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The best kept secret in music



"Released on their own Fusion Records label those cheeky Ayrshire chappies are back with another four fantastic tunes from their new self-titled album. KT05 is a mish-mash of Nineties Stone Roses thythms and Eighties new wave rock. Think Charlatans and Soup Dragons with Orange Juice savvy and lyrics that are more rapped than sung.
Million Eyes is up next and is perhaps their best song yet. Think Elastica guitar squalls and The Cramps rhythmic creep as singer Stuart Stevenson charts a bitter break-up.
It's nice to see Arran becoming famous for more than being the home of Jacqui Brambles' parents with track Arran X. It has another rhythm from the nineties byt lyrics like X-Ray Specs.
Midlife Crisis Motorbike is more Sixties than Noughties and features a trippy soundscape. Bob Cuba just get better and better and the trio are becoming masters of song writing with great harmonies and Adam Ant style yells." (Rick Fulton) - The Daily Record (August '05)

"Review of Nice N'Sleazy, Sat 6th Sep"

"Only miles away and hours before, Scotland beat the Faroe Islands 3-1. As our national squad excelled for once, tonight begged the question: would Scotland's musical talent match such soaring standards? Bob Cuba provided stark contrast to Moka's bombast with their geeky indie pop. Standout track 'Karaoke Tribe' was an uplifting slice of punk-pop - akin to the playful drum-machine-driven sound of early Bis, while 'Running Outside' surfed the crest of a bubblegum, indie rock wave. If they keep to the bouncy pop tactics, Bob Cuba will surely blossom into fanzine favourites. Post-gig analysis: Moka were good up-front with a lively midfield. Bob Cuba equalised and were solid without being flashy. Tonight, Alan, both music and football were the winners." (Carolyn Rae) - The List

"Review of Upstairs at The Garage, London, 17th Aug 2004"

Bright punky pop with a heavy dose of melody, a slice of irony, and an elemental trace of danger.
Singer and guitarist Stuart is as chirpy as the boy next door, innocently singing too loud with the headphones on. Colin on drums effortlessly throws in 70s harmonies that reanimate memories of dozens of Chinn-Chapman songs (Sweet,Suzi Quatro and erm Smokie). The guitaring covers a hell of a lot of ground, chords that rattle, scream and surf, proclaiming and chiming solos, a massive storm in a honey pot. John is the nuttiest Cuba, he weaves his bass into a funk, then throws in a bounding and controlling Cure melody and some uncharacteristically serious groove. Colin drums on, a rolling affair, a steadying touch, the whip-hand keeping that wagon train a-circlin'. But above all, Bob Cuba have
A brace of familiar love-songs from their Bounce 6-tracker. "Never let you go" (with a gorgeously silly vocal take on the syn-drum - "Boan") gives us the line "There are things that take a while to build up - things that are built to last". And "Prodigal" sweetly proclaims "You have touched me". Also from
Bounce, there's light-hearted fist-waving at boy bands that reminds me of That Petrol Emotion in dance mode - "Karaoke Tribe". Then we get spacehopper-free material. "I'll be anything you want me to be" recalls the folksy joy of 80s popsters the Bluebells, whilst the deftly catchy "Remember your soap in the shower" unaccountably has me thinking of a Virgin phone advert featuring Wyclef.
Perhaps the finest offering is the 60's Animals threat of "Million Eyes" with the hook "You didn't think of that". That's another fine set they've got me into. "Are we having fun?" demands one of the Cuba's rhetorical hooks; they surely are, it's infectious, and there's no vaccine. Defiantly edgy and catchy guitar pop that enjoys its heritage and looks to its future. You HAVE to feel the beat. - Opposition T

"Bob Cuba at Caledonian Backpackers, Edinburgh, July 04"

"If Swimmer One are entrenched in the synthtastic late 1980s then Bob Cuba are at the other end of that decade, if the DJ set that precedes them is anything to go by - Elvis Costello, Ian Drury and the Skids acting as their warmup. A guitar/bass/drums 3-piece, their suits are less sharp than the Jam but the nusic has slight mid-ish Kinsy overtones. Generally, however, it's new wave - 3 chord thrash with a hook. Opener 'Million Eyes' is rougher than its rougher than its recorded version while 'Never Let You Go' is another nicely harmonised high spot." - Is This Music?

