Bob Campbell

Bob Campbell

 Plainview, New York, USA

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Walkin' in the Sun

Written By: Bob Campbell

i’m the kind of guy, who’s really kind of shy
you ask so many questions, but i try to tell no lies
i got a lot to learn, don’t think i don’t know it
sometimes i’m crawlin’ so low, i don’t know why
i jump so high that i touch the sky
but i’m back on the ground and my feet stand steady
i ain’t gonna make no rhymes till i’m ready
before my day is done
i’ll be walkin’ in the sun

i’m the kind of man, i try to understand
you can lean upon my shoulder if things don’t go like you planned
i won’t ask for much, just don’t tread on me
you get so melancholy baby, you worry me so
what goes on in your mind, i guess i’ll never know
but when your back’s up against that wall, quit your cryin’
pick yourself up and tow that line
before your day is done
you’ll be walkin’ in the sun

i want to tell you rainy lady
there’s better weather on the way
you keep on livin’ all those maybes
and baby a lifetime soon slips away

i’m the kind of guy, who’d rather laugh than cry i’m packin’ up my memories and growin’ wings to fly
i ain’t afraid no more, i’m just takin’ it one step at a time
i’ve got no expectations lately, i finally learned
to put my hands in the fire without gettin’ burned
when the real one’s here, i hope that i’ll know it
the clouds will clear and the sky’s gonna show it
before my day is done
i’ll be walkin’ in the sun

Stand Up & Be Counted

Written By: Bob Campbell

i’m your average aging baby boomer
a survivor of the sixties, got battle scars still sore
we are freedom’s generation, blessed with strength in numbers
we’ve fought our fights for human rights and said our nos to war

a kaleidoscope of seasons has streaked our hair with silver
our heroes dead so early by drugs or the hail of guns
we’ve been asleep, seduced consumers, quelled into quieter riots
now awaken all to an urgent call, our lifework still undone

my friends, it’s time to stand up and be counted
we bear the torch, it is ours to pass along
if i could have one enchanted wish to be granted
may our legacy of freedom survive and carry on

the landscape has been changing, i hardly recognize it
people numb from the violence and the terror of the times
there are those of us who’d go and put our birthrights into prisons
and those of us who’d cross those lines and ring them freedom chimes

my friends, it’s time to stand up and be counted. . .

and though our stars be crossed
by the measure of what we’ve lost
we’ve still that common goal
to rekindle our country’s soul
and for the life of me i can’t find a better cause
than to reclaim our freedoms and our founders’ rule of law

and though the dawn’s dark gray
one spark of light can break the day
for when an empire falls
the world’s no longer under its sway
hey broken soldier with your tattered flag unfurled
lay down your arms, we all deserve a better world

now i’m no virtuoso string musician
no prize winning poet, just a guy with a guitar
i’m traveling light, and i’ve got a humble mission
i’m just here to remind us who we are

my friends, it’s time to stand up and be counted. . .

The Gathering

Written By: Bob Campbell

the gathering

gather ‘round around around
the circle’s forming
people of good will all join hands
gather ‘round around around
hear the calling
embrace your neighbor, and take a stand

a life’s much more than a boarded up door
a shelf in a corner where a faded dream’s stored
a broken promise, a contract breached
a goal that will never be reached

i thought i lived in a democracy
the home of the brave, the land of the free
i went down to washington to pick a bone
they took me to the free speech zone

gather ‘round around around. . .

outlaw government’s out of control
breaking our laws, corrupting our soul
robbing from the poor folk to fatten the rich
digging us a deepening ditch

we’re a debt worn nation being run by fools
they’re dumbing our children down in their schools
messing with their young minds till they can’t think
then marching them off to the brink

gather ‘round around around. . .

everybody wise up, this ain’t about your party line
everybody rise up, get organized while we still have time

network tv is thought control
mainstream media mind patrol
you’re getting sound bytes to shorten your attention spans
so you don’t ask questions when you can

the state of this union is in decline
we’re being shaken down by a sleight of mind
and it’s bound to get worse, time to get tough
ain’t you all had enough

gather ‘round around around. . .

-bob campbell

Distaste for Haste

Written By: Bob Campbell

distaste for haste

i got a distaste for haste
but i move too quickly
once upon a dreaming
i was moving way too fast
i got a distaste for haste
but i move too quickly

in the traffic of the city
manic lives pursue confusion
we got to really try to slow down
it’s the easiest solution

i got a distaste for haste. . .

can you see me in the morning
when the world’s in slower motion
can you meet me at the daybreak
the quiet’s like a magic potion

i got a distaste for haste. . .

we get swept way on frantic streams
modern living’s wired tug
we’re running on our endless tred machines
don’t you just want to pull the plug

hear me
i got a distaste for haste. . .

-bob campbell
© 1979, 2005