Bob Millspaugh

Bob Millspaugh


Bob Millspaugh is on a Music Mission, just nominated for an Orange County Music Award. His soulful voice and his innovative acoustics combined with his amazing stage presence is a must see. He is an upcoming artist who can perform in a variety of genres and is currently receiving radio air-play.


Bob Millspaugh is a singer/songwriter who has the passion & voice as well as the guts, of JohnnyCash and Cat Stevens combined.
In a sense, he got his start singing the National Anthem at the Los Angeles Forum for a championship boxing match some years back.
Growing up with a gospel-singing mother who coached him along, he experienced the stage at a young age. Since then he has performed at the Verizon Amphitheater, the Anaheim Convention Center, and numerous other coffee houses, retreat centers, and a variety of other venues.
Though He has a strong passion for music of faith (shown in his written works) he also demonstrates proficiency in singing songs by other artists
creating his unique style within them.
Bob has received much joy in performing in jails and prisons too. In his words,"Singing songs of hope and change to convicts is about as good as it gets!"
He has been receiving regular air-play on radio stations in California, Hawaii, Texas, Idaho, and Georgia. Bob has recorded CD's in English and one in Spanish.
In fact, Bob lived in Costa Rica, Central America for four years, in which one of his songs made it to the #3 spot on local radio in the capital, San Jose.
He considers himself very blessed as he makes a living doing what he loves to do, thus what he is called to do. This gift of music, definitely instilled by the Lord, is beginning to shine brighter and broader, while crossing over into a variety of genres, he continues to share his inspirational lyrics of faith and purpose in a transforming way that is capturing the hearts of many. Some have equated him with "Cinderella Man" because he has a way of restoring hope in the lives of others.


Mud Town

Written By: Bob Millspaugh

verse 1
I've been searchin' for some
precious stones
The sweat mixed in with
Rainy days all alone

The northern lights will lead
the way
These bleeding hands of mine
will search another day

Come and meet me
in a dream tonight
I need a special touch
from You
Tell the kids to keep their
daddy in their prayers
And that he's comin' home
real soon
I know my luck will change
real soon

verse 2
Dancin' girls with cheap perfume
They make eyes at me
but my heart goes back
to you
Drunkin' men a shootin' guns
these cold and muddy nights
when will my time be done

bridge: guitar instrumental


1. Merciful fire
2.Bob Millspaugh - Worship
3. Fuego de Misericordia - spanish release

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Recieving consistent radio-airplay in Southern CA as well as in parts of Hawaii, Idaho, Texas, and Oregon.

Set List

Typical set list includes about 40% of his own songs, with a mix of original renditions of: JohnnyCash, Cat Stevens, U2, Sting, Brother Iz, Jack Johnson, and other Contemporary Christian artists.
He is fortunate in the sense that his songs get similar or sometimes better response than the covers.