer-songwriter from Fort Worth, Texas and the former lead singer of the Fort Worth/Denton based band, Sleepy Atlantis (SA). (SA) achieved a strong amount of local success in the DFW area, as well as performing twice at Toronto’s NXNE music festival, and releasing the title track from the full-length (LP) “Everyday Perception” on the Atlanta based Shut Eye Records Buzzlighter 9 cd compilation. After almost three years of writing, recording and playing in support of (SA), and the band’s various incarnations, I decided to take a break from the local music scene. Within the next four years that followed I married my beautiful wife Cori, had an amazing little girl (Julia), and went to college where I studied science and philosophy. Now, at the age of 33, I’m finding an extraordinary amount of motivation to pursue my songwriting with the focus and clarity it deserves. My current project is a home-spun (EP) which I’ve titled “The Fortress." Inspired by the simple and beautiful intimacy of Bosque Brown’s “Cerro Verde,” my goal is to create a collection of songs that are each recorded in a single take with just two mics, a guitar, and a voice. The lyrics and the performance serve as the artistic focal point and help to produce a series of introspective songs immersed in themes of accountability and self-overcoming.