Bob Dean

Bob Dean

 Manchester, England, GBR

A good word to describe bob dean would be originality. Incredibly simple yet powerful songwriting, stretching from soft acoustic melodies to explosive and heavy waves of emotion. If you put bob dean in a box he might meet muse and coldplay there.


Formed in September 2008, Bob Dean met at university in Manchester, Viktor Sigurjónsson, Ásgeir Valur Einarsson, Tom Leach, Lewis Hurrell, Charlie Stack, all hailing from different backgrounds (Iceland, America and the UK) used their musical talents to enhance each other’s sound until it became something new. Bob Dean are currently adding the finishing touches to their album “Volcanic Music” mixing their sound even further with the BBC’s official quartet.Despite their music having a hint of popular rock, the sound is produced to a level where it’s not all clean cut like the average popular rock band. It is quite unlikely another band has risked incorporating Icelandic music with popular rock.


Volcanic Music (unreleased)

Set List

Place Where Sounds Awake
Can You See It
Forrest Of Fear
No One's Got The Hint
Because Of You
Waiting For Our Time

30 - 45 min