Bob Calumet

Bob Calumet


Best described as Grassroots Covers of Donovan The Seekers Bob Dylan and other Sixties greats plus Originals


I am a veteran of the early 1960s Greenwich Village music scene(1961 64) Went on to work behind some of the greatest legends of Rock N Roll.In addition I was a house musician at Bell Sound in NYC for a few years. I began performing in 1960. Am now 66 years of Age and fairly selective about where I perform. Specific area of performing. Folk Music. I prefer small Venues as a solo Artist


A number of Hits but am legally bound not to include my name in these recordings. At the moment I have Tapes recorded at various locations around the country over the years. Contains Tunes Bad Business, Tom Cats Get Down Baby which are songs I wrote and set to music. Some Donovan others. Please email me for a copy

Set List

Catch The Wind-Donovan
The Boxer- Emmy Lou Harris version
Never Ne Another You-The New Seekers
Calvary-Original about the death of 2 Siblings
House Rising Sun- California Dreamin-Colours Ticket For an Airplane-Proud Mary Johnny B. Goode-Jazzy
Set can range from 15 Minutes to 1 Hour