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Wander On

Written By: Bob Kresse

You wander in..then wander on
make me miss you when you're gone
days too short and nights too long
when I miss my baby

You hold me tightly in my dreams
you're right there or so it seems
I jump each time the telephone rings
when I miss my baby
sing me to sleep without a word
whisper words I've long unheard
I get so amazed, entirely
such a beauty would desire me
(Inst)(rep. bridge)
So wander in please wander home
memories can't do it all alone
the sweetest love I've ever known, when I'm with my baby

Jukebox Lullabye

Written By: Bob Kresse

She was conceived in a barroom on the shuffleboard game
they scanned the labels on the shelf to give her a proper name
the jukebox was her lullabye "golden slumbers will await
mama & daddy will come back soon when they open up heaven's gate"

she grew up & learned to sing the blues & wash em down each night
waiting for mama and daddy and her true birthright
but the door it never opened up no one came to take her home
so she sang alone to old E5 one song and one alone
she said please don't sing me happy songs about love & eternity
cause eternity is empty and that's no place i wanna be
but keep those quarters coming and fill my glass up soon
cause if it isn't on the jukebox well I don't wanna know the tune

i met her about a year ago on a rainy autumn night
I came to play on my guitar like I'm doing here tonight
I finished every song I knew and asked em for requests
maybe the lady by the jukebox had a song that she liked best
(chorus) she said...

Anna Nicole

Written By: Bob Kresse

I hope you finally get to rest
get those cameras off your chest
be with the ones who love you best
cry no more, it's over, go on home...

with any luck your little child
will grow up happy, grow up mild
away from all that's so defiled
cry no more, it's over, go on home..

like Marilyn so long ago
you lost yourself you didn't
the price you'd pay would take you so far down;
like her they only used you up, and left you searching for a cup
of love

dragged you through an endless mire
each one claimed your hearts desire
let angel wings now take you higher

cry no more, its over , go on home...
cry no more, it's over , go one home.

Forever's Just A Word

Written By: Bob Kresse

I'm standing in this hallway to get out of the rain
can of beer in my hand
and you on my brain
watching the kids getting high across the street and feeling the cold from my head to my feet

well there ain't nothing left to anything we had
I really believed you
I must have been mad
but nothing is certain
things aren't what they seem
I believed in forever but for ever's just a dream
names on a wall some old and some new
and written in red , I see me and you
a heart and an arrow a rose and a bird
if love is forever then forever's just a word
names on a wall so many I've known
I've I've seem em come and I've seen em go
so long ago, so far away
don't care about tomorrow
I'm stuck in yesterday

Well I guess I'll just open up another can of beer
get myself together
get right out of here
forever's just a little word
don't mean a thing at all ;
but it once meant a lifetime
on this hallway wall...
(chorus) names on a wall...