bob kramer band

bob kramer band


Rootsy, rockin' & blue, the Bob Kramer band perform a unique blend of roots, blues and rock delivering a high-spirited thoughtful performance every time they play. Lively sets are packed with originals songs and covers from the Delta to Dylan with their jazz and blues influences.


Bob Kramer band is a non-traditional roots, rock and blues performers bringing their unique sound originating in their contemporary approach to melding lively, original arrangements with their own jazz and blues influences.
Bob's song received an Honorable Mention in the 2004 Billboard World Song Contest. Bob produced the North Shore Music Project, a CD of some of singer-songwriters from Boston’s North Shore. He also hosts a T.V. show of live music inspired and named after the North Shore Music Project that can been seen on community cable channels throughout the North Shore. Bob, for the second year, is chair
of the downtown entertainment committee for the
Yankee Homecoming Festival (, Newburyport. Bob has started a web radio site, and was on standby for the NXNE festival in Toronto. Bob hosts the open mic regularly at The Grog, Newburyport, MA and the Barking Dog, Amesbury, MA
Bob's song will be the feature on
All members have solo CD's that have been played on radio stations.


Reflection (kramer)

Written By: Bob Kramer

Radio buzzin',
Listening with eyes,
To corruption, confusion, destruction

Television fuzzin',
Watchin' with my ears
The delusion, illusion, deception

What I see, what I hear, what I feel
around me

Mandolin/harmonica solo

Newspaper smudgin',
Feelin' by the touch
The sensastion, invasion, perversion

Walkin' and runnin'
Overloading my head
With thoughts of emotion,
perception, reflection

I maybe right, maybe wrong (kramer)

Written By: bob kramer

I maybe right, babe, I maybe wrong
So, come on baby, let's get along
Now baby, mmmmmm
come home baby, come home baby,
come home

You maybe right, babe, you maybe wrong
So, come on baby, let's get along
Now baby, mmmmm
Come home baby, come home baby,
come home

We maybe right, babe, we maybe
So come on baby, let's get along
Now baby, mmmmm
Come home baby, come home baby,
come home baby, come home

help me sing my song (kramer)

Written By: bob kramer

Help me sing my song
Music and lyrics by Bob Kramer

Goin' thru this world wonderin what to do
Come across this woman make a fool of you
Queen of jackels, baby, king of fools
What can I say but 'I love you'

Won't you help me to sing my song
Feelin' good, feelin' strong
Won't you help me, I need to belong

You got your dreams, I got my own
Both of us lookin for that home
You make me feel like a ring in a bell
Come on girl, ya know, I'm lost in your spell

Chorus – solos

The Border's just over the rise
Take my hand look into my eyes
My heart's loaded with a song
Won't you help me to be strong

Remember the the feelin down on the farm
Colorado's lookin' that's where I belong
Mountains are callin my name out loud
Come with me girl, ya know, I can't hang around



North Shore Music Project - produced compilation CD
featuring some of the finest performers from Boston's
North Shore. Recieved great review in Apr/May 2005
Dirty Linen Magazine.
Bob Kramer Band - produced CD 2006
"Help me sing my song (kramer)" is on the 2006
Oasis Number 4 Rock & Roots compilation CD
Neptune Bay CD - produced CD with band he
lead from 2000-2005.
Bob Kramer, Help me sing my song - 2005 release of his first solo CD with producer EJ Ouellette, and packaged by Oasis CD
Bob Kramer's songs have recieved Boston area radio play. Bob's new CD, Help me sing my song, is on the
new Oasis compilation CD, Volume 4.
All members of the band of solo CD's that have been played on radio stations.

Set List

The classics to contemporary roots, rock, blues and
originals - sets are 45 - 1 hour, can play 3 - 4 sets
a night (or gig)

1/4 songs performed per show are original
Some Covers include:
Sailin' shoes (Little Feat)
Everything is Broken (Dylan)
Memphis in the Meantime (John Hiatt)
Bad moon rising (Fogerty)
Angel from Montgomery (Prine)
Big boss man (Smith/Dixon)
Take me to the river (Al Green)
Can't let go (Lucinda Williams)
Call Me the Breeze (J J Cale)
The Thrill is goine (B B King)
All blues (Miles Davis)
Summertime (Gershwin)
Walkin' blues (Johnson)