"Bounce EP - Sun Album of the Week"

"No one from this three piece Ayr based band is called Bob or is indeed from Cuba but don't let that get in the way of what is a fantastic debut album. This independently produced CD has a raw, earthy feel to it - from the Doors style keyboards to Oasis-style guitar rock. The album is available from Fopp record stores. A Cuban release is still to be decided" (Matt Bendoris) - The Sun

"Bounce EP - Evening Times Review"

"Although this is their debut release, Glasgow boys Bob Cuba have been gathering a devoted live following over the past year. Lots of potential is on display here from the solid indie rock of Never Let You Go, to the frenzied attack on manufactured music in Karaoke, and the Orange Juice-esque You're Not. Flashes of Teenage Fanclub come through, notably in the vocals and the odd 1-note guitar solo, and the two live tracks suggest the band will be worth catching on the road. Available from Fopp, Missing and Avalanche records in Glasgow". (Neil Cumming) - The Evening Times

"Bounce EP - Manilla Review"

"A cracking debut EP from this 3-piece from Scotland. The opening track has a distinct British Guitar Rock sound and it's a theme that's returned to throughout. That is apart from the 2nd track Karaoke Tribe which opens with a drum machine sound that hasn't been heard since shoulder pads went out of fashion and that's just the start of the song. A heavy bass kicks in and you would be mistaken for thinking that you were listening to a different band. This song is just an audio attack on your senses, it's strange, it's unerving but it's awesome. And then just as randomly as it started it finishes and we get an acoustic number which is equally as good but totally different. If you are a music fan who appreciates good quality songwriting then Bob Cuba will not disappoint you". (Chris Johnson) - Manilla Magazine

"Bounce EP - Metro Review"

"'To make music to make people bounce' is how singing guitarist Stuart Stevenson describes the Bob Cuba ethos. If you dig fizzy guitar pop, bounce you will, with or without the space-hopper that adorns the cover of their recent EP, er, Bounce... Bounce has been proclaimed Album of the Week in The Sun and one of the songs was used in Canadian cartoon Girlstuff Boystuff - Bob Cuba are evidently bouncing in all the right places". (Paul Whitelaw) - The Metro, July 29th 03

""Punchy Scotpop from this trio" - Review of Buffalo Bar, 25th Feb 05"

BC deliver an A to Z of indie guitar music from 1978 to the present day, covering ground from The Associates to The Sundays and The Undertones (probably not Vibrators or Xray Spex). Frantic drums, bouncing bass, brightly anthemic vocals with a little semi-sweet harmony, plus guitar that squalls, blisters, jangles and reverbs with the feel of the moment. Lyrically, this is endearingly singalong. "I'll never leave you alone" (so sweet), "Shine a light" (sounds like Shang-a-Lang), and "Remember your soap in the shower" (bathroom-sink drama). The best sounds of the Buzzcocks, the Damned, Josef K, Orange Juice and the Smiths. Simply guitar/ vocal, bass/ backing vocal, drums/ backing vocal.

This is a wee bit off-beat, but nevertheless, perky enough melodies to get you pogoing in the shower. The time for BC is surely now. Franz Ferdinand should watch out, Bob Cuba could produce some fierce competition." - Opposition T

"Review of The Hope & Anchor, Feb 05"

"Bob Cuba were a very pleasant Scottish indie 3 piece, tight and jumpy with neat songs. I drank a beer watching these and thought about my girlfriend. Lazy people would say "oh this is just indie", but i dont think you can say that becasue i can't think of a band who remind me of these honestly. Maybe the demo i got was quite old. Well whatever, they were better live and worth seeing." - NME


Bounce (EP) - May 2003 (Fusion Records)
Million Eyes (single) - Feb 2004 (Fusion Records)
Bob Cuba (album) - May 2007


Feeling a bit camera shy


Bob Cuba have just released their debut album own their own label "Fusion Records". The UK launch will take place in London at The Bull & Gate on 28th June, followed by The Hope & Anchor on 29th June!

"the trio are becoming masters of song writing" - Rick Fulton, Daily Record

"Bob Cuba ... the best thing to come from Glasgow since Primal Scream" - Steve Lamacq, Radio 1 Evening Session

"one of the hottest new live acts in Scotland" Air on Radio Scotland

"Album of the Week" The Sun newspaper

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Bob Cuba are 3 young men with a mission - to make the world bounce and think at the same time!

Bob Cuba are gearing up for 2007! The new album is currently being recorded and produced. A UK wide tour will be taking place later in the year to promote the new album, starting in their native Glasgow.

Formed in spring 2002, Bob Cuba have rapidly gained a reputation as one of the most original sounding new live acts in Scotland with live national radio sessions (Beat 106 - XFM Scotland, Radio Scotland), regular airplay (from Radio 1 to SBN), and two CD releases receiving rave press reviews in national publications (Album of The Week – The Sun). Nickelodeon also used their songs in a cartoon “Girlstuff Boystuff”! After an explosion of publicity in 2003 & 2004 the band’s reputation spread quickly and several record labels have since touted them. 2005 & 2006 saw the band buried in the studio writing & recording new material and playing less frequent shows.

BC have chosen (so far) to keep control of their sound by producing and releasing material on their own label Fusion Records.

It is on the live stage that a buzz has really built around the band. It is difficult to nail Bob Cuba’s eclectic sound. One minute the style is punk pop, the next driving techno rhythms, then lilting ballads. Add alliances with reggae and space-rock and you have a band that captures the imagination of their audience, wondering where the next song will take them.