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'tourist in lovetown', mixed by Joe Mardin will be released in June 2006 on NuNoise Records.
Bob's first album 'fade' was released in 1997 by InnerGroove Records.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Meet Bob Duncan...

Where were you born?
I was born in Washington DC, but lived my whole life in Argentina, Peru, New York, England & LA.

Do you ever go back?
No, but I send money at least once a year, usually around April 15.

Why did you first come to New York?
I had a sleazy New York manager.

Why did you go to England?
I had a sleazy English manager. He had been fired by his two previous clients, Rod Stewart & John Mellencamp. There was also a label thing.

Why was he fired?
I think I just answered that.

I'm afraid to ask. But why did you go to Peru?
Actually that's an easy one. My dad was a diplomat and I was his son. Still am.
At the time my parents felt very strongly that we should all live in the same hemisphere--until I could at least grow facial hair or something.

What's the connection?
I don't know, but it hurts when you pull it.

I know your dad's from Scotland, but you look like you could spend the day in the sun without burning up. How's that?
My mom is Puerto Rican. I've got her skin--although it tends to be thin like my dad's. They met in a Latin dance class. My dad picked her out, figuring she looked genuine. He doesn't fool around.

Music education?
I studied composition, piano, guitar, voice & arranging with several very heavy teachers when I was a kid. I must confess that I'm still trying to unlearn that stuff everyday.

Who was your best teacher?
The Beatles…and Elvis.

Which Elvis?
The skinny one.
Any other education?
I double majored at Yale University in Song & Dance.

No. Music and Economics.

Do you always give two answers to questions?
Well, yes & no. Wait was that 3 answers?

I'll ask the questions here.
Will you?
Yes I will.

Do you have a day job?
I work for the enemy. I find it pays better than working for friends.

Any other interesting jobs?
I used to drive limos for sleazy business people & transcribe music for a not so sleazy publisher...before people starting doing that on computers.

Didn't you also write music for TV?
Yeah, I did themes & stuff for quite a few shows, usually sports things.

Why did you quit?
I couldn't tell who was sleazier-- my partner or our clients.

You sure talk about sleaze a lot. Does it fascinate you?
Does what fascinate me?
You toured with Billy Joel as a singer & occasional pianist. What was that like?
Like a cover gig except all the covers were by one artist.

So kind of like a tribute band?
Yeah, except I don't believe in tributes to living people. That would be more of a testimonial than a tribute.

Favorite colors?
Vibrant & rich ones.

Favorite foods?
Breakfast & dinner. I also like lunch.

Favorite car?
A rental.

Favorite place?

Favorite song?
"Two Minutes of Silence," from John Lennon's 2nd solo album.

Favorite movie?
It's a tie between Spartacus & Caligula.

Pet Peeves?
Questions & answers.

Any parting advice for kids out there?
Always talk to strangers.

skinny elvis
elton john
cole porter
james taylor
billy joel
a zillion more please including a million spanish and puerto rican records burned in my pre-adolescent brain