Bob Hughes

Bob Hughes


Bob's music covers diverse genres such as contemporary Christian, Christian rock, ambient instrumentals, jazz instrumentals, rock instrumentals, classic rock guitar/vocal, and acoustic singer/songwriter styles.


Through the years I have written, recorded, and produced a number of songs covering a wide range of musical styles. I grew up in the 70's and early 80's time frame for music and was influenced by the classic rock of the day. One of my favorite bands from those years was Rush. In addition to the classic/progressive rock influences, I also really enjoy the singer/songwriter artists. I am also a big fan of progressive jazz and all of these influences have played a part in shaping the music that I now write. I am self taught musician and started my endeavors on the bass guitar. In the mid 80's I started playing guitar & keyboards. Early in the 90's I started to expand my production capabilities and moved into the sequencing and sampling area of music production which I still integrate in my music now.


Bob Hughes Discography
Midnight Mindset - CD, Ambient New age
Seasons Of Life - CD, contemporary Christian
Praise In Hymn - CD, contemporary Christian
Savior Soul - CD, Christian rock
Know Notion - CD, Progressive Guitar Instrumentals
World - CD, Classic Rock
Impressions - CD, Jazz Instrumentals
Perception - CD, Jazz Instrumentals

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