Bob Greco Band

Bob Greco Band

 Rochester, New York, USA

The Bob Greco Band is always a great live show. They love to have a good time and always play the greatest mix of originals from their first two albums and great rocking covers that the crowd will love. BGB plays hard , on stage and They are a crowd pleaser.


Bob Greco is known as one of the best front men out there. He has been the lead singer of North America’s # 1 party band Nik and the Nice Guys for 17 years. In 2005, he released his first solo album, The Bob Greco Band “On the Run. “
Bob is in the studio recording his new CD that should be ready for release this summer. Bob has played many of the biggest parties in the country.
Here is a little of what he has done. He has performed at numerous pre-game shows for the NFL Super bowl. He has played at Disney World, Mardi Gras, many Hollywood parties for a number of his famous friends, CNN 25th anniversary party with Hall and Oates. He also has played at the Football Hall of fame induction parties for Jim Kelly (Buffalo Bill), Dan Marino ( Miami Dolphins), John Elway ( Denver Broncos). He has also shared the stage with artists like Meatloaf, Cheap Trick, Chuck Berry, Josh Kelley, Hootie and the Blowfish, Barenaked Ladies, Kool and the Gang , and the list goes on.
Just like his live performances, his new CD is going to be a party album. The new CD is what he has taken from his life on the road for all these years and that means PARTY.
Bob has also been having fun touring with Jeremy Clark on guitar and Mike D'Ambrosio on keys and the three men have been playing party music mixed with Bob’s originals and blowing crowds away. The party show is just having a good time with the crowd, playing all the hits and mixing in BGB originals. It is one big party.

The Bob Greco Band is one of the hottest new bands touring today. They combine great original music with intense live performances. Their original style of music is both refreshing and invigorating. Great lyrics, great musicianship.
The Bob Greco Band is a five piece rock and roll band with backgrounds ranging from,rock, alternative , country and pop. They brought all these styles together which made for a very eclectic album. Featuring hard hitting guitar solos, great harmonies, and amazing keyboards. Combine that with one of the best live shows on tour today and you have The Bob Greco Band.
Also if you are looking for a band that will play 50% covers and 50% originals then you want to book BG3 . Bob, Keyboardist Mike and Guitarist Jeremy are what your looking for. They are high energy and play only the best rocking covers from bands like Pink Floyd, Lynyrd Skynyrd,Tom Petty , Billy Joel and so on. They love to party and get the crowd involved and also mix in their great originals.
So if your looking for a great live original band BGB is what you need. If your looking for a party type band for casinos and clubs then BG3 is what your looking for.

Jeremy Clark is an outstanding guitarist and has played with many national acts. He has been a studio guitarist and has been touring with The Bob Greco Band for years. Bob and Jeremy have been writing the new BGB CD which is a wild one. Jeremy and Bob were meant to be on stage together as they compliment each other with their styles and talent. Jeremey also lends great back up vocals that blend with Bob’s leads perfectly.
Mike D'Ambrosio, who studied Music Education • Music Business at the State University of New York at Potsdam, is a perfect fit with Bob and Jeremy. Mike met Bob while performing withAmerica’s number 1 party band Nik and the Nice Guys. Bob had been the lead singer of Nik for years and Bob felt that Mike was one of the best Keyboard players he ever worked with. Mike is not only very talented but he is a lot of fun on stage. He is the first to be out front partying with the crowd or out in the crowd playing his keytar. Mike has toured the world with different bands and now with BGB, he has found his home.
So if you book The Bob Greco Band full show or the Party Trio show you are in for a good time.


On the Run - 2004

Set List

A mixture of originals and covers. Enough music to fill three hours of time